Upper Body Workout with Warrior Yoga Pose

Hi, I’m Asha. We’ll come to downward facing
dog, so bending forward walk the palms out and inhale. Step the right foot forward in
between the two palms. And drop the left heel down on to the ground. Inhale to come up.
Make sure your hips are facing forward, you are activating the back leg and right knee
is in line with the right heel. See if you can slightly turn in the left hip. Then inhale, reach the arms up, exhale and drop the shoulders down. Feeling strong in the legs, take the
palms behind, bringing the palms together in a prayer pose. You can inhale, do a mini arch at the back, and then interlock the fingers, exhale bringing the head down towards
the right toes. Inhale, back up and then straightening the right leg, turn the toes in and left toes
out. Do the same thing on the other side.