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Hey everybody, welcome back on our channel FitFAQs Where we answer you frequently asked questions about fitness health etc. Today we change thing up a little bit The last couples yoga challenge was in English. That is a good excuse to do another one. This time in Dutch. We’ll be doing other poses than last […]

yoga exercises for leg weakness ⛹ stretching exercises for legs and hips

hi my name is Sarah and welcome to jivayogalive today’s video is about stretching exercises for legs and hips thank you for joining us here at Dubai over life make sure you subscribe to our Channel and hit that notification bill so you don’t miss any of our future videos namaste today’s video is about […]

Kapha Yoga (15 mins) Morning Yoga Flow | Ayurveda Yoga | Clareminded

hello beautiful hi guys welcome to clareminded my name is Clare today we’re doing yoga and it’s all about kapha yoga and this is a morning flow so this is a perfect thing for kapha’s to do or if it’s during kapha season you want to gain yourself more energy in the morning this morning […]

5 Min Lunch Break Yoga Routine | Quick Basic Yoga Flow | ChriskaYoga

Hello, I’m Christina and welcome to yoga with Christina, ChriskaYoga! Today, I’ll be sharing a five-minute yoga Break something that you can do during the lunch break Maybe perhaps you’ve been sitting at a computer All day and you need just a little bit of a stretch you can do this anytime thing. It’s just […]