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Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Inner Thigh Pose

Inner thigh is another very easy relaxing posture. Bring your feet up and put your feet together and let your heels come in. You try to hold on to those toes but if that is difficult for you, move your hands down towards your ankles, move them down to your lower leg and whatever it […]

Yoga Poses : Yoga: Triangle Pose

This next pose is triangle pose. So we start off into if we remember star taking a big wide step out. We draw the arms up checking to see if the feet are about underneath the wrists. We have got our abdominal muscles engaged, the rib cage lifted, planting the feet firmly upon the Earth, […]


this means I am sending you positive vibes when in fact I have none welcome to the i shun yoga today I’m gonna be playing a dull game of Twister by myself right hand yellow circles big my head beds on to Tang invokes your body and call it twister but put on a headband […]

Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Full Back Roll

In a full back roll bring those knees right in towards you, keep your heels together, toes apart and bring the arms right on to the floor. You want to keep 1) your shoulders on the floor and 2) your middle part of your back right on the floor. You want to let your knees […]

How to Do a Half Pigeon Pose | Yoga

Alright. So we’re going to come into Pigeon. And Sanscript Kapotasana. That’s a fun one to say. So we’re going to start in Downward Facing Dog. Open up the hips a little bit, and then take a transition into the pose. So first come into Downward Facing Dog. And reach your right foot high. And […]

How to Do a Standing Big Toe Pose | Yoga

So coming into standing big toe pose, to first work the anatomy of the posture, we’ll do it on the ground. So we can take the balance element out. So come to lie onto your back. And keep the right leg straight. Take yourself into half happy baby. So first, take the hand on the […]

How to Do a Plank Pose | Yoga

So in order to train a plank pose, it’s best to start on the back. So what you’re gonna do is lie on the back and bring your hands onto your belly so your feet can just be in a comfortable position. And what you want to find is that with and inhale you expand, […]

Relieve stress with Yoga Poses – Part 2

Are you looking for relief from Stress? Try Yoga. This pose effectively restores equilibrium in the nervous system and relaxes the spine. The bolster helps you let go of the use of muscular effort and focus on deepening your relaxation in the posture. Place the bolster on to the right side of the mat and […]

Yoga Half Moon Standing Pose Tips : Yoga Half Moon Standing Pose Benefits

Hi, this is Priscilla Flynn, on behalf of Expert Village. I’m here at Yoga Sanctuary, in Windham, New Hampshire. Our website is yogasanctuary.com, so check it out. We’re going to learn in this section more about Ardha Chandrasana, which is the Sanskrit name for the posture half moon. So it’s a great posture to practice, […]