Twilight The Unicorn of Dreams | A Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always begin
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste. There! Now we’re ready to begin. Now, shall we find out who
our story is about today? Let’s look through
the cosmonoculars. We bring our thumbs
and fingers together and we have
a look through. Wow! Look at those colours
and those shapes. It’s so pretty. Can you see the picture? What is it? It’s a unicorn! It’s Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams. Look she’s doing yoga. She’s doing a half handstand. Oh! This is wonderful. A brilliant bedtime story. Let’s get ready for the night. We stand up we reach our arms
up to the moon and we say to the moon, Hello! Moon. We bring our hands
together above our heads and we lean over one way making a moon shape or a banana then we lean over
to the other way and we make
another moon shape like a banana then we step our legs
out nice and wide and bend our knees. We cup our hands
around our mouth and we blow our moon
up into a full moon like a hot-air balloon. Ready? Haah! Pheeeeew! Ump! Umm-hmm!
Uuum-umm-umm! What an amazing big
full moon you are. We stretch our legs we stretch our arms and we make a star shape twinkling our fingers to feel
a bit of extra sparkle. We can feel a star shine
at the ends of our fingers that’s the stuff that
dreams are made from. We tilt like a teapot
down to one side and we sprinkle some
star shine on our toes. Then we come back
to the middle and we tilt over
to the other way and we sprinkle some star
shine to our other toes. Yes! We come back to the middle and we swish and we sway
spreading star shine all around us. Yey! Then we Pitter-Patter! Pitter-Patter!
Pitter-Patter! it at all over our faces
and our heads like a rain and its lovely feeling star shine
making us go all wibbly-wobbly. We rub our ears and rub our jaws and aaah Oooh! We’re coming down
like we’re drifting into a dream. Coming onto all fours here comes the
woozy woozy sleep sheep woozily waggling their
woozy woozy tails Aaaaw! The woozy sleep sheep
bah-bah bounce over the fence. We tuck our toes and lift our bottoms Bah! Bah! Bounce! Coming back down let’s do that again Ready? Bah! Bah! Bounce! Yey! And one more time coming back down One Two Three Bah! Bah! Bounce! Yey! Well done, everyone! We’ve come into
a magical forest this must be where Twilight
the Unicorn of Dreams lives. We find ourselves
at a crooked tree Standing up turn to the side and bend your knees Spread your big
branches out wide and turn to the front. Yes! Like a crooked tree we climb up the tree Ready? Up we go! Up we go!
Up we up we up we go! When we get near the top we put one foot on
top of the other and we bring our hands
together at our hearts. We grow our tree
up nice and tall and Hmm! I wonder if you’re feeling
like a strong tree right now. Let me do the tree test. I’ll try and blow you down. Ready? You stay strong,
let’s see. Du bee du bee du bee du! Hah! Fooofa! Oh! my goodness! You’re still standing up. You are a strong tree. Let’s climb a little bit higher. Ready? Up we go! Up we go!
Up we up we up we go! Ooh! we’re right
at the top now. Let’s try it on
the other leg. Putting the other
foot on top this time bringing your hands
together at your heart grow your tree
up nice and tall and Hmm! Can I blow you
down this side? Let’s try. You stay strong. Ready? Du bee du bee du bee du! Hah! Fooofa! Oh! my word. You are a strong tree. Goodness me, Huh! Now, we get to the top and we look through
our cosmonoculars again. Thumbs and fingers together have a look through and Hoh! we see a huge owl He lands right
in front of us. Coming down to your knees we go Twit-twoo! Twit-twoo! He says, Twilight is waiting for you Twit-twoo! Twit-twoo! hop on my back
and we’ll go to Twit-twoo! Lovely! So we do. We stand up we lean forward and we hold on tight. As the owl swoops his big
big wings out to the side and he sweeps
through the night sky over the treetops where we come
into land by a lake. Coming down onto your knees we bring our hands together and we say Namaste
to thank the owl. Namaste Crossing your thumbs he Twit! Twit! Twit! Twit!
Twit! Twoos! off into the night. Wow! Here we are by the lake. We sit on our bottoms and we bring the soles
of our feet together making a big diamond
shape with our legs. We look into the lake and it’s such a
beautiful clear night. When we look into the lake it’s like looking in a mirror we look all the way down and we can see ourselves. We can see our faces. Huh! We can also see
somebody else’s face. It’s Huh! Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams! Yey! Come up onto
one knee everybody and bring your hands
above your head and Tak-Tuk!
Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! just like Twilight
the Unicorn of Dreams with her big pointy horn Greetings Dreamer! Welcome to the lake! come and help me
spread star shine and give everybody
good dreams. Okay, let’s get clopping. We stand up and we swap our legs and we come down
the other way. We lift our hands
above our head and we Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk!
Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! clop off. Great! We come to a
very little house Spreading your knees
nice and wide bring your hands
above your head making a little tiny house. Out of the little tiny house
comes a little tiny mouse. Coming on to your knees Squeak! Squeak!
