Yoga Flow For Flexibility | Full Body Stretch | 19 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we’re gonna do a full body flow for flexibility so
find a little bit of space to move let’s get started and just remember to
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already all right let’s start in a nice comfy
seat whatever that looks like for you and then you cannot let your eyes close
whenever feels right and just place your hands either in your lap or on your
knees and let your chin fall down towards your collarbone
let the head be nice and heavy and then I want you to bring your shoulders up to
your ears and roll them back and down and then keep your shoulders down from
those ears letting your head roll over to the right side finding some length
through the side of the neck and then bring the chin back down roll
it on over to the left side and then then bring that chin all the way back
down holding it here for a moment I want you to set up just a little bit taller
if you can nice long spine and then let your head roll over to the right side
again then gently bring it back and over to the left nice you guys let the chin
come all the way back down towards the collar bone use an inhale lift the chin
back up exhale I’ll see you guys let’s move on to our hands and knees you can
open up your eyes if you haven’t already finding your table top position
extending that right leg out behind you pushing the ball of the foot into the
mat finding some length through that calf through the entire leg breathe push
that heel in or back take another inhale and exhale bring that knee back in and
extend the left leg inhale extend push the ball of the foot into the mats
and the heel towards the back of the room stay for an inhale and exhale bring
that knee in we’re going to tuck our toes under and lift all the way up into
downward facing dog just a few breath here feel free to walk
your dog or you even find stillness whatever feels good right now
but just come back to your breath you haven’t really given it much
attention today let’s give it a little bit of love a little bit of attention
because it definitely deserve that so take a nice big inhale and exhale inhale
again and exhale one more inhale and exhale awesome you guys use an inhale
look between your hands exhale walk or step your feet to the top of your mat as
you inhale lift your upper body half way up and exhale plant your hands we’re
going to step our left foot back about halfway so not super far just a couple
feet or so push your heel down into the mat inhale lift the upper body lengthen
that front leg your hands can find your shin inhale again and exhale let’s fold
nice you guys inhale lifting halfway up again keep that front leg and that back
leg straight exhale fold bring your hands to the floor you can bend that
front knee now and bring that left foot back in next to that right one inhale
lift halfway up and exhale plant the hands take a right foot step it just a
few feet back straightening both of the legs if I lost and confused you on the
other side let’s try it again so both legs are straight inhale some core
strength lift upper body both legs straight exhale fold one more inhale
halfway lift and exhale drop the hands down bring your back foot up inhale
halfway exhale fold plant the hands step back into downward
facing dog take a big inhale and exhale drop your knees to the mat walk your
hands really far away from you and then start to lower the chest puppy dog for
just a moment either lowering your floor head or your chest all the way down nice
you guys with an inhale we’re coming right back up just a little extra
shoulder love but walk your hands back in
tuck the toes lift on up downward dog walking your feet together inhale your
right foot nice and high exhale let’s send that right foot through all right
we’re just gonna kind of turn walk your hands to the left I don’t you know drop
your back heel and then even turn your right toes facing that left side as well
so we’re gonna bend into that right knee a lot like a lot a lot like you want to
sit on your heel and have your hands on the floor the left leg is still straight
but I want you to lift the toes up almost like you’re flexing that foot
creating some length through that leg nice you guys so just kind of think
about bringing the heel towards the mat stretching through that foot through
that calve as well as that leg if you really want to go for it you could work
on your balance as well by bringing your hands off of the floor but just an
option nice work you guys alright hands to him come back to the
floor we’re gonna turn ourselves back to face the front so just kind of pivot
scooch that front foot so the toes are pointing forward you can turn on that
back foot as well let’s bend the front knee and lower the back knee down now
we’re in a lunge how confusing of a transition maybe it wasn’t that bad
maybe you fotolog but sink into that front knee into those hips we ran out of
twists so that left hand is gonna find the floor and then you’re gonna reach up
with the right hand nice you guys take another inhale and exhale bring that
right hand down taking inhales you look forward and exhale bring your back foot
to the top of your mat inhale let’s lift halfway up exhale plant the hands step
back into your downward facing dog stay fern inhale exhale let’s bring the
knees to the mat another puppy dog arms our hands are reaching really far in
front dropping the chest dropping the forehead
drop those elbows those forearms and just relax nice you guys use an inhale lift
yourself back up walk your hands in tuck the toes under downward dog feet are
gonna come together inhale the left foot up exhale let’s send it through all
right we’re gonna start to turn and pivot I’m no longer facing you guys so I
hope I don’t lose you so turn your feet your toes to point to the right side
this time and then we’re gonna bend a lot a lot into that left knee so pick up
that right foot so just the heel is on the mat you can move it a little bit to
find that sweet spot where you feel nice and balanced
lengthen lengthen that right leg and then think about dropping that heel
towards the mat some people can do it I’m not one of those people and if you
wanted to work on your balance maybe bringing the hands off of the floor nice
you guys this one’s tricky nice balance challenge so let’s bring our hands back
to the floor we’re just again again turn ourselves to pivot to face the front
lower your knee all the way down sink into that front knee and then you can
lift up the chest moving into that twist right hand to the floor and then
reaching up with the left awesome you guys stay for an inhale and exhale
bringing that left hand down this is an inhale to look forward and exhale that
back foot to the top of your mat inhale halfway exhale fold planting the hands
