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Standing Splits – Foundations Of Yoga

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. Today on the foundations of yoga, we’re learning standing splits. So you’ve requested we start to carve through the advanced postures. This is one of them but it’s beginner-friendly as well because we’re going to work it from the ground up with lots of integrity and lots […]

Yoga poses for Thyroidism – Part 3

Are you suffering from hyper or hyporthyroidism? Try Yoga – Plow and Fish Pose have multiple benefits. Aside from helping you regulate your thyroid gland it also gives a complete stretch to the entire back of the body. Fish pose helps in opening and expanding the chest, shoulder and throat. Start with lying on your […]

Yoga for Stress Relief – 3 Yoga Poses for Office Workers

Hey guys just a quick reminder the posture fix challenge starts on Monday October 2nd That’s this Monday get 50% savings on the posture fix program now through then learn more at the link below enjoy the video Hey guys, it’s Dean and welcome to man flow yoga today I’m going to show you three […]

Freelancers Episode 8: CrossFit

(heavy metal music) – So subscribe to my weight lifting channel today, idiot and get ripped! – And cut. – (grunts) (sighs) Wow, thank you guys so, so much. You are the sweetest. – It’s been a pleasure, Mr. Pec. Wow, your hands are so warm. (breathes) – Where were you? I had to run […]

Chaturanga Practice – Yoga For Beginners

– What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene, and today we’re going to learn a short, little sequence, a quick, little practice to help prepare your body, and your mind, for chaturanga. Chaturanga can be this, sort-of like, panic thing for a lot of people. So, here are three things that […]

How to fix a hole in your pants

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. Today I want to talk about repairing stretch knit pants. Stretch knit is very popular nowadays because it’s very comfortable, but just like the word says, it has a lot of stretch to it. When a pant has a lot of stretch to it, it has a tendency […]

I slept in the Nether in Minecraft.. – Part 5

H O W S I T G O I N G A M E R S ? iT’s gAmiNg wEeK sUpReme That’s right, We’re continuing Minecraft And Joergen is back I had to make some adjustments- but the sheep is back too Hello Sheep *Wolf bark* epiC Joergen, I swear to God Stop escaping! WHY […]

Yoga for Strength Training – Is It Appropriate? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: See, because yoga is not an exercise form, it has other dimensions to it, teaching it as a compulsory process in the school has its limitations. It may… You may reduce yoga into a gymnastic process, which will be a severe It’s a crime to do that. But there is something called as Upa […]

Hardware Store Makeup Challenge

Beauty is hard… – …ware. – Let’s talk about that.( musicplaying ) Good Mythical Morning! Today we are debuting hardware store beauty hacks, cooking the fanciest and most expensive Crunchwrap Supreme you’ve ever seen, and taking a trip through the craziest music videos of K-pop boy band royalty…BTS! But, right now we’re diving into the […]

Dj Battle Ft. Lexy Panterra – Twerk Lesson [4K]

I think it’s time to get it started I know you want it I think it’s time to get it started sweating all on my body I’ll be there right where you want me I’ll touch you right where you need me Put it on me Put it on me (I think is time for […]