Why yoga is good for my Parkinson’s

Now, you’ll probably hear clicks and grinding going on And yes, it is my bones! It’s not until you think something’s being taken away from you that you fight for it and I knew that my body was starting to take away movement away from me It’s movement I’m fighting for I’m working on mobilizing the back but I’m bringing in the hamstrings in and I’m rolling the shoulders I think whether you have Parkinson’s or not flexibility is the fountain of youth Just being able to reach up and grab something from a high cupboard Or even reaching round to get the seat belt Just having flexibility I can’t express enough how much it’s saved my life! Have you ever been to a yoga class? Or is this all from YouTube? This is from YouTube! And this, honestly You just imagine that somebody is sort of pulling you And it’s just amazing! So I normally do that a few times Anybody who does yoga will see that I’m not doing anything tremendous But somebody who’s never done yoga will be thinking – oh my god I’ll never be able to do that But I was one of those people! I’m not incredible I’m just fighting for a cause And that cause is me I’m just trying to make the best version of me