Yoga & Fitness Intro

hello friends.. namaste ! Welcome to ‘Yoga & Fitness’ I am Shinoj Kalarikkal from India, presently, based in Dubai, I have completed my Yoga Courses
from India, about 10 years back. Since then, am practicing and teaching Yoga in many different
places. When I was a beginner, I used to search many
websites and social media platforms to get more knowledge about Yoga. But the results were not satisfying me. Though, the situation has improved now, I
still believe that there are very few places where u can go and get good on knowledge yoga,
so I decided to start our online yoga sessions, especially for those who want to have good
knowledge about yoga and practice the same. these sessions will also help people who are
unable to go and attend regular classes. My plan is to teach Yoga, lesson by lesson
on a weekly basis so that every one can follow and practice it. Beside me, there will also be a group of other
instructors from different parts of the world, giving weekly yoga lessons. Hope all will enjoy and practice our lessons
easily. please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Thank you