Why is it Difficult to Worship the Formless Aspect of God? | Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12 Part 14

God realization is not one
undifferentiated mass God is infinite his realization is of infinite varieties
but then how to explain these things so always the Italians the Scriptures they
simplify it compartmentalize it and give it to us understand ganyo bhakti-yoga
okay now I can my intellect in grasp so to simplify it one has realized the
formless and the other has realized the personal form so Shri Krishna says Arjun
they also reach me finally so if that is the case then which one should we choose leisure Ditka touristy Shakti Tata he
got there do come they have a fear of a beauty now Shri Krishna’s discouraging Archer
from going towards Yong Guk he didn’t say it’s wrong he didn’t say it will not
reach the goal he is simply telling Arjun it is difficult why is it
difficult worship of the formless the first reason we ourselves have a form we
are embodied Souls so we are habituated to forms we are not Yogi’s residing in
subtle bodies in some Siddha hush room in the Himalayas we are ordinary living
beings living in the Bay Area of San Francisco and we all have forms so we
have interacted with forms and we have been habituated to forms see the
children when they are crying the mother shows some chat token gonna look at this
the child gets engrossed haha stops crying so from childhood we have been
trained to be attached to attracted to diverted by forms those are the son
scars of our mind our human mind that’s the son scar now that’s our starting
point we have to accept self-awareness understanding of the self what are my
shortcomings and strengths if somebody doesn’t have self-awareness then that
person is not able to judge properly so what is our self-awareness we are all
habituated to forms for such a mind to be absorbed in the formless is against
its nature whereas for our mind to be attracted to
the farm is very natural that is why there are devotees of the formless but
knowingly unknowingly they all ultimately gravitate to the form or some
symbol or something but the foreign creeps in somehow or the other you all
may have heard that famous story this Swami Vivekanand he in his travels
around India he was in Allah and he was the guest of the Raja of Allah al where
is a state in Rajasthan so that Raja was member of the Arya Samaj very mentally
opposed to the personal form of God and he got into a very acrimonious
discussion with Swamiji refusing to accept that God can have a personal form
or we can worship God in the personal form and even more strongly condemning
the utilization of multis or deities in worship complete rejection but there on
the wall of his house was a picture of the founder of Arya Samaj Swami Diane
and Saraswathi so swami vivekanand walked up to the wall pull down the
picture placed it on the ground and stopped it with his feet the Raja of a
lure was indignant what is this how dare you do such an insulting thing so I mean
we make her and said what insulting thing did I do this is a piece of paper
piece of paper it’s the picture of my guru D ha so in that picture you have
kept divine sentiments you are not viewing it as paper you are
seeing in that picture the presence of your guru and that is why you are so
annoyed when I place my foot on it so you are also using symbols although you
are so strongly opposed to keeping deities so invariably the worshipers of
the formless also bring in the form somehow the other in the olden days the
gurus of this path they will not even give direction to the disciple they
would speak to the disciple from behind the curtain so the disciple should not
get attached to the form of the Guru so our mind naturally seeks forms so it
makes the process easier for one in this manner and there are other aspects to it