Yoga For Constipation | Yoga Poses To Cure DIGESTIVE Problems | Yoga poses for gastric problem

Hai MANASA MACHANI here and let’s get to know how yoga is beneficial for digestion we all have digestion problems isn’t it like we have suffer from any kind of
constipation gas problem bloating acidity too much gas in the stomach all
that leads to digestion problems let’s get to know how yoga is going to be very
beneficial for digestion as we do the yoga postures it stimulates your
abdominal organs like you have your liver your pancreas
your stomach your intestines these are the main important abdominal organs that
work for your digestion they stimulate the organs and your digestive system to
help aid in your digestion digestion is not only about digesting your food but
also absorbing of the nutrients that is required to get good oxygenated blood in
the body system and once doing yoga and yoga practice is just not beneficial
only for digestion but also absorption of your nutrients that is required we
all know we need good amount of nutrients and the body’s system with
your vitamins and minerals that has to be absorbed and it will also help in
getting good absorption of unique nutrients and the body system that the
yoga practice let’s get started with some of the good yoga postures that we
can do for digestion very important to note never do yoga just immediately
after your meal or you’re completely in a very bad state that you have chronic
pain and you don’t want to increase that try yoga to do as a practice slowly it
will help you after a meal a couple of hours like say two and a half hours or
three hours when you know you’re feeling a little light and not very heavy in
your abdomen you can do the practice for improving your digestive system it is
always good to practice a daily help improve your circulation into your
digestive system organs let’s get started with the practice now
the first posture that we are going to do for improving the digestion in our
body system as all of us know it’s very good to do the verge asana for asana or
the Zen pose you sit in like this when you’re coming into sitting in to watch
your asana you’re starting to sit in to watch asana you take your legs back fold
at your legs sit in this posture and your palms completely rested down the
sides of this posture Vajrasana it restricts blood flow to the extremities
increases the blood flow about your extremities and increases increases good
oxygen and blood flow to your abdominal organs in that way it is very beneficial
but starting off with watch was not the Zen pose as you sit in this posture and
keep your palms rested onto your thighs make sure you’re having at all back your
shoulders down and you’re not in any kind of uneasiness feel very ease with
this posture lift your head up and breathe in and
reach out to your navel area be with the breath as you breathe in feel your
abdominal getting bigger like a balloon and see abdomen getting smaller and
you’re relaxing your abdominal so let’s inhale to the center of the
forehead between your eyebrows your inhale and you exhale to your navel area
inhale as much as you can and exhale as much as you can try not to be in a hurry
to do this just to for like five to six breaths keeping a count of inhaling to
the crown of your center of your forehead and exhaling to your navel area
do it very slowly and you’ll see that it’s really relaxing you the unwanted
wind or the air is getting reduced in your body system and also the digestion
starts to improve where the liver the abdominal organs start to function
efficiently this is one good pose to do let’s do it at the side angle if you
feel that you have pain to your feet and you
that there is your feet a little hard when you said and you’re not able to be
comfortable you can also use a soft pillow like place it under your feet
relax your feet down come into your knees your legs closer to the body I
love your chest open up and your shoulders down now take your hands below
your knees as you inhale and it clear so you can also do it like a dynamic pose
where you’re increasing the blood circulation to your entire body system
as well taking your hands to your thighs keeping your knees a little closer
allowing your chest to drop down you inhale up and you exhale make sure
you’re not actually getting your abdomen in you’re just relaxing your abdominal
not necess you should not be tucking your abdomen and just you’re in here
your head up and you exhale back if you feel you have neck pressure you’re not
able to have that movement of your neck completely up you can also use your
hands Oh put your chest take your hands completely up and you exhale as simple
as that you may also want to keep the focus to the center of your eyebrow and
exhale to your navel area do it as good as five to six times and really help you
to increase your digestion and also help you to feel light with your abdomen
the next one that we are going to do is utter the matsyendrasana or lot of the
precious force there’s a very effective asana for digestion let me tell you how
it helps you when you do a twist in yoga there is restriction of blood flow to
the organs or the parts where there is pressure and when you release the
posture there is fresh blood flow to the organs example as one of the best is
ardha matsyendrasana let’s get into the posture as you come to ardha
matsyendrasana you sit with your left leg in and your right leg in front
you said tall with your spine erect you shoulders down keep your heel closed
twist onto the right side you inhale your hands back and you look over to the
shoulder your chin to the side so when you do this posture there is complete
pressure on your abdominal organs once there is pressure on the abdominal
organs when you press like this there is a restriction of blood flow and when you
completely release the leg there is good flash energy of blood rich flow to your
abdominal organs stimulating your digestive system and organs of your
abdomen like your liver and pancreas all the abdominal organs are stimulated stay
there for two to four breaths feel the pressure to the abdomen in here and
exhale to the center your release from the posture simultaneously gonna go on
with the other side you come with your right leg inside and your left leg over
crossed you get it twist onto your left side of your abdomen
how much is comfortable for you you do that you inhale your hand
back you look over to the shoulder your chin back feel a good twist over here a
good pressure to the abdomen to the left side and look up don’t drop your body
like this make sure your heel is supporting you and twist and stay there
and you come back to the center get your head to the center hold your leg and you
release do this posture like try times to the right side five times and to the
left side five times and you will really feel that there is good improvement in
your digestion as you practice this daily the next one we’re gonna do is the
question with a sauna bath schemata sauna or seated full-forward Bank is
