Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People –  Part 3 | Swami Mukundananda Yale University Talk | JKYog

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People – Part 3 | Swami Mukundananda Yale University Talk | JKYog

in our stay in this material realm in
this so-called jailhouse of God things good and mad are not just happening to
us randomly they are not happening to us just by God’s will they are happening to
us as a consequence of our actions plus God’s will so there is a law of action
and reaction that exists in the world in the Vedic culture and scriptures we call
it the law of karma the same exists in the other religious traditions and hence
the Bible says they wear your sin shall find you out the Vedic scriptures the
Maharaj states Hashem a were booked of young Cretan Karma Shoob harsh
hum you will have to reap the results of good and bad Karma’s now the word karma
has been accepted in the English language as well so I don’t need to
explain karma is the reactions of our actions now when your time frame is of one
lifetime a lot of questions remain unanswered and very often one is induced
to conclude that this world is truly unjust for example if a child is born
blind and that blind child says what did I do to be born blind
what answer can be gift to that child if you tell the child it is a result of
your Karma’s the child says I never did anything this is from childhood I’m
blind if you say it was the will of God the
child becomes confused God is compassionate why is he doing such
things but this Karma’s are coming from innumerable lifetimes the Vedic
scriptures state there are three kinds of Karma’s son chip card product car and
cream on karma son shit curve is the stockpile of our Karma’s of innumerable
past lifetimes in the journey of the soul in this material realm we have
forgotten God remembers he keeps an account it is stored in the causal body
within us that is the sonship garm of past lifetimes when we are born God
takes one section of that sonship Karm and gives it to us this portion of your
Karma’s you will have to reap in this lifetime this has become your destiny
for this lifetime that destiny decided upon birth is called product hence each
soul is born with their own flower of the Karma as people say somebody is born
with the golden spoon in the mouth somebody is born in the poor slums this
time to illiteracy and drunk parents this is a difference of the proud of the
Karma’s and the third is cream on garlic cream on karma is the actions we perform
in the present out of our own free will so at any moment no matter what our
destiny given to us we still have a certain amount of freedom to decide and
act according to our free will so reactions in the present we perform from
our free will are called priam and Carl and the results that we get in
our life is a combination of our cream on our product the will of God and other
factors so our destiny our product is decided but the cream on is not decided
that is in our hands and that is why it is said while acting don’t bring destiny
to your mind if let us say a person falls sick the sickness could be for two
reasons it could be because of destiny it could be because of wrong actions or
wrong habits or wrong thought patterns now the person doesn’t know why I am
sick why did I get diabetes if the person assumes I have fallen sick
because of destiny that person will not endeavour to treat
the disease it’s possible if the disease was treated it could have been cured
so our Veda defines two kinds of diseases dosage and karma karma jar
diseases coming from your destiny it was decided you had to get it you have to
bear it when it’s finished you will get cured and there is dosage that is coming
from our own actions now those can be changed so the waiter said never been
lazy while acting don’t bring destiny to your mind but when the results come
remember the results are not in your hands there were so many other
factors responsible for results so we contended prayatna me subhan careful and
effort calm a son touched contented in results when we do this we
are never disturbed whatever happens to us