Vinyasa Yoga Full Class (30 Min Flow!)

– [Both] Hi! – I am Dawn. – And I am Kamal. – And we are from Israel, and we are practicing Fightmaster Yoga. – Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not about the pose, and you don’t have to be perfect. Hi I’m Lesley Fightmaster. Today’s class, Yoga Vinyasa. Begin sitting nice and tall
with your shins crossed. Deepen your breath. If you believe these yoga videos help make the world a better place, share them with a friend
because more yogis definitely make the world better. Today, may your practice connect you to your physical strength as
well as your mental strength, reminding you that you can do anything. So you take your next inhale,
bring your chest forward. Look up, widen your collar bones. As you exhale, round your back. Drop your chin, pull
your ribs and belly in. Again, inhale. Widen the collar bones. Little back bend in the upper back. Look up if it’s okay on the neck. Exhale, round, chin to our chest. Inhale, stretch out the front of the body. Lift the chest and as you exhale, stretch out the back
of the body, rounding. And inhale, come to center. Take your torso to the left
and then front and right, and then behind you. So making a big circle all the way around. When you come back, round your back. Pull in through the ribs and the belly. Keep your breath nice and steady. Come to center. Lean back so you can switch
the cross of your shins. Still sitting up nice and tall, start to circle to the right first. And then forward to the
left and behind you. Same thing as before, just
going in the other direction. Again nice, steady breaths
as you come forward. Keep your back nice and long. As you go back, you can round up. Now come to center, sitting tall. Inhale, sweep your arms out around and up, palms facing each other. As you exhale, right hand to
left knee, left hand behind. Inhale lengthen again. As you exhale, start to turn. Twisting through your ribcage
and your chest, mostly. Maybe looking over the shoulder, again, if it’s alright with your neck. Take a long breath here. Then inhale, head to center. And return to center. Inhale again, arms reach tall. Keep the ribs and belly in. Exhale, left hand to right
knee, right hand behind. Sit tall on your inhale. And twist on your exhale. Your belly might move a little bit but most of the twist
will be in your ribcage, your upper chest, upper back. And then try and roll your
shoulder back on the right side. Another breath, and then
inhale, return to center. And roll yourself forward,
on to the hands and knees. With your wrist in
front of your shoulders, about a hand print. Turn your inner elbows
forward, and inhale. Lift your right arm up. And exhale, take it on to the mat. Pull your left hip back. Take the left hand to the low back, or hook it on the right thigh, and option to extend that left leg
back, tucking the toes under. You could also lift the left leg. But make sure you drop
the outer hip if you do. Otherwise, you’re gonna
roll on to your back. But try to roll your top shoulder open, getting a nice twist from above the waist. Come on back to center. And then we’ll do the other side. Left arm up, inhale. Exhale, sweep it under the
right on to the left shoulder. Use your hand to pull your right hip back. And then take it to the lower back, or reach around, hooking
it on to the left thigh. Option to extend that right leg back with toes tucking under. Continue to roll the top shoulder back. And if you do lift the
right leg, remember, drop the outer right hip. Big breaths, nice and smooth here. In and out through your nose. Slightly constricting
the back of the throat. Inhale, release that, back to center. And then with the hands
in front of the shoulders, turn your inner elbows forward. Tuck your toes for down dog. Arms shoulders distance
and feet hips width, and then bend one knee and the other, swarming off the backs of the thighs, the calves. Bend both knees a moment to stretch back. Coming into your down dog. If you can straighten the legs, then firm the leg muscles
from the outer hips in. Arms and ears are in
line, spread your fingers. Look forward and walk your
feet to the top of the mat. Inhale, come halfway up, hands to shins. Exhale, fold, bend the knees as you like. Press with the feet, inhale
and reach up nice and tall. Keep the ribs and belly in. Exhale, Samastitihi, hands to heart. So feet together or hips
socket distance apart. Make sure the outer edges
of your feet are parallel. Inhale, sweep your arms out around and up. As you exhale, hinge
from your hip creases. Fold, keeping your spine long. Inhale, lengthen halfway. Exhale stepping to plank pose. Top of a push-up. The knees can be down or
up here is your choice. Shift the shoulders forward an inch, slowly lower, all in one
piece onto your belly. Bring your hands by your low ribs and then interlace fingers at low back. Inhale, lift everything
up for Shalabhasana. Roll the shoulder heads
away, keep your belly lifted, lengthen sitting bones to heels. Long back of the neck. And then release with hands by low ribs. Inhale, peel to cobra, just a little one. And then lower. Tuck your toes, keep your
knees down or lift them. Exhale, press to plank. Lift yourself back to down dog. Keep the ribs and belly pulling in as you stretch back. Outer upper arms spinning