very good effective pose to increase your digestion and also to feel that the
nutrients in the body are getting absorbed make sure you never do it after
your meal maybe when you’re feeling a little light in your abdomen keep a gap
of at least two and a half to three hours then you want to practice your
yoga so now let’s get started with the question what asana you take your body
taking your knees together lift your chest up and drop your feet down
allow your sit bones to ground to the mat allow your shoulders to drop down as
you inhale lengthen your hands up to the ceiling and look up as you exhale get
your body down as much as you can and make sure you’re keeping your head down
not really looking up like this you want to relax and feel a good pressure to
your abdominals keeping your head aligned with your arms you can stay over
here keeping your head down for two to four breaths is good enough feel your
abdominal pressure there stimulation of the abdominal organs again you inhale
your hands up look up to the ceiling and you exhale completely down to the hand
side of you I’ll just give you the inhale and exhale one more time let’s
inhale exhale inhale look up and exhale it’s always good to breathe with your
hand movements when to inhale and when to exhale
it always connects you to be in a good flow of energy balance in the energy of
your body start try to do this like five times and it’s good enough that you feel
there is good movement of your body as you go up your body lengthens there is
space in the abdomen and as you inhale the oxygen is inhaled and as you exam
you release out the carbon dioxide you feel there is pressure to your abdomen
your head down again you in here and then you exhale taking your hands completely to the
front and you come back from the posture it’s okay to do a little bit of forward
bend but in not really want to get into deep forward bend but if you feel you’re
comfortable with deep forward bends there is an other way to do it if you
feel you have more flexibility and you’re okay to do you inhale your hands
up and you exhale completely down making sure you have good press of your
abdominals to your thighs and your head completely down and you reach down you
may want to stay for two to four breaths there is good stimulation of your
abdominal organs and you release the posture in your heel up and you exhale
down to the side of your body the palms resting down there’s one good very
effective portion that you can do for enjoying the digestion McDonagh or when relieving pose this is
very good to improve the digestion the way we do it as important as when to
inhale and when to exhale the right way of doing para matar sauna or the wind
relieving pose I will give you the illustration of it and let us get to
start with the posture you take your body to the side of you to strength
straighten out your legs you take support off your hands you go into your
soup and posture make sure elbows come down then your upper back your mid back
to your upper back and your head down feel comfortable to stretch out your
body comfortably take your right leg up inhale exhale your knees down and get
your head towards your knees and press at your abdomen
this is exhale inhale lift your leg up and your hands down exhale gone to the
other side in here exhale inhale and exhale for any reason if you
feel that there is difficulty in doing the posture you can keep one leg knee
bent this is inhale exhale inhale and exhale you want to work on the other side in
here exhale as you get your knees down lifting your head up to your knees in
here in your leg up and exit allowed both the legs to come down the other way
of doing with both the legs is taking your hands
this is inhale and exhale the Buddha legs you stimulate your upper abdomen
your lower abdomen and your entire abdomen again your inhale and you exhale one more time
inhale and exhale in Gila I exist you can do this five times be connecting
that your prep slow do you lift your body up if you find this is difficult to
lift your body up you can also bend at your knees roll on
to the side of you take your support of the hands and then come into your
sitting posture and to select sit in to relax caution put your hands down and
take normal five breaths of slow breaths inhaling to the center of your eyebrow
and exhaling to the center of your navel area inhale to the center of your
eyebrow between the eyebrow and exhale to the navel area gently open your eyes
and you’ll feel relaxed the last one is shavasana don’t forget
to do your shavasana there is good major benefit when you do shavasana
so how savasana is going to help to improve your digestive system when you
lie down in shavasana the blood flow to the extremities is increased to your
abdominal organs as it activates your parasympathetic nervous system it is a
rest and digest the nervous system is activated in rest and digests response
in this way there is complete rest into your state of mind as completely rested
there is you’re giving a chance or an opportunity for your abdominal organs to
completely absorb the nutrients and give good digestion to your body system so
it’s always good to include your shavasana to help aid in digestion so
when you want to go into shavasana take your knees together closer throw a body
down to your elbows down and your head down as you come into shavasana your
legs have to be spread out the blood flow from your legs increases to your
abdominal organs the digestive system and there is reduce in your blood
pressure and your heart rate and increased oxygenation to your abdominal
organ then you want to allow your hands to soft and up your palms fingers soft
your feet relaxed this is very good for your digestion cleansing and healing
your abdomen breathe you start to do some abdominal
breathing where you focus your breathing on in your abdominal area as you inhale
Domon rising as you exhale abdominal axing down inhale your abdominis exhale
you have Darwin falls down you’re practicing complete abdominal
breathing in shavasana this is very effective to increase your digestion
part do it for five breaths and relax to normal breathing when
you’re done with the practice get your feet closer and let your knees rest your
hand to your abdomen feel your abdominal breathing your mind is totally at rest
and you’re in rest and I just mode and you take support you come to your
sitting posture folder to your legs coming to your normal to breath
inhalation to the center of your forehead and exhalation to the navel
area so these are the five postures that Peter for improving your digestion
digestion is very important for the body everything starts from the stomach and
Yoga is one of the best way to keep your digestion good your stomach healthy to
improve the function of the pancreas the liver to absorb the nutrients and the
intestines to eliminate and cleanse the toxins so they make sure you do good
Yoga for increasing your digestion power and these are the five poses that we did
for the day I hope you like them and you try them thank you you