Vegan What I Eat in a Day || Yoga, Stir Fry + Pasta || Ep#14

hey guys this is Heather. I’m starting my day
with some yoga today and but before I do that I wanted to sit down
I have been practicing gratitude for a while now where I write down 1 to 3
things that I feel grateful for each day and I was doing it before bed but I read
recently that doing in the morning is a great way to start your day in
that mindset so I’m gonna sit down right now and write a thing or two in my
little happy monster notebook that I feel grateful for. This is one of my favorite
morning sessions actually one of my favorite sessions ever it’s called
morning motivation yoga Jackie Casal Mahrou is the instructor it’s over on yoga
download dot com. It’s a 30-minute session and I love not just the flow that she
leads through but also the meditation that she brings to this session I
struggle to meditate just sitting and meditating so I like a moving meditation
and jackie starts off by telling you to think about what power you need for your
day and making that your intention throughout your practice and I loved her
last line which is let us have an awesome day. So I am now ready to have an
awesome day! I’ve got breakfast, I’m having some toast with peanut butter and
smoothie there’s just fruit and ground flax seeds in here so I hope you’re
ready to have an awesome day we’re gonna eat some good stuff we’re gonna have
some fun so let’s get to it so it’s desk time for me now and I find
it a lot easier to stay at my desk when I have something yummy to sip on so I’m
gonna make some matcha which my lovely sister-in-law has been trying to teach
me how to whisk properly so let’s see how I do it looks pretty good right? quality
matcha I think is one of the keys and I’m gonna make it s
latte by adding some steamed almond milk tasty alright guys it’s way past lunch time
and I’m so hungry but I took advantage of working from home today to
pressure-cook some chickpeas while I was at my desk and I also just got some
couscous steaming so that’s done and I’m gonna do a quick veggie stir-fry with a
peanut sauce I’ve got some carrot I’m gonna do a little water saute a sprinkle
of salt and while that starts I’ll make my peanut sauce – just a nice scoop of peanut butter and some apple cider vinegar you gotta
start gently here otherwise you will spray it all over yourself… I have done
this many times – sprayed on myself, that is. Also made the sauce. I wonder what my rate of success is in not spraying myself… maybe like 50 50? It’s probably a
better success rate than that… maybe a third of the time I spray it on myself.
Now, when you get to the point that it’s actually mixed together you start
whisking it till it’s nice and thick smooth and creamy. I’m gonna add some soy sauce… a little bit of toasted sesame oil and again be careful here you also don’t
want to throw dark soy sauce on yourself and then that’s like a thick version, if
you want you can thin it out but I like to just toss it with my veggies and then
it gets a little bit of water from the veggies – particularly cause I’m water
sauteing them. Sometimes when I don’t want to do dishes I toss my veggies in
the pan with the fork that I’m gonna eat with, and because I’m using my ceramic
nonstick I’m just trying to be very careful not to scratch. So carrots are
starting to cook, throw those in and then some frozen corn because I love it, and
adds to the volume since I’m really hungry and it’s a late lunch so I’m
ravenous You can cook this as much or as little as you
want I really like to just take a little bit of the raw edge off so see how the
broccoli is changing color a little bit here, getting a little softer. Same with
the carrots. But I don’t really feel the need to cook my peppers too much and the
corn I just want to thaw. And then my couscous is done so I’ll just fluff it
up a little bit and I’m gonna throw my chickpeas right in the pan here. See the
thing when I use my big pan is I wind up usually making a little bit too much so
I might have some leftovers which is fine I would usually be making this for
dinner and saving the lunch for leftovers so that I could take it to go
or have a really quick prep in the middle of the day just pull it out of
the fridge and eat it and that looks like it’s cooked enough for me. So…
debating whether to put this on in the pan which I will then have to clean or
drizzle it on top which doesn’t get quite as saturated with goodness… Let’s
be brave I’ll just clean this pan right
after I bring it out and probably better to not have this on the heat so
that the sauce doesn’t stick as much I wish you guys could smell this because
it smells so good I’m gonna take all of the broccoli out of here because I have
a broccoli craving and then I’ll leave that bit as leftovers and I can add some
more stuff to it later but that is a gorgeous looking lunch bowl
oh my goodness guys what a day I spent I think four hours – maybe five – battling
with formatting on a Word document incredibly frustrating incredibly like
laser focus attention I am wiped! anyway it is time for dinner, so I feel like
something just easy so I’m gonna make some whole-wheat
fusilli and pair it with some mushrooms and nutritional yeast and I’m gonna make
enough to pack up for lunch and then call it a night
all right so I’ve got pasta boiling I’ve got mushrooms water sauteing back
here with some salt and add some garlic that I chopped up this is what I should
have used to toss my stir-fry at lunch this spoon spatula is fantastic and it’s
really good at scooping up the peanut butter sauce anyway I’ve gotten over my
laziness this evening because I’ve got two things to stir get that in there and
I’m at the point here that I want to add a little bit of olive oil this is partly
for flavor for the to make it nice and savory and that’s
pretty much done so I’m gonna turn that off while the pasta finishes cooking
I’ve got some of my basil from the window so that needs to be eaten and
will be lovely in here so we’ll get the basil in there and then
some lime juice cuz why not and then my cooked pasta is gonna go right in the
pan I think that’s about the right ratio so I’ll have a little bit of pasta left
over for something else maybe a few more and then some nutritional yeast I’m
gonna go very generous on the nutritional yeast toss it all together
serve out what I want for dinner and then I’m gonna put the rest in this
container to take for lunch so I’m going to put all the rest of that pasta and
veggies along with some of my cooked chickpeas toss it together and then I’ve
got a delicious lunch ready to go It’s really tasty – really tasty. Well thanks
guys for hanging out with me today I hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat in a
day if you want to see more there are more videos here on youtube and if you
want a full day’s nutritional plan that you can pick up my three-day taster plan
that’ll show you exactly what to eat for a breakfast lunch dinner and snacks, and
gives you all the nutritional breakdown thanks for watching have a great day and
I’ll talk to you next week bye guys! xo h