back toward the feet. Inner upper arms turning forward toward the front of the mat. Spread the fingers, look up. Step your feet forward. Inhale, lengthen halfway. Exhale, keep the length as you fold. Straighten the legs if you can. Press through the feet,
rise up on your inhale. Exhale, hands to heart. And again inhale, sweep the arms up. Exhale, hinge from the
hip creases and fold. Inhale, keep the spine long, halfway up. Exhale again, stepping to plank. Again, knees up or down. Shift forward, slowly lower. Slow slow slow, land all in one piece. And take your hands,
interlacing other pinky on top or you can hook the thumbs, other thumb. Roll the shoulders away
from the mat and lift up. Inner thighs spin towards the ceiling. Pull the belly in, press
the pubic bone down to lengthen the lower back. Breathe. And then release, hands by low ribs again. Elbows up. And inhale for little
cobra, or a higher cobra, all come all the way to up dog, with thighs and knees off the floor. Shoulders above wrists. Exhale, lift the hips. Again to downward facing dog. Spread the fingers wide. Press into the base of
your fingers and lift up through your forearms,
so you have less pressure in your wrists. On an inhale, lift your right leg back and up with level hips. Exhale, draw the right
thigh in toward belly. Shoulders over wrist, hold inhale. Exhale, take it over to the right tricep. Try not to rest it there. Inhale. Exhale to the left tricep, still pressing away from the floor. Lift the ribs and belly in and up. Bring it to center, step it right in the middle of the hands. Back heel down as you
rise up for Warrior II. Make sure front heel
lines up with back arch. And your front knee is over the ankle, knee pointed directly
over the middle toes. Lift your chest, soften
the shoulder blades. Now bring your right hand behind you, left arm up, no left hand behind you. Then right arm in front of the belly, left arm over, oh my rights
and lefts, for side angle. We’ll do it again. Don’t worry, we got this. Inhale, come up left hand
behind the back, reverse. Right arm reaching back, exhale. Come on up, inhale, lean forward. Right arm around belly, left arm in line with the ears, side angle. Inhale, come on up. And exhale, left hand behind belly. Take a breath here. As you reverse, come on up, lean forward right arm around the belly. This time, take the
right hand to the forearm to the thigh, or slide
it down to the floor. Keep the left arm reaching over. You an also hold your
ankle or use a block. And inhale, come back up to Warrior II. Exhale, windmill your arms
down and come to plank. Now knees can be up or down here. We’re gonna slow Chaturanga pause. As you exhale, come back to plank. And then inhale, exhale Chaturanga again. Inhale to upward dog,
shoulders above the wrists. Exhale back in downward dog. A lot of core strengthening today. Lift your left leg up from
the inner thigh, inhale. As you exhale, draw the left thigh in toward the belly,
shoulders above the wrists. Breath here, inhale. Exhale, take it over to the left tricep. Try not to rest it there. You can reach that much
forward, that far forward. Inhale center. And exhale to the right. Keep it up there. Keep pressing away from the mat. I know it’s not easy. Bring the leg back to center. Then lightly step it between the hands. Spin the back heel down. Inhale, come to Warrior II. Double check your front heel’s
in line with your back arch. And your left knee is over the ankle. Point it over your middle toes. Let’s see if I can get
this right this time. Keep dropping your left hip down. Now bring your right hand
behind you and reverse. Reach the left arm up and back, exhale. Inhale come up, lean forward. Left arm around belly, reach
the right arm up and over, pinky side of the hand down. Again, inhale. Right arm behind back,
reverse your Warrior. As you exhale, sink into that from thigh. Inhale coming forward. Lean forward, left arm around belly. Sweep right arm up and over. Inhale, press the front
heel down to come up. Right hand behind, reach the
left arm up and back, reverse. Inhale, coming up. This time, take the forearm
to thigh on the left. Or slide the left hand down to the ankle. Or take it to the floor or a block. Sink your hips forward. But lift your back inner thigh up. Stretch through the top fingertips, spinning the tricep down. Inhale press into that front heel for Warrior II, come up. Exhale windmill down. Step to plank and lower, Chaturanga. Knees can always be up or down. Inhale up dog or stick with cobra. Exhale to plank. Hold plank, or lower Chaturanga. Exhale pressing up to plank, and then back into down dog. Breathe here, remember, push, pause, take a child’s
pose anytime you wanna rest. Take your feet nice and
wide, as wide as the mat. Walk your hands back to the feet. We’ll come to Malasana squat. Drop your hips down. If it hurts the knees, come halfway down, resting forearms on thighs. Otherwise, drop your butt down. Bring your hands in front of your heart. Knees and toes point
in the same direction. Now reaching right arm
and wrap your right leg. Stretch your left arm straight up. Or bring it behind you and clasp, turning, and widening through the chest. Maybe looking up, if
it’s okay in the neck. Inhale, center and look to the other side. Bring your left arm forward,
wrap it around the left leg, reach right arm up. Keep it there or exhale,