Squeak! Squeak! It’s Matilda the Mouse and she’s holding
a little jug. Standing up take your feet out
nice and wide bend your knees put your hand on your hip
to make your handle put your other hand out
to make a spout. Her little jug needs
some star shine so that she can give her little baby
mice some lovely dreams tonight. Twilight gets into position on one knee lifting up her horn and she points her horn
into the little jug and she goes Whooooosh! Filling the little jug
with star shine. Matilda the Mouse goes Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Thank you Twilight Thank you for
my star shine and Twilight and I
we clop off together Yey! It’s great. Coming up now we Clop! Clop! Clop!
through the woods Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk!
Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! and we come to a
hole in the ground. Sitting on your bottoms bring the soles of your
feet together again and have a look
down into your hole Hmm! We wonder who
lives down here. Who could it be? Hoooop! All of a sudden
out hops a hare. A hare is a very big rabbit
with very long ears. Coming on to
your knees again take your arms
behind your back and crisscross your fingers. Lift your arms up
above your head and make your very
long hare ears. Yes! This is Hillary Hare and Hillary Hare is
holding a carrot. She wants her carrot
covered in star shine to give to all the little
baby hares before bed. Standing up make a carrot shape. Yes, very good. Now, can you look
like a happy carrot? Can you look like
a sad carrot? Baaaaah! Can you look like
a scared carrot? Aaaah! Can you look like
a cross carrot? Ummmmm! Can you look like
a disco carrot? Umph! Umph! Umph!
Umph! Umph! Umph! Can you look like
a kung fu carrot? Wooo! Aaawhh!
Yeeeeah! Iiiiiii! Yah! Yes! Well done, everyone! Twilight gets into position. Coming to one knee bring your hands
above your head and she whooshes her
star shine onto the carrot. Whoosh! Hillary Hare pops back
down into her hole. Hands down tuck your toes and Uppity-Huppity Hop!
Uppity-Huppity Hop! Yey! She’s got lots of
lovely star shine to give to all the baby
hares for bedtime. We come back
to the lake where there’s a beautiful
mermaid waiting for us. Swish your tail
around to one side sit up tall and look over
your shoulder. She looks at us
and she says Bonne Nuit! which means
good night in French. She opens her arms and she gives Twilight
a great big hug Oh! Mooshai Muah! Muah! Muah!
Muah! Muah! Then she holds up
her little pouch which Twilight fills
with the star shine. She takes the pouch
and she puts it by her heart. The mermaid is going to
take this under the water and make sure all the animals
that live under the sea get lots of star shine so they all have
nice dreams. She swishes her tail
around the other side looks over her
shoulder again back at us
and says it again Bonne Nuit! Then she stands up up on her fishy tail Whoop! And she dives
into the water Swoooodush! using her fishy tail to swim. Off she goes into
the night water. Oh! all of this
lovely star shine has made us want to have a
lovely sweet dream tonight. So Twilight blows us
a lovely kiss. Muah! Foooooo! Oh! we start to feel all tingly like we’re ready to
have a lovely dream. We give Twilight
a great big hug Oh! It has been
so much fun learning how wonderful dreams
are made every night. We come to a magic carpet. Sitting on our bottoms take your legs out
nice and wide arms out wide as well we start to take off swirling around and
around in a circle and then time passes we cross our legs put our arms
out to the side and we go Tick-Tock! like a clock
until I find my center. Did you find it? Let’s try again. Ready? Tick-Tock! like a clock
until I find my center. Yey! Well done! We’re feeling lovely
and sleepy now so we sleep walk
to our beds. Lying on your back take one leg long and lift the other leg up then take your arms
out wide to the side. We swap our legs
over sleep-walking One Two Three Aah! We get to our bed and we light a candle. Lifting up both legs now flicker your toes looking at a candle flame. How lovely! Wow! We blow our candle out Haaah! Foooofh! Bring our feet
down to the floor keeping our knees bent and join the soles
of our feet together. Dropping our knees
out to the side. Bring one hand and put it on your tummy. Bring your other hand and put it on your chest. Let your eyes close and your breathing
becomes slow. Aah! What an adventure! How lovely to learn
how dreams are made with Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams. She will always keep
us safe at night so we need never worry
or be afraid. We just need to close our eyes
and relax our minds and if we sleep well tomorrow we will
wake up wiser and stronger ready for our day. What a peaceful feeling! I think we’re going
to sleep well tonight. Slowly bring your knees
back together and stretch your
body out long bring your knees
into your chest and roll over
onto your side. Coming up to sitting with your legs crossed Your hands together
at your heart and we finish just
the way we started with our secret
yoga codeword. Ready? One Two Three Namaste. Well done, everyone! What a beautiful story! You did so well. I hope you have a lovely
sleep this evening. Bye-bye!