The Perfect Yoga Pose for Anxiety

I’m Pam Radar and today we’re going to be
looking at a pose for anxiety people who suffer with anxiety often get
tension and stress feelings across the chest and the heart center, this pose opens up tight chest muscles and unblocks
spiritual heart center to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, so
let’s begin by having Sarah take her hand
underneath her bum so lift your bum up a little bit, press down
the palms and then let your bum rest on your hands press down tightly from the elbows to
the palms of the hands and then press the thighs into the floor, from here imagine two
giant hands pressing your shoulder blades up to the
sky, opening your heart, opening your throat and allowing your
head to spill back, you can choose to leave the head supported by the mat or allow it to come up off the mat and flow like a waterfall out of your body Fish Pose, perfect pose for anxiety