Vocal Yoga by Shanti People – Два главных принципа (Eng Sub)

There are two ways of learning. The first one is an imaginative thinking. We learn something by imagining different forms of it. First we imagine some form and after that we try to bring it to life. It’s easier to learn something with the help of conception thinking. The second way of learning is a ”way of monkey”. If I come to someone who inspires me and I want to learn something from this person – I should concentrate and try to imitate him/her. Scan him/her and try to copy. If I’m raising my arm – I’m doing that for a reason. It helps me somehow. They say that ”your arms are an extension of your voice”. Classical Indian singers actually sing with the help of their arms. They ”draw” all the melismatics in the air. Because it really helps, helps you to sound. There is no magic. Your body is helping you in that moment. If you need to move – move then. It is important to relax now. Don’t think about people that are sitting next to you. Psychologists say that every person is busy thinking what you are thinking about him/her to pay attention at you. Everyone is self-centered and thinks about himself first of all. Even when I mention that somebody’s voice is better, I compare that person to myself. That’s why it’s better to focus on yourself and listen to me, look at me and try to imitate me. That will help you to make the most of this workshop.