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Revolution – Day 24 – Practice Patience

– Hey everyone and welcome to your 31 Day Yoga Revolution. It’s day 24, and today is really awesome. We are practicing patience. Chka-chka-chka-chka-chkhhhh! Let’s get started. (lively orchestral music) Alright, today let’s begin on our backs, so come on down. Take a second to hug your knees into your chest. When you get there, […]

Revolution – Day 6 – Attention (and Abs) Practice

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to 31 days of Yoga Revolution. I’m Adriene and it’s day six! And the practice is awareness and abs. Six pack abs. Chka-chka-chka-chka -chka-chka-chkhhhh. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my friends, let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat, cross-legged or maybe you try kneeling today. Come into a seat, […]

Starting up a Collective Meditation in USA

The first Meditation Steps collective meditation will take place at Holistic center “Family of Light” 717 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218 contact info: Lyubov: 201-920-7951 Roman: 347-729-4243

60 min Cardio-Yoga Pilates-Boxing

[SILENCE] JEN: Hi. Welcome to CardiYoFit. My name is Jenn Menzer, and this is my colleague Susan Reardon. And we’re gonna take you through an hour of a fantastic High-Low Cardio, Pilates & Yoga extravaganza. So, get ready. We’ll start off with our warm-up. So let’s take a nice deep breath in, bringing the arms […]

45 Min Full Workout Video – Fusion:Pilates, Cardio, Yoga, Kicknoxing

[MUSIC] JEN: Hello. Welcome to Cardio Fit. My name is Jennifer Menzer… SUS: and my name is Susan Reardan JEN: And we’re gonna take you through a high-energy, explosive, cardio, yoga, pilates workout. We’re gonna be trying a little bit different today. So, instead of doing one circuit, 3 times through we’re gonna run the […]

8 Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose – Uttihita Hasta Padangusthasana

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Yoga Workout For Weight Loss ♥ Pilates-Yoga Fusion | Peru

Welcome to the beautiful Sacred Valley of Peru We are here in the town of Ollatamtambo surrounded by beautiful mountains and animals and today is going to be a power Yogalates class that will challenge you and leave you feeling amazing Through combining sculpting Pilates exercises with a yoga flow You will not only boost […]

Full Workout Fusion: 45 min – CARDIO YOGA PILATES

[SILENCE] Hye everyone. Welcome to CardiYoFit My name is Jennifer Menzer and I’m with Susan Readon and I’m with Emily which is very exciting. So you’ve got two other bodies to watch this time. As we progress through, Susan will be doing all of the high intensity work Emily is going to be taking some […]