Who is Becca?  – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 9

Who is Becca? – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 9

♪ Little Miss Perfect in her golden gown ♪ ♪ She may be rich,
but she’s really a clown ♪ -♪ La la la la la la… ♪
-Hey guys, what are you listening to? What? You haven’t heard
“Little Miss Perfect” by Becca Sparkles? Where have you been, lady?
Oh, this is the hottest song right now! -♪ La la la la la la… ♪
-I mean, compared to your songs, it’s just okay. ♪ La la la la la la
La la little Miss Perfect! ♪ Ah, oh! Wait, listen to this part.
I love this part! ♪ La-la-la-little Miss Perfect
is such a snob! ♪ ♪ Being smug is her full-time job! ♪ Whoa, she doesn’t hold back. I like it. ♪ Little Miss Perfect thinks
she’s so cool ♪ ♪ But it’s time to learn
she doesn’t rule! ♪ ♪ La la la la la la
La-la-little Miss Perfect! ♪ Wait a minute. This isn’t just
some cool new popular song. -This is a diss track, and it’s about me!
-La-la-little Miss Perfect! ♪ Angela, it’s irresponsible to jump
to diss-related conclusions. You’d need solid evidence to prove that. Um, she’s dressed like me,
and riding my scooter! -Look at this evidence!
-I don’t see it. ♪ …is no fun ♪
But Little Miss Perfect’s time is done ♪ Never mind, I do see it.
You’ve been dissed! [gasps] Aagh! [crowd cheering] [laughing] ♪ La-la-little Miss Perfect… ♪ I can’t believe this bratty singer
wrote a diss track about me. Diss tracks are a musical tradition
dating back centuries. Bach’s “Sonata in G Minor”
was a diss against his lute player, Ed. [women giggling] -[crashes keys]
-Aagh! Well, tradition or not, Angela,
you need to fight back. Ah, but are you really
the fighting-back type? Boo! Tonight’s show stunk! This flower might change your mind. You’re right, Hank. I should take
the high road and let this one slide. Veronica Savage here with news
on the growing feud between Angela and Becca Sparkles, the biggest music rivalry
since Bach versus his lute player, Ed. I just heard that in her next concert,
Becca will be selling -these T-shirts!
-[crowd groans] That’s a drawing of Angela walking
all over her fans and not giving a hoot. Since Angela has yet to respond,
we can only assume that Becca has a point. Rrrrrr! Forget the high road!
Becca Sparkles, get ready to be dissed! [music begins] I got something
that’ll really put Becca in her place. -Try not to get singed by this burn!
-[intro starts] ♪ Becca, there’s no need to be mean ♪ ♪ I recommend a yoga routine! ♪ Well, uh… it rhymes. That’s a start.
When you do music. Right? Rrrgh! This is hard.
I’m not used to writing mean songs. Let me help you get
in the right frame of mind. “Oh, I’m Becca. And I think you’re
a snobby jerk with a jerky snob face.” Oh yeah?! Well, take this, Becca! ♪ Judging other people is just not cool ♪ ♪ Cause when you jump to conclusions ♪ -[groaning]
-♪ You look like a fool ♪ -What do you think?
-I think we’re gonna need some extra help. [music playing] Good idea coming to me.
I’m sort of a feud master. Fortunately, I got a lot of dirt on Becca.
Check it. She’s afraid of bugs.
She once stole a balloon. And she tried to be an artist but…
Ooooh. It did not go so well. Yes, Ginger! This is exactly what I need!
Let me try something. ♪ I was minding my business
when I heard her song ♪ ♪ And all the things about me
that she got wrong! ♪ -♪ She started this. I would let it go ♪
-Yeah! ♪ But there’s things about Becca
that the world should know ♪ ♪ Game on, glitter girl ♪ ♪ You make people snore! ♪ ♪ Sweep up all your sparkles
and walk out the door! ♪ Boys and girls, we have a diss. ♪ Game on, glitter girl, you hit first! ♪ ♪ Game on, glitter girl! ♪ ♪ Game on, glitter girl
You think you’re so great! ♪ ♪ But everything about you
is second rate! ♪ Hey Angela, we saved you a seat. Thought you might be a little tired
from all of that standing up for yourself. Oh, thanks! I like this new strong me,
and I guess so does everyone else because I was just nominated for the best
take-no-prisoners song of the year! Whoa! I also got a platinum necklace to wear when I perform
at the Singie Awards tonight. Angry Angela’s a hit! Angela has struck back with the song
“Game On, Glitter Girl.” It’s a hit, and it hits hard! Yeah! You bet it does! Take that, Becca! Tragically, Becca quit music and went back to her old job
at a frozen canned fruit stand. Wait… what? [man] Hey I heard you’re a big
music produce-r. Pathetic! Good job, Angela! You ruined a young girl’s life!
