Yoga For Creating Space  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Creating Space | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and we
are here in London at the Adidas Brick Lane Studios
with a special practice to help you create space. Now the reminder here is
remember that your outer world often reflects your inner world
and vice versa so we’re gonna work on creating space
today from the inside out. Hop into something
comfy and lets get started. (gentle music) Alright my friends, welcome. Let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat. Let’s come into a
criss-cross position. (chuckles) And let’s just go a
little old school today, start by making some real space
by taking your hands to the glutes and just
moving the fleshy part of the buttocks aside
so you can really feel your sits bones
connect to the ground. And if you don’t
feel them that’s okay, it’s just a little offering. Some people find it,
some people not so much. Just remember that this practice
is being shared by people all over the world so as always just
take what resonates with you, take what you need and leave
what you don’t particularly in this practice as we attempt to create space
and of course by moving energy
and creating space we write a little invitation for new things to come in,
new opportunities, new joys, new sensations so just
to set the tone a little bit. So as you’re ready go ahead
and relax your shoulders down. They tend to live
up here for most of us so just little goes a long way. A little consciousness as we
drop the shoulders down and then just as best you can try to keep
that awareness of the shoulders throughout the
duration of this session. Close your eyes or soften
your gaze down past your nose. We’re gonna
align head over heart, heart over pelvis.
So whatever that means to you. You can kind of shift forward
and back a little bit or maybe it’s just more
of a internal thing, a connection you make inside as you let go of
the day thus far. Politely put any
future agenda, to-do lists, anything that’s in the future,
(sighs) politely put it on hold and as you bring your hands
to your heart space here take a deep breath in and
use your exhale to really just drop your pin down
here on the map. Allowing yourself
this time and space to be really present and focused on
the process, the sensation. Versus the product or the goal. Inviting a deeper
breath in as you’re ready. And a longer exhale. And then doing your best to
just keep that cycle going. Deep, full breath in and long conscious exhale out. And again, just do your best but that’s the name
of the game today. Keeping that conscious full
breath cycle going and when you lose track of it, the mind
begins to wander or whatever happens, it will happen it’s
just a matter of how many times, just come back to that cycle. And do think of it as a
cycle in and out, in and out. One breath cycle
leading to the next. One present moment
or window opening or doorway
opening into the next. Okay, let’s have some fun.
Deep breath in. Exhale to bow head to heart. We’re here, we’re doing this. Namaste. And then slowly
lifting the head back up, open your eyes and
we’re gonna come forward on to all fours for spinal flexion. So as always, no
need to rush here. Enjoy every moment,
every minute, every cycle of breath
here on your mat today. It’s valuable time
and I admire you, I commend you for
taking this time to be with your body and your breath. Let’s synchronize the two,
let’s marry the two, body and breath,
so inhale, drop the belly, nice and slow
here in the beginning. Open the chest. Tailbone goes up towards the sky
and we start to open up through the muscles of the neck. Open up through the
energy of the throat. (clears throat) What do you want
to say this season? What do you need? And then press away
from your yoga mat with your hands and feet. Take one more
deep breath in here. Lengthen through the crown. And then exhale nice and slow. Start this movement from your
tailbone as you travel all the way up through the spine. Again, slowing it down
today so chances are you know this little dance. You know this gesture but see
if you can slow it down today. When you reach the max, what
feels like the max of your Cat Pose, pause, and bring a deeper more fuller
breath cycle to the party. Shake the head
loose if you like here. And then again,
just notice if you started to collapse into
your foundation. See if you can press up and out, creating more space
in the upper back body. Cool beans, drop the belly,
here we go, nice and slow. Slow the train down. Inhaling, Cow Pose. Focusing on the sensation. The process as you exhale round
through the spine feeling the skin of the back
stretch, stretch, stretch, crown to the earth,
navel up towards the sky. And one more time,
just like this, nice, slow tempo inhale,
drop the belly, claw through the fingertips. Take 98% of the pressure out of your wrists by clawing through the fingertips actively and
then rounding through as you breathe out, crown to
the earth, navel to the sky. Lots of space,
big ol’ stretch in the back. Alright now, inhale, come back
to center and now we’re gonna just take the hips
for a little ride here. So you’re gonna
bump the hips, hey yo! (laughs) Bump the hips to the
right first and then turn your gaze to look past
your left shoulder. Feel that space in
the left side body. Do not stop pressing into
your foundation so keep clawing through the fingertips. We’re already creating a
fully body experience here. Come back to center. Keep clawing
through the fingertips. You’re doing great, as you bump
the hips to the left turn thy gaze past thine shoulder. And then slowly back to center. Okay, so the journey continues. Now you’re gonna take the hips and you’re gonna create
a little bit of a figure 8. So you’re gonna think
of your hip points guiding the way of
your sits bones. And if this is
a little too like, “What?” You’re just gonna
draw circles with the hips. So maybe a
figure 8 coming forward, around, forward and back. And it might take a second
to get a little groove here. Just again, connecting mind
and body, brain and body. But you’re gonna work to get a
little figure 8 here and you’re gonna be challenged because your
foundation’s gonna want to quit on you so keep pressing
into the tops of the feet. Keep pressing into the
tops of the fingertips. And again, if the figure 8 is,
you’re just not getting it, you’re gonna do
circles with the hips. One way and then the other. Alright, now you
have your hips into it, bring your breath back into it. And then when
you feel satisfied, bring the big toes together,
knees as wide as the mat. Let it all go,
send the hips back. Come up off the hands by digging
elbows into the earth and then just make sure your elbows are
