What  The “HECK” ⁉️  Is Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga ❓

What The “HECK” ⁉️ Is Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga ❓

hi welcome to jivayogalive I’m elana
and today we’re talking about vinyasa flow yoga so what vinyasa is is one type of yoga
there’s tons of types of yoga this one particularly is a flow type so that
means we’re transitioning movement to movement so vinyasa is connecting your
breath with the movement so you can find a whole array of poses in these classes
they range from beginner to slow flow to more advanced or power vinyasas so
there’s a lot of kind of fluidity and ability to find what you really like in
a vinyasa class might be based on the teacher as well
vinyasa is really great for building your strength working on your breath
focusing mentally on some meditation getting some clarity there’s a whole lot
of benefits we have another video on that if you want to click over to those
and so the main parts of a vinyasa are number one the Gujarati breathing so I
will show you that really quickly so it is a breath it announced through the
nose and so we’re gonna breathe in and then on our exhale we’re gonna feel the
back of our throat move and we’re gonna have a little sound coming out so it’s
almost like you’re fogging a window but with your nose so it’s gonna sound like
this so it’s a very powerful breath this kind of keeps you on track throughout
your class and we’re gonna the teacher is going to cue we’re gonna inhale and
move and exhale and move a certain way and the second part you’re gonna find in
pretty much every vinyasa class is what we called the vinyasa so that’s gonna
look like a plank and then you’re going to exhale down chaturanga inhale up to
either a cobra or upward facing dog and exhale to downward facing dog
so as you heard there is a queue of breath every time you move so I’m going
to show you how to do that right now so this is plank pose you’re just gonna
stack shoulders over wrists you’re gonna exhale lower down
have the body so you can go halfway or all the way down to the mat depending on
your level in how to Cobra or this is what upward facing dog looks like and
we’re gonna exhale to downward facing dog
so as you move and breathe your teacher will cue you either to do all of those
steps or so just they go into a vinyasa he or she so those are the main kind of
parts of a vinyasa yoga flow you’re going to probably encounter some Sun
Salutation A’s and Sun Salutation B’s those are kind of the base of getting
your body warmed up and movement and then you transition from those and
system more maybe advanced poses or other types of fun transitions so I love
vinyasa yoga it’s what I’m trained in it’s a very fun class no class is gonna
be the same and I think you’ll find a lot of different varieties and options
for you depending on what you like so I hope you enjoyed this video on what
vinyasa yoga is if you want to learn more about vinyasa yoga be sure to hit
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