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Beat Coronavirus Yoga | 5 Tips To Boost Immunity | Stay Healthy & Well

welcome to toffee yoga [Music] and welcome to your yoga class to keep strong and fight the coronavirus now I’m not just talking about coronavirus but all viruses and today’s class is just about keeping healthy and well we’re surrounded by viruses and bugs all day long and our body is set to deal with […]

10 Rounds: Official Sizzle

You’re with us right now in the fight. Power shot! Get ready to crush calories, build strength, and get shredded. This is the perfect combination of shirt drenching boxing workouts combined with total body weight training, and I designed all of it to get you powerful, visible results. This is 10 ROUNDS. Whoa! What the […]

Triangle Pose – How To Correctly Execute

Hi, I’m Melanie from Melanie Schorr Yoga and today we’re going to be doing Trikonasana, which is also called triangle pose. So you want to stand in the center of your mat so your mat is horizontal. You’re going to bring your legs about one meter apart. Turn your right foot out, keep your left […]

Mindfulness Meditation – Breathing Exercise 1

mindfulness of breath 3-minute breathing exercise to prepare for this exercise just take a few moments whether you’re sitting or standing just to find a comfortable position you may choose to close your eyes or keep them open if you feel a bit tired it may be useful to let just a little bit of […]