Yoga For Connection  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Connection | Yoga With Adriene

Hey everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have an
awesome yoga for connection. So this is a slow
and low to the ground, breath practice that’s going on
provide you the opportunity to circle back to connecting to
yourself when you’re in need and of course that will help you
in turn connect to others. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Okay my friends,
let’s begin today lying down. Yes! Come on down to the ground. Allow your head to rest. So if you have a ponytail or if
there’s something going on you want to move it so your head
can come to rest on the ground. Then tuck your chin slightly so you can find length
in the back of the neck. And you’re gonna
bring your hands, bring ’em to your belly. And you’re gonna bring
your feet as wide as the mat. And then you’re gonna
allow the knees to fall in, the outer edges the
feet might come off the mat, and that way you can
rest through the lower body. You can soften through the bowl
the pelvis and then with the hands resting
gently on the belly you can begin to slowly relax through the torso,
through the arms, the elbows, and the shoulders. And then, hopefully by now
you’re getting settled in and when you’re ready,
relaxing through the chest, the heart space. Relaxing through the neck and the head and finally, if you’re not there yet,
through the face, closing your eyelids,
trusting me. Thank you for being here,
for showing up. Trusting yourself. Thank yourself for being here,
for showing up. And now, with the eyes closed and the body
positioned for relaxation. So we’re not going to
assume that it’s a switch, right, that you
can flip on and off. ‘Cause we know that
that’s not the case. So, setting the body
up for a release, for a softening. Eyes closed allowing the sound
of my voice to guide you here. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. Trust that this
time is valuable. And then as you’re ready and I’m
willing to bet that most people out there have
already begun to do this through their natural
instincts and intuition, start to gently
deepen the breath. So your body will tell
you what you need here. It might be a big inhalation
and a big exhale. It might be at last a long overdue sigh or it could be that we’re a little bit,
for whatever reason, removed from that depth of
breath and we just ease into it. Just nice and easy starting
to deepen and extend the breath in
and the breath out. Again, with the eyes closed continue to allow your body the opportunity to relax
and for your foundation, that which is
touching the earth here, to feel supported
and connected to mama earth, the ground. Imagine the earth rising
up to meet your foundation, feeling that support
as you continue to explore your breath. Now as you’re ready, slowly
bring your awareness or your attention to your
hands on the belly, the lower belly, the diaphragm. Depending on what time of day
it is that you’re practicing, if you have had a big meal today
or if you’re just feeling kind of bloated or any’s sort of
palpable energy in the belly you might actually place one
hand on top of the other and start to draw slow and kind clockwise circles. If you’re relishing
in this stillness, your body is actually
loving this moment of pause go ahead and take that. So both are kind,
loving actions that encourage a connection and a reset and you’re just gonna
choose whichever one feels more awesome for you. So the circle or the stillness or if you’re like
me a little bit of both. Now as you begin to bring
awareness to your hands or to your belly,
to the diaphragm, yep, you guessed it,
we’re going to invite a deeper breath in,
more conscious breath. Inhaling in through the nose,
feeling the belly rise. And then pausing at
the top for two beats. You’ll count one, two and then exhale, release
and let go of everything. Belly softens, naval drops
down towards the spine. So, I’ll explain that
a couple more times ’til you catch your rhythm. Hands still are
moving in the circle. Be sure to relax your shoulders,
relax your elbows. Make sure you’re
not clenching in the feet. It’s a big inhale,
here we go, through the nose. Inhale to full capacity and at that top point
you’re gonna retain the breath, full belly, full of air
and you’re gonna count one, two and then slow
and controlled exhale. And that’s your rhythm. Slow and controlled exhale to
release, naval draws down to the earth and then as you’re ready
big inhale to fill the lower belly, the diaphragm expands. We inhale to our highest point, belly full and count one, two and then soften. Slow and controlled exhale,
you’ll feel the warmth of your hands as the belly, naval drops down. Alright, I’ll explain one more
time then you’ll take it away. So we inhale in
deeply through the nose, filling the diaphragm,
that belly, with air. Your hands will rise. Once you get to
the top of your exhale, you’ll lovingly count one beat,
then two beats and then with slow control awareness
we’re gonna exhale but it’s nice and easy.
