Yoga Benefits For Women – Yoga Health Benefits – Top 10 Yoga Benefits

Yoga Benefits For Women – Yoga Health Benefits – Top 10 Yoga Benefits presents how to get
benefits for women in this video I will cover: 1 How I started yoga. 2. Brief history of
yoga. 3. Top 10 you get benefits for women. 4. Excerpts of presentation on
yoga (done by Dr. Natalie Nevins, Downey California) 5. My inspiration for your
better life every morning while my kids are waiting for their PBS cartoons to
start we always catch the tail end of yoga show the instructor has a calm
voice soft music place in Thurs usually a relaxing setting on display like a
beach with gently rolling waves years ago when I was thinking I need to try
yoga I have always heard it’s good for you but then I never do eventually I started doing it and now
it’s been many years ever since I started yoga can be beneficial to anyone
but I found out it is especially good for women it was originally developed an ancient
India and has been gaining popularity and the United States since the 1960’s
yo get is a Sanskrit word and the meaning as union it combines physical
postures deep breathing techniques meditation and relaxation all right let’s discuss a few profound
you get benefits for women 1 increased strength and flexibility
learning the proper way to do yoga poses strengthens your bones and muscles and
increases your flexibility and coordination which all may help protect
you from injury it’s been shown that women who practice
yoga regularly have a lower body mass index and are better able to maintain
their weight than those that do not to increased self-confidence yoga poses
often require small movements to get your body into alignment being aware of
your body may help improve posture and self-confidence three protect skin and a preschool Oh I
thought he conducted by Cornell University shows that if you are under
stress your skin takes longer to repair itself this means those acne breakouts
and other blemishes will take longer to go away since Yoga teaches stress relief
and relaxation it may help keep your skin glowing and looking its best for
relax your mind yoga makes you concentrate very intently on the
movements your body makes this in turn helps calm your mind meditation
techniques learned through yoga such as birth control and disengaging your mind
may help you stay calm and generally intense situations such as childbirth
and anxiety attack or insomnia 5 stress reduction practicing breathing
techniques and meditation through yoga may help you reduce stress by coming
your mind it also may lower your blood pressure thus reducing the production of
the stress hormone decreasing stress can have an amazingly
positive impact on your quality of life 6 flexibility it will not happen
overnight but if you stick with practicing yoga you will gain
flexibility and greater range of motion to notoriously tight muscle areas such
as your hamstrings back shoulders and hips the natural aging process decreases
mobility and flexibility yoga may help alleviate this 7 better breathing most people take
shallow breath and do not bother to focus our pay attention to how they
breath yoga techniques called pranayama also known as breathing exercise helps
focus your attention on your breathing and teaches you to take deep breaths
that may benefit the whole body deep breathing has been shown to increase
blood flow released toxins from the body and help you sleep better 8 pain management yoga may be beneficial
if you suffer from back pain arthritis carpal tunnel syndrome or any other
chronic pain condition dr. Natalie Nevins is an expert osteopathic
physician and she gave lectures at many healthcare conferences her recent
presentation yoga healthy practices a practical approach to the chronic pain
patients and Happy Feet and osteopathic approach to foot problems which clearly
states how yoga can be beneficial and chronic pain condition dr. Natalie
Nevins downey california is a board certified in family medicine osteopathic manipulative medicine she is
also medical director Adam Delphia Wellness Center Hollywood California nine deep breathing deep breathing is
sometimes called the natural pain relief various yoga pose this target muscles
that may need to be stretched to reduce the source of the pain increased muscle
flexibility may also prevent future injury 10 better sleep according to a
study in the medical science monitor patients that practiced yoga and
meditation during the day slept better at night dr. Natalie never
called yoga a great way to get in tune with your body and your inner self personally I have also helped many women
to get benefits of yoga into their lifestyle hope the experience which I
shared with you it will inspire you and you will take the first step to make
yoga as a part of your lifestyle and live better why not give it a try and
see what it can do for you to know more about the you get benefits for women
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