Yoga Energy Exercises : Yoga Energy: Standing Forward Fold

Now taking it from our straight legged position
here, coming out of warrior 2, we’re going to place our hands down onto the floor and
swing that left foot forward to meet the right. This is uttanasana or standing forward fold.
Inhale, reach the chest away from the thighs, finding that length, and exhale, energizing
the muscles of the legs, and of the core as you fold in, top of the head resting towards
the toes Good. Firmly placing all four corners of the feet into the mat, and making sure
your weight is slightly forward on the front of the heel. Take another deep breath in as
you lengthen the spine forward, good, and then on your exhale, go ahead and bend the
knees as you sit down into a chair pose, or utkatasana. Swinging the arms up overhead,
inhale, hold here. As we find a push down into the floor, and we work mindfully with
the breath, we start to again, increase the energy flow in the body. With every inhale,
let the heart come forward and up, and exhale, a slight deeper squat as the knees bend a
little more. Good. Inhale, extend and lengthen. Beautiful. Exhale, fold back into uttanasana.
Again, the weight coming to the front of the heel, and the chest resting on the thighs.
Beautiful. Take a nice deep breath in here, exhale, finishing the fold. Wonderful, great