Yoga for Bikers | Intro to the series

Hi guys, thanks for joining me for these Yoga Sidsel videos Happy to have you check out my playlist of yoga videos for bike riders And that’s whether you’re a mountain biker, downhiller, road racer or cruising around town on your city bike You’ll find that the moves in these videos don’t always look all that sexy But deep down inside we’re all wearing padded lycra shorts and they’re not too sexy either! But we do it because it feels good And that’s the same with the practices I’ve put in to these sequences You’ll see the sequences are very continuous and always moving The sequences are in fact designed to release the tension we get in our body and increase a bit of flexibility Now tensions occurs in our body when we hold something for a long period of time Our flexibility is very much related to our joint range of movement and not so much muscle length So when I designed these videos, it’s all about moving the body because that’s the opposite of holding the body in a certain state for a prolonged period of time Always moving is going to make your muscles more pliable, it’s kind of like needing a pizza dough makes it a little more moveable and manageable and that’s what we’re doing with our muscles And moving our joints in all the different ranges and directions will again help to increase flexibility And you might find something along the way that really tickles your fancy you can just go off and do those few exercises whenever you need or might enjoy doing the whole sequence But really important to remember that there is no gain if you feel pain So of course discerning between the different types of pain and the bad pain is the intense short type of pain where you know something is wrong Or that sort of pain, if Iiken it to when you’re getting a massage and somebody in the beginning puts their elbow in to your buttcheek and you’re like omg and a few moments later you’re just a hot drawling mess is a puddle of bliss it just releases that tension So, be really aware of that Don’t overstretch, overstretching is just going to create more tension Overstretching a straight passive stretch like your typical hamstring stretch Is just another way of holding your body in one position for a prolonged period of time And you will create more tension especially if you are tighter in that area of your body because that area of your body likes and is used to being in that contracted state so instead, if you then try and straighten it your body reacts like ‘no way jose’ and it’s going to contract even more and that’s when you’ll feel pain when you stretch Whereas these continuous movements sort of ease our way in to the muscle fibres letting go and it’s going to be a more intelligent approach to releasing tension and increasing flexibility So I hope you enjoy the video I’d love to here from you and how you go And if you have any comments, questions or requests please get in touch!