step all the way back into your downward facing dog awesome you guys one more
inhale and exhale let’s bring our knees all the
way onto the mat we’re gonna sit on our heels or you could sit cross-legged
we’re gonna sit for a bit though so find out the comfy seat our hands are gonna
come to the lap or two of the knees and we’re just gonna kind of round the upper
back so try and pull the shoulders forwards pull the shoulder blades away
from each other really round the upper back and drop the chin to the collarbone
we’re gonna stay for an inhale and an exhale and then use an inhale again just
open up pull the shoulders back open the chest lift the chin nice you guys is you
inhale round the back again breathe you can even get your hands involved if you
want to push your palms to the front of the room or keep them on your knees and
then inhale open up the chest again pull the shoulders back lift the chin stay
for an inhale exhale let’s round one more time awesome you guys coming back
just sit nice and tall bring your hands to your lap or to your knees close your
eyes find your breath we’re gonna add a twist if you need to switch to
cross-legged you can you’re good sitting on the knees stay stay for an inhale
lengthen sit tall and as you exhale turn the upper body to face the right side a
nice gentle twist awesome you guys use an inhale turn to face the front and
exhale to the left awesome you guys use an inhale turning
yourself to face the front again one more breath here
inhale and exhale awesome work bringing your hands to the
floor let’s cross the ankles and have a seat so we’re gonna lay it all the way
down actually bringing your feet to the mat pressing your arms either at your
sides or on your tummy it’s taken inhale then an exhale awesome you guys okay
we’re gonna do Eagle pose laying down so a little different we’re gonna start
with the arms so you reach your arms up cross the
right arm over top you can hang on to your shoulders or you can bring the
palms together but do those Eagle arms and if your elbows are kind of falling
towards your chest try to lift them up stack them right
over top of the shoulders and then we’re gonna add the legs so cross your right
leg over top of the left leg you can keep your feet on the mat or you can
lift them up up to you but you might have to work a little bit if you lift
the feet into the air breathe getting into those shoulders
here and even to those legs take another inhale and exhale bring your feet down
unwind your arms whew I really felt that one in my arms unwind your legs two feet
to the floor we’re gonna switch sides so arms can reach up left arms gonna come
over top again you can always just grab onto the shoulders or the palms can find
each other and then lift those elbows like you’re trying to stack them over
top of the shoulders so your top arm might be touching your lips your mouth
and then bring that left leg over top squeeze those legs together you can keep
the feet planted or you can lift all the way up nice you
guys Eagle pose reclined laying down awesome Ricky got stay for an inhale and
then exhale whoo unwind arms unwind the legs bring your feet back down onto the
mat feet about hip width apart our hands are gonna come beside the hips use an
inhale lift those hips up for bridge pose push into the feet awesome you guys
we’re gonna stay up here with the hips lifted but if you’d like to lift the
heels off of that as high as they want to go you can walk the shoulders in to
settle into your fullest expression of bridge pose but lift the heels push the
balls of the feet into the mat nice you guys stay for an inhale and then exhale
slowly bring the hips all the way down and then you can drop the heels down as
well Rock the hip side to side just a little
bit just a little bit we’re gonna come back up one more time so using inhale
let’s pick the hips up pick those hips up walk those shoulders in and then
maybe lift the heels as well think about trying to find a stretch through the top
of the feet as you lift the heels awesome you guys stay for an inhale and
exhale lower the hips keep the heels up and once those hips touch then you can
lower the heels nice you guys are a so pull the knees into the chest you can do
a little rock from side to side if you’d like we’re gonna try something different
again to here so hang on to the back of your legs
and think about bringing your feet up towards the ceiling so I want you to
think about bringing your legs towards your chest like you’re in a forward fold
but if you were sitting down and dropping your upper body towards the
legs we’re gonna try to reverse that and drop the legs towards the upper body so
you can hang on to the back of your legs you can start to slide your hands up the
back of your legs so your hips are gonna have to lift off the mat a little bit
here you can have your knees bent whatever
feels good but think about bringing the knees towards the chest give yourself a
nice big hug maybe even wrap your arms completely completely around the back of
your thighs so the knees can be bent or the legs could be straight maybe you can
keep sliding your hands up to the back of your calves but we’re not trying to
go all the way into plow so the hips aren’t super super high the neck isn’t
really getting a stretch it might be getting a little bit of a stretch but
it’s more about those legs and even the back upper back the lower back the whole
back nice you guys so a little weird a little different just take a second I
want you to stay a little longer figure out what you’re doing here it is a
little weird so give those knees a nice big hug try to bring the knees towards
the chest don’t worry about the feet the feet will follow one day maybe
mm-hm and then you can just slide the hands down the leg if it feels right or
just keep them right behind the thighs nice you guys slowly let’s let that go
who let the knees come out wide hang on to your shins or your ankles or maybe
even your feet and just let the knees come out wide making that diamond shape
but the feet are lifted again getting weird today trying some new things
awesome you guys stay here or come all the way into happy baby
let those feet come out wide knees are coming to the floor beside you hmm
nice job you guys slowly let go of the feet I let them come all the way to the
floor just start to extend your legs out nice and long on your mats
clasp your hands together behind the head and pull your chin towards the
collar bone lengthening through the back of the neck staying for an inhale and then exhale
it’s gonna bring that head all the way down and you can rest your arms by your
sides move your feet out a little bit wider
take one last nice big inhale and exhale awesome where today you guys please stay
in shavasana as long as you would like but until next time have a great day and