Top yoga benefits! Hatha yoga for body. Yoga for intellect & stress relief

My name is Yogini Rasa. I’m Open Yoga teacher. We meet on the site This is the site of
the International Open Yoga University and has been created for all those people who are willing to learn yoga from the very basics up to more advanced areas step by step. As we remember yoga is very logical and ancien teaching. It’s
based on two main your principles and we are now are on our way of exploring hatha
yoga. Often we, yoga teachers, hear the question what yoga or hatha yoga opens up in us?
What special abilities or improvements will I get and when. What will be the
benefit and precise date for this when I can expect that will happen?
You will definitely get the benefits if you practice yoga. Especially if you do it regularly! You will find the reason why you are
doing or not doing it. Nobody except you is responsible for the
results you get. Thereby nobody from the outside can really help you saying that on October 1 you will have lost
2 kilos or when you will be able to reach the world record in
running. I will take a look on the general improvements that yoga
usually is giving to the people. You can have your own improvements and it would be great to hear how yoga has helped you. (in comments below) No 1 why people are coming to yoga is for health reasons. It’s more for the physical health and being fit.
For people who are feeling very well but would like to improvements. Or people have some problems and sometimes doctors are recommending
that them to try yoga as it’s very peaceful and nice, there’s a lot of breathing
exercises and yoga poses and there’s no rush. however, remember that yoga is not
medicine Still there are cases when yoga can be
very helpful when our modern medicine is not able to help. This happens for
a reason because yoga is the system of self-exploration and exploring of the
universe. You know that if you will carry something very heavy then your
back will feel that very soon if your abdomen muscles have not been trained
well enough. If you will learn to focus or to breathe you will be able to
find inner stability and calmness. The second
thing is the mental health because our life is very, very fast,
stressful and we really don’t have that much time to think over what has
happened, why did it happen, what I wanted to happen, do I even have
goals I have or I just do whatever was said on the TV or on the internet and
I’m impacted by that flow of information. We kind of start shaking, the heart is
beating and we start having the problems that are not that much physical
or they are on the mental level. Here again in yoga step-by-step by exploring
yourself you come to the notion that you are worried about the things that
might not be worth to be worried about. You turn them from worries into tasks. What you have to do? This is a
good thing to think about. No3 is intellect. How well you are doing in your study in your work?
does your head work well if you have a certain task? Is it easy to solve it or
it gets more and more difficult? Are you reading? are you studying,
exploring something? We have usually this notion that there is an
athlete who is very strong physically but weaker in the intelligence and there in this small
little guy with the glass who is reading the books and not very well physically
developed. In yoga we don’t tempt to do this kind of comparing but we talk
about the balance. There are a lot of non-obvious mechanisms that are working
inside of us. When we work with our body with time and specific methods we
see the improvement in our intellect in or ability to solve different problems
and to react to things. One more thing that is important that would be
number 4. It’s the creativity and the modern person having lack of energy to work, tired and spends free time at TV or playing some games. So it goes if no strength then no
time to do something that should have been done or help some people or excuses like “I used to be very creative but not
anymore I just don’t have time or energy for that.Just leave me alone.” When you start doing
hatha yoga that is physical exercises taking into account basic methods, you
start getting more energy. From one aspect you are using the energy and you
would say the person who is so tired “No, I won’t do yoga because I will
get one more tired” and then the yogi comes and say well I did this, this and this. You see I’m fit and good” But unless this person who so tired will find the reason to step on
the yoga mat and will check whether this is really working no persuading is going to work. However yoga
is great in this matter too because usually the first results come very, very
fast and this is your big break through where you can get a lot of
things that you were dreaming about or even not dear to dream about .
You will be surprised by what changes yoga can bring and good thing is
to write it down. I hope you are having at least some kind of diary for your diet,
for your physical activities, for your goals and other things in your life
that are important and to look through. In as a stressful life
we can get lost. The superpowers – No5. We have seen a lot of those
wizards moving objects, going through the walls or mind reading or doing
some other stuff. Some of us have even dreamed about being able to impact
other people. That also is possible with yoga. It’s how you work
with yourself, how you see yourself. There are no miracles in the world, there is
only knowledge. While
you are doing the physical exercises yoga helps to open up many secrets that are hidden
inside you. There’s only one catch – you have to
start. You can have a new start for your entire life. However you should fulfill some basic
requirements that are in yoga and those would be some internal and external codes of conduct, regular practice knowing the methods but mostly you don’t
need much and the most part of the information and probably all that you
need for the beginning are available on our courses and along with the
practical information. That the fantastic thing – hatha yoga is working
with the minimum theory, just the practice as we like it!
I’m waiting for your results, your comments in section under. Press Like and I will see you on next time when you will have passed the test!