Warrior Yoga Poses Using Blocks : Warrior One Yoga Pose With Blocks

In Virabhadrasana or the Warrior One pose,
one of the things, that I notice when I’m teaching, is a lot of people using their arms
incorrectly. We often see rounded arms or just sloppy arms. An important part of this
pose is to get the energetic flow lengthening up toward the sky. In order to do this, you
have to use the arms properly. I will now ask Faith, my assistant, to come into Warrior
One pose for us. First, she will bring her right foot forward and bending through her
right knee. She will shoot her right knee forward toward the front edge of the mat.
Notice how her knee stays in line and not in or out to the side. We are going to square
Faith’s hips, so that she is not in Warrior One and One Half, with her hips over to the
side nor Warrior Two. She is in Warrior One with full hips to the center. She is pressing
in, to the little toe, to the heel and to the back left foot. This will activate the
energy on the outside of the leg. Inhaling, she will fully extend both arms over her head.
To make sure that we don’t have sloppy arms, I’ll have Faith grab this block and press
her hands in on each side of the block. This allows her to engage her biceps and her triceps.
In this pose her biceps are up near her ears. Inhale and lengthen, just a little bit. Exhale
and sink a little bit more and perhaps take her extended arms back just a tad more. If
she can she should take her arms back just beyond her ear. Using the block can help bring
your arms into proper alignment.