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10 Rounds Sample Workout | Joel Freeman Fitness

I am Joel Freeman, and welcome to 10 Rounds. A high-intensity boxing program that I guarantee is gonna leave you drenched in sweat. And this workout today you’re going to experience everything that this program has to offer. High intensity boxing combinations, agility, conditioning, and don’t forget weightlifting. All right, so we got to get […]

Neck Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna show you some neck strengthening exercises. It’s always a good idea to warm up your muscles before you exercise them. I have the Sunny Bay Microwaveable Neck Heating Wrap with me, just throw it in the microwave for about a minute and a half, put it on […]


What’s up, you beautiful creatures! Welcome back. So, I get a lot of questions each week about my workout schedule. I get questions like, how many workouts should I do? How do I plan my workout? Do I do home-based or gym-based workouts? How many rest days should I take and should I work out […]

1980s Workout with Mindy Kaling and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all-new episode of “What the Fit.” People, I of course am your host, Kevin Hart. Today, guess what. Today we are taking it back to the ’80s. And by ’80s, I do mean the ’80s, full swing. You see my car? We’re doing it! And on my show today is Mindy Kaling. […]

How Exercise Saved My Knees – Aunty Poh Hong

Before my condition I was quite plum, then I started to have knee pain. When I walk, also I cannot walk fast. Then when I go staircase, I need to (go up 1 step at a time using the same leg) So it was very painful la, those with knee pain before they will know […]


What’s the meaning of this? – To be handsome. – Is this to be handsome? It’s like your doing that, Okay. So, Saiyans! We’re now here at the gym. So, if you’ve watched our last video, the Saiyan challenge. Sorry if there are people who are not up for it. We weren’t forcing people to […]

The Ultimate Pencil Drawing Exercise For Beginner | Etude No. 1

Hello everyone. So do you want to start drawing realism but you just don’t know how to start practicing? Well today I’m going to show you how. This is how I taught myself how to draw. I’m a self taught artist. I did, however, go to an art school, but I studied classical music. I […]