Yoga For Beginners Lesson #3 – How to HIGH PLANK / LOW PLANK POSE

hey guys welcome to video number three
in my yoga for beginners series if you haven’t seen the first few videos I’ll
leave a link in the description you guys can go check them out for lesson number
three we will be going over Kumbhakasana high plank and chaturanga dandasana low plank these poses are great because they promote inner strength and spiritual
alignment working your shoulders and your arms strengthening your wrists and
toning your core these two poses are fundamental to your yoga practice so try
using these tips I give you next time you hit your mat okay so we’re gonna
start in high plank well face the front of our mat hands come to the top you’ll
bring your feet to the back of your mat you’ll be up on your toes your heels
will stack right over top of the balls of your feet and your wrists will be
stacked right underneath your shoulders inhale exhale you don’t want your belly
to dumped here you want to imagine your body being one straight long line
actively pulling your belly in and up inhale shift your weight forward option
here to drop your knees especially if you feel any tension in your wrists or
strain in your wrists for your low plank you’ll come all the way down onto
your belly otherwise you’ll be here low plank inhale
back up high plank inhale shift your weight forward exhale lower low plank
inhale back up high plank what we don’t want to see what we want
to look out for is elbows coming up to either side of the room we want to keep
our arms tucked right into the sides of our body as we lower and that’s what
that shift forward really helps with as well as keeping our elbows stacked right
over top of our wrists so we’re creating 90-degree angles inhale exhale inhale shift forward exhale lower low
plank inhale back up high plank nice we use these two poses as transitional
poses throughout our Sun Salutations the other cool thing is it’s actually
seen as an arm balancing pose because we’re putting so much weight in our
hands that’s why it’s great for strengthening our wrists for further
arm balancing play ok guys so that concludes lesson number three on high
and low plank let me know in the comments if this video helped you if it
did be sure to leave a like don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I’ll see
you guys in the next one namaste