Yoga Abs Workout – 10 Min Abs Workout – Yoga to Lose Belly Fat – At Home Workout

Come-to lying on your back in shavasana Begin to deepen your breath inhaling and exhaling through your nose Draw your attention to your abdominals here and flex your feet as if you were standing on an imaginary floor Keep your legs and feet engaged here and begin to activate your abdominal muscles keep deepening your breath Begin to think about your arms, and then reach them towards your feet as if you are standing upright energy in all of your limbs Although you’re lying down your body is active here Bring your arms behind your head and clasp your fingers together setting your head back down on the ground Take a deep inhale and on your exhale use your abdominal muscles to lift your shoulder blades and your head off the ground And then release it back down onto the floor Inhale at exhale releasing up bringing your shoulder blades in your head up off the floor and place them F down Inhale and exhale coming up with your head and your shoulders And one last time inhale and Exhale coming up old per few seconds and release back down onto the ground Come to your forearms here leaving your arms behind you and bring your shins up to parallel pointing your feet Alternate bending one knee into your chest and straightening the other leg out of wringing above the ground a few inches Just continue to keep those abdominal muscles activated and Alternate bending and straightening your legs never placing them on the ground Just hovering that straightened leg a few inches off the mat Continue to alternating about nine or ten more times keep breathing and keep those abdominal muscles engaged Once those are complete come to hugging your knees into your chest for a moment And then bring your shins back up to parallel and reach our arms forward Just fold in a modified boat pose and then begin touching your toes down alternating right and left Keeping that v-shape with your upper body and your upper thighs and just moving your shins Tapping your toes down right and left Keep reaching, those arms forward as well and keep your spine as straight as possible Now just hold in modified boat phones for a few deep breaths And then come to a cross-legged position and fold your torso over your legs relax for a brief moment Come up with your torso and come back into modified boat pose just repeating the entire cycle – a hands and knees position Bringing your knees hips distance apart, and your hands are shoulders distance apart Raise your left leg up behind you keeping your foot flexed and then raise your right arm up reaching it forward Your body is in one straight line from your head all the way to your heel You’re reaching forward with your hand as you’re reaching back with your left heel Cut to set your knee and your hand back on the floor and switch sides Lifting your right leg up behind you and reaching your left arm forward Still keeping your body in one straight line staying balanced Activating those abdominal muscles as you reach from your hand forward to your heel reaching backwards Set your knee and your hand down touch your toes together and sit your hips back on your heels Relaxing over your top thighs in an extended Child’s Pose Lift your hips up and tuck your toes coming into a downward facing dog Hold here for a few full breaths, and then come to a three-legged dog raising your right leg up behind you Take your right knee and bend it in towards your right elbow and just hold there engaging your abdominal muscles Lifting back up into three-legged dog now bring your right knee to your left elbow engaging your obliques and Then raising it back up into a three-legged dog Alternate fuels from right to left with that right knee in between coming through three-legged dog Once you’ve alternated about four times come back to three legged dog and then come back into a regular downward facing dog and Get ready to come into the other side raising your left leg up into a three-legged dog Bring your left knee to your left elbow and hold here for a few full breaths Once again coming in between two three legged dog before you bring your left knee to your right elbow Complete this motion for about three or four times I’m back to a downward-facing dog and get ready to come into a plank Just hold here for a few full breaths Maybe about thirty seconds and then release back up into a downward facing dog You should definitely not only feel your abdominals working, but also your arms Bring your hips back down into a plank pose Hold here for a full breath in through your nose and out through your nose Release your left leg up keeping your toe pointed down and your heel pointed up towards the ceiling Keep holding and then set it down onto the floor switching sides lift your right leg up and Hold here toe down heel up, and then set it back down onto the floor Come into a downward facing dog bring your knees down onto the floor touch our toes set your hips back and Bring your arms by your sides into Child’s Pose Relax here for a moment coming back to your breath And once you’re ready off to lie on your back You could use a yoga block or anything solid Then it’ll add a little bit of weight to your feet place them on your feet as they’re flexed and then straighten your legs Reaching the block up towards the ceiling Begin pulsing your legs up and down keeping them straight keep your feet flexed So you don’t drop the block and press that block up and down and to the ceiling and release Just activating your abdominal muscles Just keep pulsing just slight pulsing movements just Keep going for a few more rounds you should start to feel your lower abdominals working And then once you’re done take that block off of your feet slowly carefully And place it in between your upper thighs Once again straighten your legs keeping your feet flexed inhale and lower your legs slow link down towards the ground keeping your upper body on the floor and Then slowly raise them back up Bring your legs as low down as they can go without making your back overly arch And then slowly raise them back up Complete this motion for about five or six times in total Once you’re done remove the block and hug your knees into your chest Grabbing your shins with your hands and just beginning to relax your abdominal muscles You can slowly rock your legs from side to side here if you’d like If this is the end of your workout for today come into a shavasana Relaxing your legs and arms out palms up towards the ceiling close your eyes and begin to deepen your breath bringing your awareness to your breath and Stay here for as long as you’d like. Thanks so much for joining me today. Hope to see you here again soon namaste