What makes DDP YOGA  special?

What makes DDP YOGA special?

Hi DDP, We’ll meet at the Retreat this summer. But, I don’t want to wait that long to thank you. This morning, I did Synergy 40 for the first time. It was a great workout for my body but an even greater blessing for my heart. The sincerity and strength in your voice when you said… “You’re getting stronger every day.” “You can do this!” brought tears to my eyes, tears of relief. Let me explain… Almost 18 months ago, I lost my beloved best friend, my husband, Doug, due to an extremely rare and devastating form of cancer. When he was sick I cheered him on
by saying those same words… You’re getting stronger every day. You can do this! At the time, we both hoped I was right, and we knew it wasn’t true. We had only found each other four years before his diagnosis and we couldn’t fathom… – This is why they don’t let me read this before I go on – We couldn’t fathom losing each other. He looked at me in his eyes one day and he said… “You can do this! You’re getting stronger every day!” I didn’t believe him. At first, after he passed, it was everything I could do not to join him. Doug and I had watched Arthur’s video
together and re-watched it many times. Seeing the hopelessness in Arthur’s eyes
become confidence and victorious somehow helped me hold on for one more day… and then one more day… and then one more day… until I finally knew I was going to make it. This whole time the DDPY online community and your deep love for all of us lifted my spirits and helped… and helped me feel less lonely. Do you know… really know… what you and your team have created? It’s big. Really big! And really important. This morning, when I heard you say… “You’re getting stronger every day. You can do this!” I felt relief because it had been so very long since anyone had said that to me – Powerful – and even longer since I believed it. This morning, I believed it! And I believed that you believed it. Thank you. I know my Doug would have loved your workouts and I’m sure he’s happy to see me taking care of myself, with your help. See you in July at the Retreat. Annie Barron Believe… anything’s possible You can do this! You get stronger every day!