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KO Zone – Gym Remodeling Part 2 // RealWorld Tactical

No all right guys it is January 9 2020 happy New Year to everybody and I want to give you an update on how the gym is coming along as well know we have our rebrand opening January 18th so we’re about nine days away and she’s pretty hectic here real well strike their famous […]

Biomat Far Infrared Heat at CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin, Texas

All right, hey guys. What’s up? I want to show you a little bit of what happens in the Biomat room… So I’m laying on the massage table, got the Biomat underneath me. It is a far infrared heating pad that is basically increasing your circulation that’s heating you up internally, whereas a traditional heating […]

9 Minute Workout That Replaces One Hour In the Gym.

Hi folks I’m Bob Shrupp physical therapist.Brad heineck physical therapist, and together we are the most famous most famous physical therapists on internet. In our opinion, of course Bob.We’re gonna do a 9 minute workout that replaces one hour of the gym now I know you’re gonna. I’m a little skeptical Bob I’ll work with […]

Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises

hey guys welcome to Zeus Fitness , I’m your head coach Grant. today what I’m going to go is go through my top ten exercises using one of these bad boys , a resistance band good thing about these babies is , they are cheap and you can do them anywhere. you can do them […]

The PERFECT Leg Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Breaking out the muscle markers, yet again, to continue the perfect workout series. This time, hitting the legs. Guys, as always in our perfect workout series, what we’re trying to do is construct a workout that is damned close to perfect as possible. Realizing that there are a lot […]

This Meditation Will Make You RICH (Meditate and Grow RICH)

this meditation will reprogram your mind for abundance unlike anything you have ever experienced before for best results use headphones make yourself comfortable either by sitting down on the floor or lay down on your back begin by taking halation and breathe it out through your mouth I’ll take another deep breath in and breathe […]

Part 1 | My Summer 2018 Full Body Gym Workout

These are my primary exercises I do twice a week. Typically Mondays and Fridays. Because it is the first exercise I am also going to do a warm-up set in addition to my regular sets. The warm-up set is at 50% of my regular starting weight. I am going to go for 10 reps and […]