Thought Bubbles | Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Mindfulness for kids

[Music] hello everyone welcome to the cosmic kids Zenden your place to feel calm and relaxed and to help our minds stay healthy and happy first let’s get comfy sitting on our bottoms with our legs crossed we bring our hands to our knees and take a big deep breath now let’s get the Zenden ready so we can really enjoy it let’s have some sounds oh yes lots of great sounds to choose from let’s pick a couple that help us feel relaxed a gentle stream and a long note on a violin now for a smell oh these look interesting chocolate smell mmm log smell oh oh yes let’s smell the rosemary rosemary is a lovely herb and it helps our memory work well now we’re feeling all calm and relaxed we’re ready to learn about our thoughts now hmm what is a thought exactly oh look bubbles aha a good way to think about thoughts is with bubbles let’s imagine these bubbles are our thoughts they pop up in your brain and sometimes there can be quite a few all at once some of them are idea like I know let’s bake cookies some are memory like I remember when we went to the beach some are picture like some are song like happy birthday to you happy birthday to you son our opinion like my favorite color is purple they don’t hang around for long either after a while they go pop to make room for new thoughts the funny thing about thoughts is they join up to our feelings so some thoughts make us feel happy my friend is coming for a sleepover tomorrow some thoughts make us worry my math homework is really hard and I don’t know if I can do it some thoughts even make us love how do you tease a piece of fruit banana Nana now it’s your turn let’s have a look at some of your thoughts when I ask you a question just notice what thought pops into your head there’s no need to say it just have the thought it may also have a picture with it – ready take a deep breath and clear all your thoughts away to make your head feel clear here we go what is your favorite color what is your favorite food what is you favorite fruit what makes you really happy what do you worry about do you notice how busy your brain gets when you have all these thoughts bouncing around remember you can always choose which thoughts to believe and which ones aren’t helping you whatever happens know that they always do pass pop or fade away often thoughts have a funny habit of popping up when you really don’t need them like bedtime it’s good to know what thoughts are so we can sort them out when our heads feel really busy and too full the secret to helping ourselves when this happens is super easy it’s breathing yes simple isn’t it and I know that you are already a master of breathing so when thoughts are bubbling over find a place to be comfy and still spend a few moments just breathing think in through my nose and out through my mouth and if you need something to think as you breathe try this breathe in think one breathe out think two after that your thoughts will settle down I hope that helps you know your thoughts a little better so you can watch out for them and pick the ones that are most helpful to you keep up the practice to become a true cosmic kids end end master bye bye [Music] you [Music]