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Traditional Yoga Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskar) 7 rounds

Stand tall at the top of your mat with eyes closed and palms in prayer position Asato mā sadgamaya Tamasomā jyotir gamaya May this practice lead us from the unreal to the real from the mortality to immortality Bring your feet together Open your arms besides and up with an inhalation Exhale bring a heels […]

20 Minute Mobility & Strength Training Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. Today, we’re gonna do not so much yoga, this is just gonna be exercises. We’re gonna do some exercises for your core and for your legs, and your hips. So, this is a great video to do if you don’t want to do much sun salutations, but […]

Yoga For Weight Loss – Yoga Tone | Yoga Dose

Welcome back to the second video of yoga for weight loss. To be perfectly honest with you, your weight, how much you are, is dependent on, the food that you’re putting into your body. Your shape how your form looks, is dependent on the motions that you do with your body and how you habitually […]

Morning Yoga Vinyasa Flow Workout With Carissa | Yoga Dose

– I like to start off, maybe you’re at the edge of your bed, wherever you are, come and wake up, sit up straight in your bed. I like to start off with a little meditation when I begin each day. So I’ll come to a seated position somewhere, make sure the room is quiet, […]

Total Body Yoga Workout and Detox Flow | Yoga Dose

– Hi, welcome to the Total Body Yoga and Detox Flow. I read your comments, thanks for leaving the comments. I recently got a comment asking for a video with more twisting to help detox. So I like to have my sequences have a full routine, not just twisting poses but a more balanced practice. […]

Total Body Stretch Strengthen & Lengthen – Mindful Yoga | Yoga Dose

– Hey welcome back to Yoga with Tim. Today I’m here with Stacy. She’s gonna be demonstrating the poses and I’ll be teaching you. We’re gonna do some really nice stuff to open up the shoulders, upper back and the neck, so let’s get started. Start off today lying down on your back. So just […]

7 Minute Morning Mobility Routine | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. So, lately I’ve been getting into foam rolling and I’ve done some videos about foam rolling. It’s a great technique to help to open up stuck parts on your body that don’t move very well. Another great thing that you can do is hold a yoga pose […]