Vertigo Treatment for BPPV with Brandt-Daroff Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you how to relieve vertigo with the Brandt Daroff exercises.
So let’s get started. So these types of exercises are for the positional vertigo, the BPPV. If you have
other types of vertigo, these might not help, but it might be worth a try. Just a
disclaimer to let you know that these exercises will probably increase your
symptoms and sometimes unfortunately it will make you sick. So keep a bucket
beside you just in case. If you have really bad vertigo, there’s a possibility
that you might throw up, but hopefully it won’t and each time you do it you’ll
feel a little bit better. So I always tell people when you do these, don’t have
plans to go anywhere afterwards. You want to be able to kind of just relax and be
in a quiet place after you do these. So with that said, you’re going to do these
exercises 5 on each side. You’re going to alternate back and forth, but it’s going
to be a total of 10 times. So 5 on this side, 5 on this side, and you want to do
it twice a day. So the trick to this is when you’re going down to one side, you
want to turn your head at a 45 degree angle. You don’t want it to be at a 90
degree angle where it’s uncomfortable, and you don’t want it flat down where
you’re looking straight ahead, you want it to be kind of in between. So as you go
down, you’re going to bring up your feet and put your head at about that 45 angle
right there. So not here, not here, but right here, and you’re going to hold
this position for 30 seconds. Now like I said, this position will probably make
most people dizzy if they have that BPPV. If you can tolerate it, try and really
hold for that 30 seconds because as you lay here it should start going away.
After that 30 seconds, you’re going to come back up and stay in this position
for 30 seconds as well. And again when you come back up you might be feeling
that dizziness your eyes might be jumping just a little bit, but as you sit
here it should go away, so just try and try and tough it out if you as you can.
And then after that 30 seconds you’re going to go to the other side, so coming
down bringing your feet up and then putting that head at about that 45
degree angle. So again not all the way up, not
straight forward, but that 45-degree angle, and hold that for 30 seconds. Then
after those 30 seconds, come back up. Hopefully if it’s still dizzy, it won’t
be quite as bad this time, and then again you’re going to go back
and forth until you do five on each side. So it’s easy as that, but remember it
might make you feel pretty bad, so make sure you don’t have anywhere you have
to go right afterwards, and make sure you have a bucket just in case, but the more
you do it, the better you’ll feel. And try and do this twice a day for at least two
weeks, and if it’s that BPPV, it really should go away. But even if it goes away
within a couple days, I still recommend to go ahead and do it for the whole two
weeks just to make sure that that you’ve got everything realigned in that inner
ear. So if you’d like to help support our website and channel, click up here, and
don’t forget to subscribe down here. And remember, be safe (have that bucket), have fun
(no more dizziness), and I hope you feel better soon.