So it’s not just emptying. A slow descend of the
naval down to the earth. Now, close your eyes if they are
not still closed and play with this little rhythm,
this dance of the breath. Here we go. (light piano music) You’re doing great, just bring your
attention back to the breath. Do one more cycle. Great, and then however
that went just nod to that. Say thank you to
yourself for practicing a little breath control. You’re gonna allow
the knees to come apart. Now, we’re gonna walk the
soles of the feet together, allow the knees
to fall out wide. And now you’re gonna
bring the hands to the rib cage. So we’re just bringing ’em from
the belly up to the rib cage and then up to the,
no, just kidding. So hands are gonna
come on to the belly. You’re gonna start to
experience a nice opening, yes, through the hips. Ah, I’m sore so I’m feeling,
feeling it today. Alright, check in
with the neck again. Just make sure it’s nice
and long and then here we go, back to the
rhythm of our breath. Inhale, send that
directional breath down, down, down to the
base of the spine. Feel the belly, expand. This time use the warmth of your
hands on your rib cage to feel that expansion or to try. And then exhale you can even use
a gentle push of the hands to feel that rib cage,
particularly the lower ribs, get real heavy. Inhale, feel the expansion. Exhale, a soft easy contraction. Keep it going. Course nice opening
through the hips continues, breathing deep. Now keep the rhythm of breath
going as you have it here or, once again, add the
breath retention at the top. You’ll count two beats
and then slow controlled exhale as you breathe out. Close your eyes if you feel
brave just to help bring that attention and that
awareness inward. We’ll do one more here. Just start to notice
how the quality of your energy is changing. Maybe your nervous system’s
having a response to your slow and controlled breath patterns. Just pay attention. And then gently
bat the eyelashes open. You’re gonna take
your fingertips to the outer edges of your legs. Just allow them to help
guide the knees back together. Press up off the balls to your
feet and your toes and you’re gonna hug the
knees into the chest. Interlace the fingertips,
squeeze knees up towards the chest or heart. Scoop the tailbone
up towards the sky. And if it feels good,
if it feels right, you might rock
gently side to side. Small movement, big movement,
find what feels good. Continue to breathe nice
full conscious breaths here. So the practice today really reminding
us if you get one thing out of this video, just a
reminder that whenever you feel disconnected from yourself or if you feel
that impossibility of connecting to others like
nobody’s noticing you or the whole world is against you these
inevitable thoughts and feelings that will come into our journey. If anything remember that you
have the power to close your eyes, maybe get on
the ground if you can, but you don’t always have to,
but to return to your breath for that connection
that you’re seeking. So we often kind of look for
all these quick fixes but really breath practice above
all practices is just a great reminder that we have the
power to connect to find that connection right here,
right within. Via the breath. Squeeze the
knees into your chest. Relax the shoulders
down to the earth. Again, imagine your yoga mat or
the earth rising up to meet your back body, nice
and supported here. Bring some energy into the feet by flexing the soles of the feet. Maybe spreading the toes,
those yogi toes. Alright, now with
your breath, big inhale. Feel the belly,
the ribs expand and then exhale.
Naval pulls in. Again, big inhale. Feel the breath travel down. And exhale, naval draws in and
maybe the knees are out here and you can just imagine your hands
on your belly or your rib cage. You don’t necessarily have to
feel the tops your legs on your belly so just work with your
beautiful body here today and train your mind to
keep circling back to that connection with your breath. Alright, now all together,
here we go another big inhale in through the nose. Now this time naval draws in, we
scoop the tailbone up and as you exhale, we’re gonna peel,
head, neck and shoulders up. You can grab the outer
edges of the feet if you like or stay here and yes, you guessed it, breathe. This is your test. Sometimes it’s not a
big pretzel-y position. Feel the length between each
vertebra as you squeeze the tailbone up and
draw the naval down. Then open up through your chest. Find a softness in the face. And this is where we breathe
full loving breaths and try to find a sense of grace
within this contraction, within this tight position. How do you find a sense
of ease when you’re put in a tight position? Can you remember to stay connected to your breath? Yourself? Your spirit? Relax through the throat. Take one more
cycle of breath here, close your eyes. Taste a bit of vulnerability as
you squeeze and lift and try to maintain that
fullness of breath. Nice and then on an
exhale release everything. Bring the feet to the ground,
you’re gonna turn to one side any side and you’re gonna
slowly press all the way up. Nice work, best you can
let’s keep this party going by breathing nice
full deep breaths. Keep breathing as you transition
all the way to all fours. When you get there,
find your Tabletop Position. Press away from the earth. Feel that connection. Nice fullness of breath,
breathing into the belly. And then release the floodgates,
connect breath and body with the simple Cat-Cow so
you’re gonna drop the belly. Tailbone goes up, we open the
chest inhale to look forward. And then come on
now rinse it out. Cleansing breath as you
exhale, round through the spine. Chin to chest. Now close your eyes as you
