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Doterra Yoga Collection – Doterra Essential Oil blends for Yoga

hi guys today I’m so excited some of you know I’m a yoga teacher some of you may not but I’m so excited I feel like this year’s convention was just for me because they introduced a yoga collection composed of three oils: anchor, align, and arise in these three little bottles with glittery kind […]

7 Relief Yoga Poses For Bloating 🤢 Bloating Exercises

hey guys welcome to Jivayogalive my name is Claire today’s sequence is about yoga poses for bloating hi guys okay we are going to start on our mats today so if you’re not here already go ahead jump on your mat roll out wherever is comfortable we are going to be doing some yoga poses […]

Morning Yoga – Refresh | 10 Minutes

good morning everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel we’re gonna get started by just finding a comfy seated position so whatever that looks like for you you can make your way there now just ideally finding somewhere where you can sit nice and tall and then we’re just gonna place our […]

Yoga for Stress in Kids

Hi everyone and welcome to Class Yoga! So life can feel a bit stressful sometimes but remember there’s a lot we can do to help ourselves feel better. So grab yourself a mat, if you have, one and we’ll get started! Let’s start on our knees. Sit back on your knees and start to roll […]

Yoga for Children with ASD

HI my name is Emily Bova and I will be doing my presentation on Yoga and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is for Kineseology 587 section 90 West Chester University. Autism Spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that can be a result of a neurological disorder that affects the development and the function of […]

Yoga for the Classroom – Find some Focus, Improve concentration

So I’m sure you know that standing up from our desks and moving our bodies helps us to feel much more awake and focused. This is a short class to get you up and moving and get refocused with some fun balances. I’m Helen and this is Class Yoga – the place to be for […]