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Sophrology Exercise: Basic Body Scan with Tension Release

Tension release standing up – A BASIC BODY SCAN & TENSION RELEASE So to do this exercise we’re going to start by doing a basic body scan, followed by the tension release. So stand up, making sure you have a chair close behind you. Place your feet shoulder-distance apart and close your eyes to better […]

Home Gym Cardio Workout

The following exercises Strengthen your endurance and strength but may cause trouble violence and even danger from your neighbors You You haven’t heard it from your neighbor yet I right then let’s go the extra mile Who’s there? So, do you happen to have kids in the house? I live downstairs, but It’s too loud […]

#59 How to start WORKING OUT at the GYM – My weight loss JOURNEY

let’s hopefully talking about something that we can share with them today I think we will keep it a little more g-rated yes yes good morning I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news the good news is that it is not even 4:45 in the morning and I am up and ready to […]