I’m crowning you Queen of Music Mean! Oh, no. What did I do? [laughing] Got any bananas today? Haha! Get lost
or I’ll write a diss track about you! Ugh. It’s Little Miss Perfect. What are you doing?
Looking for your tiara? -No, I want to apologize.
-Whatever. I was only defending myself
with my new hit song. Save the fake apology, princess. Not trying to make you freak out
and quit music! -The damage is done.
-[man] Hey! Your music and your fruit both stink! -[man laughing]
-Okay, what if the damage isn’t done? We can show people that even if we have
diss songs, we still get along in person. All we need is… a picture of us hugging! -I’m not doing that. Stop it!
-Oh, come on. It’ll be great! -Get away from me!
-Trust me, this’ll fix everything! Hey! [laughing] Yeah. I guess we both look
pretty silly now, huh? It’s not that. I’m laughing about how you
won’t be able to perform at the Singies if you’re stuck to me. This is so bad for you! Ugh! My friends will be able
to separate us. Let’s go, Glitter Girl! [groaning] [grumbling] [music winding down] Oh, no! Angela’s kidnapped Becca! Did you? Is that what this is? No! We’re just stuck together,
and you guys have to help us. Well, it’s simply a matter of knowing
necklace knot architecture to see where… Uh-oh. My art skills might not
be up for this challenge. If you stand in this sunbeam…
maybe the heat can melt the necklace? I mean, it should only take
a very, very long time. Aaahhh! -[groaning]
-[laughing] I kinda knew that wouldn’t work,
but it sure was fun. [straining] This is a disaster! And none of it would have happened
if it wasn’t for those stupid diss tracks! You know, that’s something I still
don’t get. Why did you diss Angela? Because she dissed me first! -[gasp]
-What? It was after one of her concerts. [crowd cheering] Angela! Can I get your autograph? -That wasn’t me, you liar!
-I have the dirt stains to prove it! It’s a real
“she said, she said” situation! Too bad there isn’t video archive of all
your concerts to see what really happened. Hank, yes, there is!
The fan site that you were looking at! Here it is. It’s right here. The concert where a fan broke his leg
crowd surfing. [crowd cheering] Don’t worry, fan.
I’m gonna get you to a hospital! Angela! Can I get your autograph? I have to save this fan! Hold up. You weren’t ignoring
your number one fan, me, because you thought you were better
than your number one fan, me? No! I would never do that. Whoa. I guess I was wrong. I was wrong, too.
I feuded when I should have listened. I’m sorry.
Should we hug for real this time? Bring it in, sister. The hug set us free! -[sniffs]
-To break apart, you had to come together! -Hey, sounds like a song!
-Ah, speaking of songs… In a few minutes, the Music Queen of Mean
will sing “Game On, Glitter Girl.” Talk about kicking someone
when they’re down. I love it! Are you gonna do it, Angela? Are you gonna
give the audience what they want? [crowd cheering] ♪ Game on, glitter girl!
I’m done with your lies! ♪ ♪ You say you’re better
But that’s a disguise! ♪ ♪ Game on, glitter girl
We used to be foes! ♪ ♪ I hated your face ♪ ♪ But now we’re lady bros! ♪ ♪ Little Miss Perfect
We’re finally friends! ♪ -♪ It’s super cool! ♪
-♪ That we made amends! ♪ -♪ Glitter girl! ♪
-♪ Glitter girl! ♪ -♪ And Miss Perfect ♪
-♪ And Miss Perfect! ♪ ♪ Feeling so splendid! ♪ ♪ Out here to say
that our feud has ended! ♪ [crowd cheering] No! What am I going to gossip about now? Sports teams? Politics people? [laughing]