continue this movement inhaling to drop the belly
and open the heart and exhale the press
in your foundation. Round through, chin to chest. Keep it going. On your next inhale, come to a
nice neutral spine and we’re gonna slowly
extend the right leg out, find the stretch of the full
leg and then nice and easy just step it all the way
into a nice low lounge. Front knee over front ankle,
you’re gonna swim the fingertips behind and here’s our big heart
opener as you press into the right heel, press
into the back foot. Slowly lift the heart and chest
and find that fullness of breath here as we
stretch through the pecs, tailbone lengthens down. We squeeze and hug
everything into the midline. Spiraling back to
your center, your core. Full, deep breaths. Lean in, stick with me. Stick with your practice. Connect. Good, gently release. Stick with the sound
of your breath as the hands come back to the earth. And you’re gonna slowly walk the
right foot all the way gently over to the left
side of your mat. Keep the toes active in
both feet and we come into a One-Legged Pigeon here. So inhale, open the chest again. If this stretch is too deep
for you today at this point, well maybe it’s
first thing in the morning, you’re gonna bring
your right heel in. And then we breathe deep here
if you want to find soft easy movement here that feels good
you might consider looking past one shoulder and then the other. Again, keep energy in all toes. Then press
fingertips into the earth, lift the chest. Option here to bring the
palms together at heart center, Namaste, your body will tell
you that’s not for you today. You may need the
support of the ground. Then everyone release
come back to all fours. Listening to the
sound of your breath. All the way through,
through every transition. Then we’ll extend
the left toes out. Find a little stretch here in
the calf, the Achilles. Keep length through
the neck, awareness through all four sides of the torso. And then bring it all
the way up as you’re ready, nice low lunge. Find your foundation here. Feel that connection,
that support. And you’ll interlace
the fingertips behind. Press into the
front foot firmly. So find your foundation and then
press into the back foot firmly. Interlace, draw the
knuckles down and away. And squeeze. Inner thighs
come into the midline. Naval draws in and up. Find that support from within,
open the chest. And breathe. If you have been
distracted up until now, it’s understandable. So use this moment
here in this shape, this posture to
listen to the sound. To really listen to
the sound of your breath. You’ll know if you’re
holding your breath here. Great, take one
more cycle of breath. Then slowly release,
fingertips come to the earth. We’re gonna walk
the left foot over towards the right side of the mat. And slowly come
closer to the earth. If this stretch is
too deep for you here, draw the left heel in,
press into the back foot firmly, lift the chest. Breathe deep.
Send breath down to your guts. That deep listening point.
A wonderful place of connect. Stay here, if it feels right
hands come together at the heart center
for one breath. Inhale deeply, and exhale
to relax the shoulders down. Beautiful, now everyone
bring the palms to the ground. Find your support system,
connect to your core as you come all the way back to all fours. Inhale to drop the belly. Exhale to round
through the spine. Inhale to drop the belly,
close your eyes, listen. Exhale to round
through the spine. Inhale, Tabletop Position. Nice neutral spine, elbows come right
where the hands are. Palms pressed
firmly into the mat. Curl the toes under. Finishing with a
Dolphin Pose today. Just an inversion. You’re gonna press into all
10 fingerprints or all of your fingerprints, excuse me,
and then here you go. From your center,
lift the hips up high. Coming into your
private little love cave. If this is not
great for your shoulders, then give it a
Downward Facing Dog, you can lift up. So we’re in Downward Dog here. I’m definitely coming into my
own private little of cave with this talk today
or we’re in Dolphin and we’re gonna pedal it out. Bringing the head
below the heart space here for your inversion. Draw the shoulders
away from the ears, breathe deep. Connect. Our ability and our willingness
to connect to ourselves, depicts and informs, is our ability and willingness
to connect to others. So like you love yourself, one
more big inhale in and then use your exhale to slowly
bring the knees back down. Bring the knees together,
really together, or take them nice and
wide so listen to your body for Child’s Pose. Now, draw your attention inward one last time here on
the mat in your practice. Slow down your breath. And notice how you feel. Notice the
quality of your breath. Notice the soft
easy ebb and flow, the movement that your breath
creates in your physical body and then last, but not least, crack a little smile.
A little inner smile here. Find a tiny moment of joy for
the sheer fact that aha we do have the tools and everything we
need to feel connection. To feel that connection that sometimes goes missing. Then stay here if you want. One minute, two minute,
three minutes, four minutes,
five minutes, ten minutes or gently press into
your foundation. Tuck the chin,
and we’ll roll it up. Wow. Feel that flush of energy. We’ll draw the hands
together at the heart. Hold onto that connection,
this connection to our self and to one another. Just think about
how many hundreds, maybe thousands of people
who are practicing with you, with me, with us. And the next time
you feel disconnected or alone or
just out of alignment, return to this practice. Thank you so much. Let me know how
it goes down below. Hope you have
a great rest of the day. Namaste. (upbeat music)