Yoga For a Rainy Day – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone, welcome
to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene,
and you requested it, a little rainy day yoga for ya. So whether it’s
sunny or rainy outside, if you’re just looking
for some cozy, comfy, feel good yoga, this is
the practice for you. So, hop into something
extra comfy today, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, so we’re going to begin in a nice, comfortable seat. Go ahead and lift the
hips up on a blanket or a block, or a couple
of towels if you need to, and a great way to gauge
that is if you feel like you are not able to lift
your chest or garner any length in the spine,
if you feel like you’re here, it might be a good
idea to lift the hips so that you can find
a lift and a grounding in the lower body. So we’ll come into a
nice, comfortable seat, and we’re actually gonna
start with a big hug, which sounds kinda cheesy, but it’s perfect
for a rainy day, whether it’s rainy on the
inside or rainy on the outside. Just take a second to wrap
the arms around your bod and take a deep breath in. And relax the shoulders
as you breathe out. Maybe close your eyes
for this next breath, taking a big inhale in
through the nose. And out through the
nose or the mouth. Just giving yourself
a nice, big hug. And then release. Put the opposite arm on
top and same thing, inhale, lifting up through the
chest and exhaling, grounding through the shoulders. And inhale, lots of love
in as you give yourself a big ole bear hug. And exhale, release. Awesome, so now we’re
gonna take the left heel in and the right leg out long. Again, it’s nice to
sit up tall here, so if you need to lift
the hips on something, take a moment to pause
the video and get comfy. So we have the
right leg out long, the left heel drawing
into the center. Take the fingertips,
bring them to your temples. You’re just gonna give
yourself a little bit of a temple massage. And as you do this,
you can close your eyes or soften your gaze,
and just start to notice what’s going on
in the lower body. Grounding down through
the tops of the thighs as you, got so
relaxed there, already, as you lengthen up
through the crown, lift up through that
center plumb line. Sweet, now drop
your fingers to your jaw and begin to activate
through your right toes if you haven’t already. And as you give yourself a
nice jaw massage here, enjoy, and also, pay attention
to the lower body. So, can you ground down
to sit up a little bit taller? Cool, take a deep breath in. Relax through the jaw
as you breathe out. Sweet, and then we’ll
release the hands. Left hand or left fingertips
are gonna come to the earth and we’re gonna
reach the right hand, right fingertips all
the way up and over. Inhale, side body stretch here. Keep it nice and
soft and easy today. And exhale through center. Inhale, other side,
stretch, breathe. Exhale through center. Inhale, soft and sweet. Exhale brings you through,
and inhale, reach. Exhale brings you through. This time, inhale reach,
turn the right toes in and we’re gonna press
into that outer edge of the right foot as you
lift the hips up, big stretch to lift, and then exhale
to release, awesome. Turning towards
the right toes now. Take your time. We pull back through
the right hip crease. Prepare for head to knee pose, so you’re gonna just
kind of bring your hips to look past your right toes. Then inhale, reach up. Ground down through
the tops of the thighs, and exhale,
slowly coming forward, keeping the chest as
open as you can, bending that knee
as much as you need to. Find what feels good here. Nice, long deep breath, stretching through
the back body. Maybe in time we get a little
bit closer, head to knee, but you can just
be right here, breathin’, maybe finding a gentle sway. Wherever you’re at, close
your eyes or soften your gaze for one more breath cycle. In, and out. And we’ll ground
down through the body, down to the earth, and
slowly rise up, nice and slow. Pause, inhale in. And exhale, release. Beautiful. Right heel is gonna come in. Left leg’s gonna go out. Take your time. I really invite you to just
enjoy, relish in this floor time, just remember
when you were a kid and you used to just roll
around on a rainy day and just kind of go
with the flow, and play, use your imagination. Use this time for that. Take this time for you. So right heel comes in
and left heel goes out. And we get centered
back on our mat, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. So we’re not quite facing
those left toes yet, facing the center,
and just sit up nice and tall and notice how
this side’s different. And then take the fingertips
to the temples once again, and start to breathe and relax. So finding that
active lower body, but in a nice and
fun, lovely way, so you don’t have
to force or ground. And then drop the
fingertips to the jaw. Soften through your jaw. If you’re not givin’
yourself a jaw massage on the regular (laughs), you’re missin’ out. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Cool, and release. Right hand or right
fingertips to the earth, and left fingertips
reach up and over. Side body stretch. Again, no need to
be rigid or force it, just soft and easy today. Inhale, exhale through center. Inhale, side body
stretch to the left. Exhale through center. Inhale to the right. Exhale through center. And inhale to the left. Exhale through center,
awesome, yummy. Inhale to the right, this
time turn the left toes in, anchor through the outer edge. It’s like a Warrior Two
back foot here. As we inhale, open up. Lift the hips,
stretch, and exhale, drawing the navel in to release. (exhaling breath) Great, turning towards
the left toes. So the more you repeat
that little sequence, the more fun it becomes,
kind of smoothing it out. We pull the
left hip crease back, active through the toes here. Inhale, reach for the sky. And exhale, forward fold. So take your time here. Maybe a little massage. Maybe you smell your armpits. Maybe you close your eyes. And give the
thinking mind a break. (breathing) Wherever you are,
take a deep breath in. Long breath out. And then nice and slow,
rooting down through the sitting bones, through the
buttocks, to roll up. And take a second here
to inhale, fill up with air. And then exhale, let it all go. Beautiful, we’re gonna
come to all fours. Take your time, imagine
you’re moving through jello or through water, soft and easy. Come to a tabletop position,
spread the palms super wide, and then when you’re ready,
inhale, drop the belly. Open the chest. Maybe looking up
or closing the eyes, sending awareness through
that third eye point. On an exhale, rounding through. Navel draws down, chin to chest, nice and slow today. And inhale, drop the
belly, open the heart. Exhale, rounding through. Let’s do one more,
inhale, open the chest, stretching through the belly. And exhale, rounding through. Fabulous,
walk the knees together. Keep the toes pointed,
so the tops of the feet press into the earth,
and nice and slow, we’ll send the hips back,
but really reach the fingertips forward. Reach, reach,
reach, reach, reach. Claw the fingertips
into the ground. Then tops of the
shoulders are gonna rotate away from the ears,
so the elbow creases are shining up towards the sky. Take a deep breath in. And then exhale,
chin to chest, Child’s Pose. Close your eyes here. You might gently rock the
forehead a little side to side. I invite you to deepen
your breath here. Again, give your
thinking mind permission to just soften and let go for
the next few more minutes. (sighing breath) Awesome, then pressing
into the fingerprints, we’ll come back up to all fours. We’re gonna lift the right
toes up towards the sky. Inhale, open the chest,
smile, and draw the shoulders away from the ears. And then exhale,
stepping it all the way up into a nice, low lunge. Walk that left knee
back if it feels good. Come on to the fingertips. Open up through the chest. Soft in the neck. Soft in the jaw. Inhale in. Exhale, slowly walking
the right foot over towards the left
side, One-legged Pigeon, nice and slow. We get settled in here. Gonna be here
for a couple breaths. Press into the top
of that back foot. Inhale, open the chest. Lift your heart,
long puppy belly here. And then exhale, bowing forward. Can take any
variation you like here, you can even go
for the quad stretch by bending your knee. Wherever you are, invite
nice, long, loving breaths in and out through the nose. Maybe closing the eyes
once you feel comfortable. Keeping an awareness in the
shoulders here big time. And then maybe you find
soft, gentle swaying motion in the hips or maybe even
come up onto the fingertips to find that in the
head and the neck. If you’re in another variation, go ahead and come
back to center now, and then we’ll
press into the palms. Alright, let’s take one
big cleansing breath here. As you press into your
feet, lift your heart, inhale in deeply. And with your exhale, release. Wash all your cares away. Forget your troubles. Press into the palms
slowly as if you’re moving through water here guys,
nice and slow. Bring the knees back together. And have a little fun
wagging the tail one way and then the other. (laughing) Just waggin’ your tail. And then putting it on YouTube. Okay, here we go. Second side, press into
the top of the right foot. Lift the left toes
all the way up. Tops of the shoulders
draw away from the ears as you find length
through the front body. Inhale, and then exhale,
drawing that left knee all the way up into
your nice low lunge. Gently walk the right knee
back if it feels good. Front knee over front ankle. And you find a little lift. Breathing. Let go of any tension
in the face, in the jaw. And then slowly walking
the left foot over. Take your time here
coming into your Pigeon, noticing the
sensations on this side. Taking a moment to really
root through that back foot. And again, yogi’s choice
here, any variation, just you gotta bring the nice,
loving, cleansing breaths. Trust yourself. Go the distance. And then we find a place
where you can really dwell for a couple breaths. (breathing) And then if you’re
in the quad stretch, slowly come back to center. If you’re in a sleeping,
One-legged Pigeon, slowly rise up. Take your time. Big cleansing breath here. Inhale in deeply
as you lift your heart. And then exhale, let it go. This time, coming on to the
outer edge of that left hip. Swinging the right foot around, bringing the soles of the feet
together for Cobbler’s Pose. Take your time here,
nice and slow. Take the thumbs to
the arches of the feet. Give yourself a
little massage here. Bonus, bonus practice. And then just like we
did at the top of class, top of class (laughs), sure, when you were
massaging your temples, see if you can ground down
through the tops of the thighs a bit here, finding that
opposition of grounding as you lift up through
the center line, the plumb line, the spine. And take one more deep breath
here as you lift the chest even more and ground
the shoulders down. And then exhale, bending
the elbows left to right. We come to fold nice and slow. Close your eyes. Send awareness, love,
breath to the lower back. And then inhale,
find length in the neck. And exhale, release. Tuck the chin into the
chest and slowly roll it up. Grab the shins or the ankles. Inhale, squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears. Inhale, smile. Life is good. And then exhale, let it all go. Fabulous. We’re gonna come
to our backs now. Fabulous work everyone. Take your time. Again, moving through water,
having some fun today. And when you arrive,
snuggle the shoulder blades underneath your heart space, and walk the heels up
towards the fingertips. Toes pointing forward. Press the palms into the earth or you can even grab the outer
edge of your yoga mat here. And inhale, press into the feet. Lift the hips,
tailbone lifts up. We squeeze the thighs together. You can imagine a block there, so just don’t let
them splay out. Knees stay stacked over the
ankles though as we lift up. Nice massage in the spine here. You might open
the palms at the top and then exhale, release. Close your eyes. You know what you’re doing here. See if you can really
articulate through the spine. So once you feel
comfortable, close your eyes. We’re gonna do two more. Inhaling to lift up. Really slowing it down
as you lift the chest to the chin, and then lift
the chin towards the sky. Find length. Oh yeah. And then release. And then soft and easy,
one more time. See if you can take
out all the hard edges, whatever that means to you. Just soft and smooth, inhale
lifts you up nice and slow. Chest to chin,
chin towards the sky. And exhale,
releasing it down, fabulous. Texas T, here we come,
palms face down, send the
fingertips left to right. Connect to
your center, your core. As you press off
the toes to lift up, tailbone scoops
up towards the sky. And we find our reclined twist, sending the knees,
the weight of the legs over towards the left,
as we maybe turn to gaze past the right fingertips. Maybe left hand comes to the
outer edge of the right thigh, just guiding it a little
deeper into the stretch. You can also choose to
extend that top leg. Alright, you gotta
bring the breath, nice loving, cleansing breath. You might close your eyes and
hear the sounds around you, become aware of the
quality of air in the room. Relax your shoulders. Take one more breath in. And then use your exhale
to move from your center all the way back through,
knees wide as you come through center, and then take
it on over to the other side. Feel the support of the
earth as you breathe deep. Again, you can close your eyes
when you feel comfortable. Notice where you might
be holding or gripping and see if you can just
soften a little bit. So we’re playing with
this idea of continuing with the action or keeping
up with the active body whilst not being rigid or
gripping or holding or pushing. Right, drop the struggle. Amen. And take one
more deep breath in. And exhale, come back to center. Knees wide. Closing off with none other
than the Happy Baby today or Stirrup Posture, so we’re
gonna start with Stirrup by bringing the hands to
the arches of the feet, and then kicking the feet up. If the hips are a little bit
too tight for you to do this, you can do one leg at a time. This fabulous variation. If you are playing
with this posture, see if you can
lengthen the tailbone towards the
front edge of the mat. It’s gonna be really
therapeutic for the lower back and the pelvis and the hips, and then try to kick your
feet into your hands, and then draw your elbows,
your shoulders down. Inhale in. Exhale, release. And then maybe
we come into Happy Baby, outer edges of the feet, but you can also
stay at the inner arches. Everyone lengthen
tailbone towards the front. Find any movement
that feels good here. Again, the image of us just
kind of playing inside, finding what feels
good on a rainy day. Gettin’ cozy. Take a couple
more cleansing breaths. Pop your toes if you
need to, lick your lips, rotate the ankles,
whatever feels awesome. (sighing breath) And then when
you’re ready, release. We started with a big hug,
we’re gonna end with a big hug, so hug the knees into the chest. You can peel the nose
up towards the knees if it feels good. Squeeze, hug, love. And then release everything. Come to lie in the Corpse Pose. Relax your feet,
relax your hands. Take a deep breath in. And on your next exhale,
allow the weight of the body, the muscles and the bones to
relax completely and fully. Hmmmmm. Close your eyes. Take a moment to just again, listen to the sounds around you. Feel supported by
this playful practice. And be proud that you took
some time for yourself. We have so many
things at our fingertips on a rainy day. Netflix. Cell phones. It’s nice to also remember
to make a cup of tea, maybe have a yoga practice,
read a book, write a letter, find what feels good. Rest, as my friend says,
“Dream, drool, relax.” Let us know how
you’re spending your day outside of this amazing
yoga practice down below, and I’ll see ya next time. Thanks for sharing
your time with me. Namaste. (upbeat music)