bring it behind to clasp. Roll the top shoulder
back if your clasping, turning your ribcage and possibly looking up toward the ceiling. Inhale, make your way back to center. And then as you exhale,
slowly walk yourself back out into down dog. Stretch back here just for a breath, stretching out those
legs, ribs and belly in. And inhale to plank. Step your feet together. Roll to the pinky toe
side of your right foot, lift your left arm up. Put your right knee down
if you want more support. Otherwise bring your top
hip a little bit forward, stretch through the arm. And then release, come back to plank. Stay here or lift to down
dog, or exhale Chaturanga. Then inhaling to up dog. Exhale back into down dog. Pull the belly in, ripple the
spine forward again to plank. Walk the feet together. Bring your left hand toward
the center of the mat. Right arm up. Remember, bottom knee
can always come down. Otherwise, bring your top
hip a little bit forward. Lengthen sitting bones to heels. Pull up through the pelvic floor, lift through the belly muscles. Release back to plank. Now hold plank or exhale Chaturanga. Then inhaling upward facing dog. And then exhale back into down dog. Even out your breath, in
and out through the nose, Ujjayi Pranayama. Exhale everything out. Step or hop feet forward. Inhale, look up, lengthen. Exhale to fold. Press through the feet, inhale reach up. Exhale, bring your hands to your hearts. I’ll do a little bit of balancing. So take the feet about
a hip’s width apart, grounding down through the left leg, pick the right foot up for tree. So you can stay in tree with the arms up or hands at heart center. Or, take right heel
toward navel, up higher, wrapping the right arm around, holding on to the foot, or
holding on to the left arm. If you have the foot, you
can extend the left arm up. It’s a half lotus, so don’t push it. Tree pose is also beautiful and perfect. Releasing the hand down, keep
the leg up, point it forward. Stretch it out in front of you. Drop the outer right hip down. Inhale both arms up. Keep ribs and belly in. Exhale, slowly take the leg behind you. Now drop the outer hip down. Point the toes straight to the floor. Then bend the front knee and
find Crescent, high lunge. Make sure that left knee is
over the ankle that front leg. And the back knee, tilt
your pelvis forward. Pull the left hip back. And slowly straighten the
back leg as much as you can. Now bring your hands at heart’s center. Take an inhale (inhales). Exhale lean forward and hook
your right arm across to twist. Now you can always take your back knee down if you’re wobbly, or walk your feet further apart. Stay with hands at heart center,
or right hand to the floor. Left arm up. Or option to bring your right
arm underneath your left thigh and interlock with the left hand behind. Lift the pelvic floor. Lift in and off through the belly muscles. Those are your stabilizers. Squeeze outer hips, inner thighs. Bring hands down to the mat. And then, giving a roll
to the little toe side of your back foot, step your left leg on top of the right again,
Vasisthasana side plank. This time option to lift
the left leg a little bit or perhaps even grab
the toe, and lift it up. If you’re lifting it up, try
to lift the hips up high. Maybe that foot on the floor can even come flat on the floor. Slowly release that. Make your way into plank. Hold plank or lower Chaturanga. Inhaling up. And then exhale, stretch all
the way back into down dog. Breathe. Remember, pause button
rest, always an option. Bend the knees. Step or hop forward. Lengthen as you inhale, and fold on your exhale. Now we’ll bend the
knees and drop the hips. Inhale to chair pose, just for a moment. Keep the weight into the heels. And then come to stand. So now we’ll ground down
through the right leg. And lift your left leg up into tree pose. Anywhere above or below the knee. Hands at heart center or
you can lift the arms up. Stay with tree, or grab that left foot. Bring the heel up toward the navel, then point the knee down for half lotus. Taking the hand behind your
back, hold on to your right arm. Or if you can reach the
toe, you can grab that. Reaching up through the
right arm if it’s free. This is called Ardha
Baddha Padmottanasana. Remember, tree pose is wonderful. That one’s called Vriksasana. Now release the foot,
both arms up extending that left leg forward,
drop the outer hip down. Slowly swing it back. Keep it off the floor if you can. Slight Warrior III,
drop the outer left hip. Then start to bend the right knee, setting the ball of the left foot down. Make sure your right
knee is over your ankle. Bend the back knee, tilt
your pelvis forward. Zip into the belly. Pull your right hip back, and then straighten the
back leg as much as you can. If you’re wobbly, walk your
right foot to the right. Bring hand to heart center, exhale. Take the left arm across for prayer twist. Stay with that or take the left hand down to the floor and the right arm up. Stay with that, or bring
your left hand underneath your front thigh. Right arm behind the back and interlock. Keep pulling that left hip back. Remember your twists come
from above the waist, so best you can, keep
your hips nice and level. Slowly release that, and then
roll to the little toe side of your back foot. Step right foot on top of left, reaching your right arm
