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Yoga Poses & Equipment : Prana Yoga Mats

Hi my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga and I’m here to review the Prana yoga mats. The Prana is a company that offers yoga and outdoor apparel as well as yoga accessories. On their website www.prana.com, you’ll be able to find different styles of yoga mats. Those of you who are interested in […]

Yoga Basics for Better Health

[Ambient yoga music playing] Oh, my goodness. That was a little bit of yoga. How you guys doing? Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. So good to see everybody. How are we doing, today? Yeah? We’re good? I was just doing a little bit of yoga, a little bit of yoga. Before we get started, […]

Prenatal Yoga Poses : Leg Mudra Pose for Prenatal Yoga

The wide-leg mudra is a wonderful way to open up through the chest, stretch the shoulders out, and it also can help you with heartburn if you have that problem through your pregnancy. So I am going to have you come back in the wide leg. Take a nice wide gate. Make sure your feet […]


Hello GUYS, welcome to our channel, my name is Konstantin! And my name is Artem! Today we will ask GIRLS to takeOFF PANTS! Could you takeOFF PANTS? GIRL: “NO!” Why? Because i don’t want! You know, i don’t understand how i could takeoff it Sorry, could you help me to takeOFF PANTS? GIRL: “What you […]

Yin Yoga For Flexibility | Full Body Stretch | 45 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel today we’re gonna go through a nice yin yoga practice so if you are new to that term it simply means that we’re gonna have the opportunity you just settle into each pose that we come into and spend a few moments there so […]


Hi there, welcome to TOKYO VEG LIFE! Have you watched my new video on how to make delicious homemade kimchi yet? Well, this video is a little announcement Next month, on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th I’ll be hosting TVL’s very first offline event a yoga workshop! The workshop starts with one hour of […]

​What is the Purpose of Meditation? | Sadhguru

Questioner: Sadhguru I read in one of your question answer sessions that you were referring that even meditation is not the thing, like I mean, maybe it’s a confusion to me right Buddha didn’t meditate much though his followers did for, I mean it’s just a state of ecstasy which people get into. Is it […]

3 Steps to Correctly Introduce ANY Laughter Yoga Exercise

It’s important to give loud clear and concise instructions on how to perform the Laughter Exercises. The “3D” technique is a helpful way to remember how to give good commands. The first step in this technique is to “Denote” or simply say the name of the exercise. The second step is to briefly “Demonstrate” the […]

Why we cannot know God with our mind | Limitation of mind in knowing God

The Vedas are telling us, you cannot know him. Why can we not know him? Let’s find out. What is the problem with him? The problem is not with him. The problem is with us, the knower. What is the problem with us? Our instruments of knowledge are defective How do we know anything? Supposing […]