What is Yoga II  योग क्या है II By Yoga Guru Shambhu Shankar Jha II

What is Yoga II योग क्या है II By Yoga Guru Shambhu Shankar Jha II

What is Yoga. It is often or sometime said that it is the blend of two things. So, what do we mean by the blend of two things? It means Breath & Soul the blend the of them , that’s name is Yoga That is the entire process, when with it a human get attached then that’s called Self feeling and Universal feeling There are different names of it in different languages means you can call it Chaitanya, Eklavya,what ever you can name it So, yoga is a scientific tradition which is given to us by our hermits. But from where this tradition begins. Lord Shiva has visibely given this knowlege to goddess Parvathi And there is lot of discussion has given in end no of mythological books like ” Shiv Maha Puran” In ” Geeta” of Lord Krishna at the time of battle he has talk about Yoga Devi Bhagwat, everywhere as it not only for any particular religion. with this we breath and everyone breathes so. What is Breath? It is attached due to yoga, so breathing i life , hope and we will move on further on this only so how to this breath runs? what is this Breath? Breath is our power of life and when it gets cluttered then we become ill and become weak also. So making our breath powerful that process is called yoga But, yoga, people hear it do but maximum number of people are depends on exercise. Exercise,is not yoga. Yoga is basically which need to be done in loneliness And yoga is basically a practical method which has to be done under the supervision of master Without the master , its discussion, processing and practice can be life taking . Yoga has certain rules. Now if we talk about Ashtank Yoga. Then what is this. About this Yoga lord Kishna has told in Geeta. So, Yum , Niyam, Asana,Pratyahaar, Pranayam,Dhyarna, Dhyaan, Smadhi so it has 8 parts. Now in our body our eyes,nose,ear and legs all are there means our complete body is meant. So we called complete. Complete men or complete women, if we got any thing disturb then we won’t be called complete so, similarly yoga has 8 parts I will repeat one more time Yum , Niyam, Asana,Pratyahaar, Pranayam,Dhyarna, Dhyaan, Smadhi So,let us talk about Asana Yum , Niyam. Yum means that we have to take a rule in our life that i have to do this means to you have target something Asan, its means is. take any asana like this asana called Sukhasana So we have Sukha.Asana, Padmasana,Bhujangasana,Balpashchimotasan, there are end no of asanas are there. So, what are the benefit with these asanas That means when we have balance in our body. That means when we can sit for 2-1/2 hour in one position in our body so that is our asana. So when we established our self in Assana then we’ll talk about pranayam. Pran means control on our breath. When we got control on our body and breath then comes mind & intelligence. So mind and intelligence So, where was the Mind and heart. The soul with the heart only which is called god. with this our heart run like non stop speed, that is why it is often said it is really tough to control on our heart speed. SO, only yoga can control on the speed of our heat Since it is near our soul and that is why it get more power so, by when in yoga this power has put in behind means as there is yogic discussion we will not put any light on it right now as it is a hidden process in between the mater and the student. and will through the light on it on any other day so when they get blend and when we have control on body and breath. then two more things get blended Like when a women and men meet then the productivity of a child happen so that is called Yoga. so similarly the process goes on between breath and heart and when they both get meet with each other within that only we reach to god and that is called yoga, basically its meeting. So, there is no benefit to have a special discussion on it to discuss on this there are end no of books are available in the library we will do something practice on this, so that normal and lay man can have their benefits. And the special one is kundalni jagran, so the main motive is kundalni jagran. Its like reaching to god we’ll definitely discussion on that, but as if now we will take a pause on it.