up for Vasisthasana. This time option to lift
the right leg a little bit, or maybe bend the knee, grab
the toe, extend the leg up. Keep lifting up through the
hips if you’ve got that leg up and try to flatten that bottom foot onto your mats as if you’re
standing right on it. Slowly release, back to plank. And go right to down dog,
or exhale Chaturanga. Inhale to press to up dog, and exhale lift up and
back, downward facing dog. Even out your breath. Good work. You are so strong. Bend the knees. Step or hop and sit. Now you can lean right
on to your back from here or a little boat pose, and slowly slowly, making your way on to your back. Keep your belly lifted
if you’re doing that, lift the pelvic floor. Take your time, and then
lie all the way down. Bend your knees, take
heels under the knees, set up for bridge. Outer edges of your feet parallel. Pull your belly in. Lengthen your tailbone. Inhale, lift hips, low back, mid back. Maybe upper back, and
grab the sides of the mat, or roll the shoulders under to interlace. Press those heels down and keep your neck nice and long as you lift. Spiral the inner thighs
down like you’re holding a block between the legs. Release, take soles of feet together. Let your knees open, one
hand on your heart center, hand on your belly and
think of three things that you are grateful for right now. Now bring the feet back
up, heels under knees for another bridge pose. Or if you take wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasana. Take your hands up by the
ears, elbows point straight up. Pause at the crown of the head, line up wrists and elbows. Make sure your elbows
are not splaying out, and then stretch up. Make sure the feet don’t turn out either. Point your toes in. Sparrow the thighs down and
keep lengthening sitting bones to backs of knees, breathe. Release your bridge, or
if you’re all the way up, chin to chest first. Slowly lower down, and then
hug the knees into the chest. Rock yourself gently side to side. Give your low back a nice massage. Either roll yourself to
the right or press up or roll back and forth,
rolling up and down the spine two or three times. Come all the way up to seated. Extend the legs in front
of you in Dandasana. Pull the toes back but
keep your heels down. Reach your arms up, inhale. Hinge forward from your hip
creases to keep your spine long. Then lengthen, inhale, and extend. Hold on to anything at all. You can also use a strap around your feet. If it seems like you
can’t sit up very tall in Dandasana, then I would
suggest sitting on the edge of a folded blanket or
the edge of a pillow. Breathe here. Relax your shoulders. Relax your jaw. Keep your spine nice and long. Keep drawing in through the belly, and the pelvic floor even here. Inhale head up, and exhale to release. Make your way on to your back. Take your right ankle,
just past the left knee. Figure four, or thread the
needle pose for a hip stretch. Flex that right ankle. And then, keep the legs as they are. Take them over to the left, looking right. You can stay with that or
you can reach your right hand for your left foot, left
hand for the right leg and then stretch them
away from each other. It’s kind of intense, so do what you can. Turn your belly up toward the ceiling. And really any twist lying
down is perfect right now. Release back to center. Left ankle just past right knee. Thread the needle. Draw that left hip forward,
make sure the ankles are flexed. Relax your shoulders, and
your jaw as you breathe. Keep the legs in the same position, drop them over to the left side, and then right hand reaches for left leg, and left hand reaches for right, and then you stretch them
away from each other. Looking over the right shoulder,
or sorry the left shoulder. Oh my goodness, right
and left challenge today. Turn the belly up toward the ceiling. Remember any lying down
twist is just perfect here. Release, make your way back to center. Hug the knees in one last time. Lengthen sitting bones
toward backs of knees. And make your way into
your final resting pose. So arms out from the sides of the body. Draw shoulder blades away from ears. Palms up, relax your
forehead and your jaw. Your quote today is from
an anonymous person. It’s not about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself. Quiet minds, quiet body, Shavasana, rest. Right where you are, take a deeper breath. As you let it go, begin
to move your fingers, your toes, your hands, your feet. A long stretch out through
the arms and the legs. And bend your knees, roll to your right and thank yourself for showing up today. You did a wonderful job. Slowly make your way up
to a comfortable seats. Bring your hands together. Bring your hands to your forehead, reminding you to have
clear and loving thoughts. Hand to your heart, reminding you to have clear and loving intentions. And hand to your mouth,
reminding you to have clear and loving communications
sending positive energy out to all beings everywhere. Namaste. Now if you thought that this class was a bit difficult, you’re right. A lot of strength involved
but I have created a class to help you build that strength. It’s all about the core. Click the link below and get the video. Or it’s pinned at the top of the comments. If you’re interested in
my opinion on hot yoga, click this link right here.