The Painful Twister Challenge!

Don’t hurt yourself. Yeah. What if your organs
pop out of you chest? I don’t think that’s
how organs work. How did your body do that? [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. It’s Rachel and– Nicky– Gabby. Today, we’re doing the
painful “Twister” challenge. Which is just, basically,
we’re going to play “Twister”, but if any of us fall– Going to pay a consequence. Pain. I can’t tolerate pain. And we also found a
video on their channel. And it was– Sleep over pranks. And also a parody
on prank videos. So, if you guys
want to watch that, check that out in
the description box. And also, I’m going to have
their link in the description box, you should
subscribe to them. [MUSIC PLAYING] Give us a thumbs up and
comment on which thing would be way too painful for you to do. And let’s get the pain. Unfortunately. [MUSIC PLAYING] Left hand, yellow. All of us do it? Yeah. I have a broken foot, so
I’m going to go down first. This will be fun. [INAUDIBLE] check out. Right hand, green. Right foot, purple. There’s no purple. I don’t understand what this is. Is “Twister” drunk again? [MUSIC PLAYING] Right hand, yellow. [LAUGHTER] I’m so close to you. Think about the
concept of “Twister”. It’s called “Twister”
because your body twists around the board. Did you just pick that up, now? It’s just funny. [MUSIC PLAYING] Left hand, red. [MUSIC PLAYING] These are like, slowly inching. This is not excirting. Right foot, blue. I have, literally, two feet
on one little blue circle. No tushies on the ground. Right foot, green. Wait. I literally can’t do that. Did you fall? Yes. Because I can’t
physically do that. Ha! [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, no. Ow! Ow! Oh, my god. Ew, it’s sticking to my feet. Oh, my god. It sucks to suck. Ow. Blue. [MUSIC PLAYING] Right foot, green. Like child’s pose or something? [MUSIC PLAYING] Right foot, red. Oh. I feel like that
doesn’t count, Gabby. Did you fall again? Back to the “Legos.” [MUSIC PLAYING] No! Oh, my god. I can’t do this. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I don’t like this. Gabby has terrible
balance, apparently. [MUSIC PLAYING] Left foot, red. [INAUDIBLE] strong. Are you OK? Yeah. You’re taller. You have that advantage. Oh, I didn’t know we
were standing now. None of your heads are
going to be in frame. Nicky, we’re doing a dance. Left hand, green. Oh, gosh, I’m [INAUDIBLE]. Left foot, green. [GROAN] I have a butt cramp. I have a butt cramp. Right hand, red. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I still have the butt cramp. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my goodness. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. How long has it been? If I move enough,
it won’t be cold. A few moments later. Are we done yet? I’m saying Nicky’s next. I think I’m the most
equipped for this. She’s the dancer, so– Oh. No. Can this please be a meme? Right hand, green. Looks like we’re
all doing ballet. Right foot, green. Oh, gosh. This is terrible. I need to, like, get up. My butt’s in your face, Rachel. I know. Right hand, red. This is the worst
position think I’ve ever been in, in this game. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here goes nothing. I’m literally scared
to death [INAUDIBLE].. [ALARM] It’s the seeds. Oh, my god. What do I do? Where’s milk? Why do I have water? [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t think so. Left hand, blue. Already. We’re starting off bad already. Right hand, red. I have no balance, right now. Right foot, green. [DOORBELL] Is that the doorbell? Yeah. OK. So, this is a shock collar
that they put on dogs. I’ll just put it
right over here. OK, I’ll turn it up all the way. I’m scared. I don’t want to do this. That was terrible. OK. Now we’re going
to do ten seconds. OK, start. [BEEPING] How long has it been? Five seconds. [BEEPING] OK. [INAUDIBLE] We’re never going to
speak of this again. It wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t great. You have a really
high pain tolerance. Left hand, blue. Already starting bad. Left hand, green. My limbs aren’t long enough. Right foot, red. Right foot, blue. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ha! You have to do the
painful face mask. It’s called Hell-Pore Clean-up
Mask and there’s devils on it. It smells weird Ow. I’m going to sneeze. Ow! What is this? Oh, my god. Oh, this is like putting
tape on your face. Rachel, can we be
done with this video? Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING]