Yoga For Beginners | A Forward Fold Pose Tutorial and Its Health Benefits

Take both arms and reach up to the sky.
Stretch and lengthen your spine. Exhale. As you bend forward at the hips,
lengthening the front of your torso, ground the palms of your hands to the
floor and feel the stretch of your hamstrings.
If your fingertips can only touch the ground, that’s alright.
You’re doing great! Bring your weight to the balls of your feet. Keep your hips
aligned over your ankles. Slightly lift and lengthen your torso with each
inhalation. Release deeper into the pose. With each exhalation, let your head hang.
Dropping your head below your heart calms your brain. This helps to relieve
stress, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, mild depression and insomnia. This pose also
deeply stretches and lengthens your hamstrings and calves. It opens the hips
and can release tension in the neck and shoulders. Practicing this pose
stimulates the liver and kidneys while improving digestion. It is also known to
be therapeutic for stress, asthma, sinusitis,
high blood pressure, infertility and osteoporosis.
Once you’re finished holding this pose, raise your arms to the sky once more and
lengthen your spine and release.