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10 Rounds Sample Workout | Joel Freeman Fitness

I am Joel Freeman, and welcome to 10 Rounds. A high-intensity boxing program that I guarantee is gonna leave you drenched in sweat. And this workout today you’re going to experience everything that this program has to offer. High intensity boxing combinations, agility, conditioning, and don’t forget weightlifting. All right, so we got to get […]

Beat Coronavirus Yoga | 5 Tips To Boost Immunity | Stay Healthy & Well

welcome to toffee yoga [Music] and welcome to your yoga class to keep strong and fight the coronavirus now I’m not just talking about coronavirus but all viruses and today’s class is just about keeping healthy and well we’re surrounded by viruses and bugs all day long and our body is set to deal with […]

Groin Exercise to Relieve Pain

To perform this exercise you’ll be laying on your back bending your knees and feet flat on the ground place a pillow in between your knees then gradually push your knees into each other the hip adductors are located in our inner thigh and these muscles help us to move our hip towards the midline […]

Pilates Beginner (1): Increase core strength 普拉提(初學者) 強化腹肌

Welcome back to QUALiTE HEALTH Production~ I am Abbey In this video, I will introduce basic Pilates movements at beginner level. Before we get started, lets answer some questions from our friends. First, what are the effective stretching methods for professional bus drivers? The previous video mentioned about some effective stretching methods for neck and […]

YOU Have BAD Posture!!! (3 Signs and How To Fix Easily)

YOU Have BAD Posture!!! (3 Signs and How To Fix Easily) [0:00:00] What comes to your mind when you see a soldier? Power? Strength? Confidence? But, why? Is it just the uniform or is there something else going on? Gentlemen, as a former US Marine, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. […]

Yin Yoga for Flexibility | Full Body Yoga Stretch | 28 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel today is really exciting for me because it is the first class in my brand new studio so if you’re new here that means nothing to you but if you’ve been following my channel for a bit of time you know that I’ve relocated […]

Workout Wednesday: Pull ups

Hi, I’m Patrick Delisle-Houde, strength and conditioning coach for the Montreal Canadiens. Today, we’re going to talk about chin ups, pulls ups, and neutral grip pull ups. So, the different versions are all about targeting different muscles. If you’re a hockey player, a good example is neutral grip are excellent because they’re targeting more your […]

Eye Exercises – The 3 Keys To Exercises Your Eyes Effectively

Exercise Your Eyes — MOVE Your Eyes for a Change Just to be clear from the start, when I say “exercise your eyes,” I don’t mean eye exercises. I’m talking about doing something else besides staring. Computers, TV, smartphones, and now tablets are taking over by storm. Our world is becoming narrowly focused. So what […]