– We’re getting pumped up
for the yoga challenge! Hoo! (energetic music) Hey guys, we got challenged in
the couples’ yoga challenge. – I’m nervous.
– Me too. – I’m scared.
– I’m a little bit nervous. – I used to be in shape. – I think, in my brain,
I think I’m flexible. Like, I see a picture and I’m like, “Oh, I can totally do that!” We were challenged by
Diana and Kyle vlogs. They’re new family vloggers
and they’re awesome. – Yeah. – We’ve really enjoyed some
of their vlogs, they’re fun. They also tagged Sam and Nia, so be watching for Sam and Nia’s video– – We’re excited to see it. – ‘Cause you know that
we’re watching for it. – (upbeat music) – So for these, we picked the ones where either I have to stick my butt in the air, or I put my face into the ground. (Kendra laughs) ‘Cause those are my skillset. (Kendra laughs)
And then we let Kendra do… Her thing. (Kendra laughs) Butt in the air. I got it! – Your head has to go down. (Jeremy grunts) Straighter. (Jeremy grunts) Straighter leg. – I don’t do straight, I told you! – Honey, wait… Okay. – My butt is in the air. – Okay, I’m, maybe I
shouldn’t be here, babe. – Don’t fall. You got it? – Ready? – [Kendra and Jeremy] Yoga! – You nailed it! Good job! Yes!
(hands slapping) – All right. At least, we think I nailed it. When we’re actually watching the footage, it’ll be like, “Uh…” – I think that’s what makes these– – It’s like my cartwheel. Every time I do a cartwheel–
– Wait, show ’em a cartwheel. Show ’em a cartwheel.
– Okay. – Yeah, Kendra’s a master cartwheeler. – Unfortunately, this is not a joke. – (laughs) Wait, let
me get the music going. Oompah, loompah–
– No! (laughs) – Doopity doo.
– No no no no! (laughs) (Kendra squeals)
– I’ve got (laughs)– That was way better than normal. – That’s my best cartwheel ever! – What?
– Lemme try again! – You just killed my Oompah Loompah song! Now you’re all warmed up. (Kendra squeals) – That was almost a cartwheel! – I’ve never done a
cartwheel before in my life! – Just a little, yeah, there you go! Now I just put my entire
weight on your chest. – Okay, do it. (laughs) – Okay, now I do some sort of like… Squatting…
– Easy. (laughs) – I feel like I’m gonna crush you! – You won’t, I’m a machine.
(Kendra laughs) Get that whole body up there.
(both laughing) (Kendra squeals)
There. (both laughing) What was that? Let’s do the heart. – We’re pretty confident about this one. (Jeremy laughs) All right. – Be graceful. You’re a swan. Our feet should touch. ‘Kay, one, two, three. (Kendra squeals)
(Kendra laughs) Are you okay? Let’s try again. – Our feet actually touched. – Yeah, I think we made a heart. – ‘Kay, you have to put your arms back at the same time, too.
– ‘Kay. – And your head.
– ‘Kay. One…
– Did you remember your head? – I was trying. One, two, three. (Kendra squeals)
– Ouch! (both laugh) Ow! (hands slapping) – Um, could we do the other
kissing one that was cute? – You just wanna make out with me. – I’m going for that. – Ready?
– No, I’m scared! – You just gotta go for it. One… – You realize if I fall
I’m landing on your crotch. (both laugh) – Let’s not try this one. Okay. You ready? One, two, three. (Kendra screams)
(Jeremy laughs) (Kendra screams)
(Kendra laughs) (Jeremy laughs) I think we got it. – Yoga.
– Yoga! So I’m doing a headstand facing this way, you’re doing a headstand facing that way, and we connect our feet. – I wish we had a third party
here to connect our feet. – Yeah. – I don’t think I can do a headstand. – You can. – Wait, can you help me see
if I can do a headstand first? – Sure. Let me help you. (Kendra screams) – Don’t let go! Don’t let go! There’s no way we can do this one. Let me go! Ow ow ow! (Jeremy laughs) I’m scaredy cat. I don’t think we’ve,
even if we can do that. (Jeremy laughs) (Kendra screams)
(both laugh) Did I just–
– Wait, wait, and look. – [Kendra and Jeremy] Yoga! (laugh) – Right here. – Okay, babe, can you put
your head forward a little? Okay. – You all right? (laughs)
(Kendra screams) (both laugh) – [Kendra and Jeremy] Yoga! – Nailed it!
(Kendra groans) – Okay. All right. – Did you get your feet out like that? – I tried, hon. I tried.
– Awesome. – I bet we just, looked just like that. – Maybe if I took my shirt
off, we would do better. (laughs) Just kidding. – I didn’t expect it to be hard. I think, in my brain, I’m still like an
18-year-old body that can– – You’ve had four babies.
– Contort itself. That’s a good point. What’s your excuse? – I’ve had four babies. (both laugh) – Anyhoo, we challenge High Noon, our fellow Kansas Cityian vlogger. – We love her vlogs!
– She is hilarious. – She just started daily
vlogging more lately. – She’s hilarious. – Yeah.
– You gotta check her out. – Yep. – And who else are we challenging? – Game for a Blog.
– Yes. – They’re a cute couple
who just got engaged, and they have some great vlogs as well. – They have hilarious vlogs. All right. J House out. (energetic music) (calm music)