VLOG | 朝ヨガ, さんぽ, ウサギニンゲン, 島 //Morning Yoga, Walking, Performance, Island

Morning Yoga I change my sequence every time. It depends on my body condition or how I feel. Breathe… I feel good when I stretch in the morning. It’s like a getting the grease for the squeaking wheel. When I got all warmed up, I took off my socks. I really want to move my backbone in the morning. Deep stretch for my upper back and lower back. light and shadow The beauty is made of opposite one. Deep breathe, stretch my body… I feel I can stay my mind peaceful and calm today. I’ll take a walk for a change. I like the sound of stepping of dry leaves. This bird open his wing. Ducks are enjoying their life. It’s almost evening. I feel somewhat calm when I’m near the river. The sky is always beautiful. Lantern Festival at Matsue Castle. I went to Kouunkaku to watch the performance of “Usagi Ningen”. They are using their self-made visual machine and… self-made music instrument machine. I forgot to turn on the mic so I couldn’t record their sound…(´・ω・`) I’ve really enjoyed their performance. I’ll put their link down below. I went to Katsura Island. When we cross the bridge… Katsura Island is right there. I’m curious about the opposite side of this hill. This flower looks like a candy. The long and narrow inlet. This view makes me feel relax. Let’s meditate for a moment. We made it. It such a clear blue sky. My mind is also clear and peaceful now