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Yoga Camp – Day 19 – I Respect

– Hey everyone, and welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. Cue Aretha Franklin because today is Day 19, and the mantra is, “I Respect.” Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) All righty, let’s start in a nice, cross-legged position today. Bringing the palms to the knees or the tops of the thighs. And […]

Yoga for ZOMBIES! | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello, everyone, and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and this is Benji and today we have yoga for zombies. So this is an awesome quick practice for anyone who needs a refresh, who needs a break from whatever is going on, but in a positive and mindful way. So we’re zenning […]

Healthy living | Yoga in the woods

it’s a beautiful day look at these trees the leaves are still there which is so strange and they’re a lot of these trees this kind of trees the fresh air is awesome it’s really beautiful maybe I will do some yoga without a pad I will try I also started meditation you can call […]

Yoga for Absolute Beginners | 7 Days of Yoga – Day 1

hey everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel today is a very exciting day because it is a first of our seven days of yoga challenge I have created a week long program for new Yogi’s so if it’s your first time ever practicing yoga or if you’re fairly new and you […]

Yoga for Headaches | Bharti Yoga

hi everyone welcome to Bharti Yoga. I’m Bharti. I’m sorry you have a headache today hopefully by end of this practice you will feel much better before we start see if you would like to dim the lights of your room and maybe reduce the glare of your computer screens or phones I personally do […]