Tao Porchon-Lynch: 101-Year-Old Yoga Instructor Gives Inspirational Advice | Pumped

[MUSIC PLAYING] When I wake up
every morning, I say, this is going to be the
best day of my life. And it always is. WOMAN: Tao is the last
person alive today who has marched with both Gandhi
and Martin Luther King, Jr. I came all the way from
India just to meet Tao. And it was on my bucket list. And I was able to
strike it off, in fact, celebrate her birthday with
her and practice yoga with her. And how blessed am I? Ohm. [LAUGHS] MAN: And you studied
with Tao before? I have not. I’ve been following her on
social media, on Instagram. I can’t do a lot
of the positions that she has been
able to accomplish. And I’m 1/4 of her age. Hello, everybody. Hey. WOMAN: Hello, how are you? I’m 101 years old today. I love yoga. And I love dancing. And yoga’s the dance of life. And so when I
taught, if I can pass that joy onto other
people, then I have a reason to be on this Earth. I’ve been doing yoga since
I was seven years old in the northern part of India. She teaches amazing
physical alignment cues that will change your
practice and shift your body. But she teaches it
with the joy, and that’s what she
focuses on– ananda, the joy, the bliss in yoga. Anything you can do,
you can do it with love. You can do it with joy. When I come out,
this is not it. This is pushing me down. This is it. First of all, when I wake
up every morning, I say, this is going to be the
best day of my life. And it always is. Save today, so special. When you start your day
with that kind of gratitude, the universe has no option but
to conspire and make it so. She has this– this way of
touching people’s lives. And it’s not false humility. It is absolutely her
truth, when she says, I hope I have something
to teach them. Every single time I assist her,
I still learn something new. (SINGING) Happy
birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Tao. Happy birthday to you. MAN: (SINGING) Skip
around the room. Thank you so much. So she always says, when
you have a desire to do something in your heart, do it. But do it today,
because procrastination is the only sin. If you put it off till
tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. Because one minute after
midnight, it’s already today. So what you want to do what
you believe in, what you think is right, go and do it. MAN: That’s good advice. All her advice is good advice. [LAUGHS]