in line with your shoulders. Most, like, 95% will want to go out
’cause the shoulders are tight rather than in so get
them right in line with your shoulders and then,
yeah, you guessed it, walk the elbows forward,
bring the palms together, Namaste sharks fin. Melt your heart down. And once again,
notice the breath. So we have a big heart opener
here as you walk the elbows out and breathe fully. Opening up
through the shoulders. Breathing into your lats. Breathe in all four
sides of the torso really. And if you need to take a moment
here to rotate the wrist one way and then the other, you can. Soften the skin of the
forehead, close your eyes, take one more cycle
of breath in and out. (exhales loudly) And then releasing Namaste shark
fin and bringing the hands back to the earth
with a consciousness. So spread the fingertips wide. Here we go, inhale in. Exhale, pressing
in your foundation, into your foundation, sorry,
to come all the way back up. You’re gonna walk the
knees back underneath the hips, curl the toes under,
with your breath so sync up, it doesn’t matter which way just
move with your breath so when you’re ready you can either
inhale up to Down Dog or inhale in and exhale up to Down Dog. Try to resist the
urge to just take my queue. I’m here to guide you and lead the way but listen to your breath, listen to your body and
that’s how you really create some nice juicy space
whether it’s mentally today, physically or a
little bit of both. Maybe emotionally leaving
some (clears throat) things had been
bothering you on the mat. So really use the
power tool of your breath. If you’re not already,
take a second to stretch through the
backs of the legs, find your connection
through the fingertips. Peddle it out,
bending the knees. Nice and then anchor the left
heel down and inhale lift the right leg up high, just about to where the
hips can stay level. So if you went up
too high bring it down, turn your right toes down
and draw your navel in an up. Breathe deep here. And then exhale, lower
the right foot down, switch. Anchor right heel to the earth and inhale slide
the left leg up high. Again, hips level so if you went
really high here you might turn the left toes down
and just level it out. Think of placing a little teacup
right on top of the tailbone. (laughs) That’s weird. Okay, one more breath,
you got it. Exhale lower left
leg down and here we go. We’re gonna do criss-cross steps
so you’re gonna cross the right foot over and then the left. Get light on the
fingertips as you keep walking. Journey all the way up
to the top of your mat. And we’re gonna meet
in a nice Forward Fold. You get to choose,
feet hip-width apart or flush together so just
nice, conscious footing but listen to your body. Start to connect
with that intuition, that inner teacher
that tells you, “Oh, this is right for my body.” And then you’ll take a couple
breaths here again to find what feels good in your body. You might clasp the elbows,
rock gently side to side. I invite you to find a soft bend
in the knee and spread awareness through all four
corners of the feet. Maybe shake the
head a little yes, a little no. And then we’ll release the arms,
bend the knees generously. Start to wake up
through the legs. Wake up those muscles. And then nice and
slow we’ll roll it up. All the way to Mountain. When you arrive
take a deep breath in, lift your shoulders
actively up into your ears, lift, lift, lift, take a
deep breath in and then exhale. Take them back
and around and down. We’ll do two
more just like that. Inhale, squeeze and
lift as you breathe in. Shoulders rise up to the ears
and then take them back and then slide them down.
One more, make it awesome. Here we go.
Big inhale, squeeze and lift. Try to touch your earlobes
and then take them back, open your heart,
slide ’em down, ah! Here we go, big inhale
to reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold
all the way down. Inhale, create space. Lengthen the neck. So beautiful long neck
here as you halfway lift. And then exhale,
soften and fold. Awesome, from here
you’re gonna inhale. Reach all the way
back up towards the sky. Stand up tall.
Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, bend the elbows. You’re gonna interlace the
fingertips behind your back. Draw the knuckles down and away. Open through the chest. Take a deep breath in,
look up and then exhale, bend your knees, Forward
Fold all the way back down. Keep the fingertips interlaced,
inhale, halfway lift. Long neck,
soft bend in the knees. Exhale, fold, release the arms. Inhale, reach of the sky,
catch a wave. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, bend the elbows,
interlace behind opposite thumb on top this time. So the one that
feels kinda funky. And then lift your chest,
look up, big breath. Exhale, lead with your
heart as you bend your knees, knuckles draw big rainbow up and
overhead as you Forward Fold. Halfway lift, here we go,
with the breath, inhale, find length. Exhale, soften,
release everything fingertips come to the earth.
Awesome work. From here you’re gonna
step just the right toes back. We’re gonna lower on to the
right knee and if you ever need to pad your knee, this goes for
this practice or any practice, you can just double up on
your mat or if you’re on a towel double up on the towel to give
yourself a little cushioning. Great, then we’re gonna inhale,
reach for the sky, power through that front leg. Get a big stretch in your front
hip flexor here on the right side and then pull
your left hip back. So we have a
little opposition going. Fingertips reach
up toward the sky. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Inhale, deep breath in. Exhale, bend the elbows. Interlace fingertips behind. Inhale, lift the heart. Big breath, big stretch,
maybe look up here. And then exhale to
let go of everything. Hands are gonna
come back to the earth. We’re gonna lift the back knee. And on your next inhale,
big, open twist to the left. Big breath, big stretch.
Find length. And then exhale to bring
it all the way back down. Awesome, bend the back knee. Get a little groove
and you’re gonna step the back foot up
to meet the front. You can take one big step or
baby steps the whole way up. Just take your time. Back to the Forward Fold. In your Forward Fold, use an
inhale to find halfway lift. Lengthen through the spine. Exhale, release everything,
fingertips come to the mat. This time we’re gonna
step just the left toes back. Front knee over front ankle,
of course. Here we go,
lowering the back knee. Feeling that stretch through the
front of the left hip crease. Then pulling, actively pulling
your right hip crease back and that’s where we’ll lift from. Reaching fingertips
forward up and back. So strong legs here. Stay connected to your center. Draw the navel in and up. Creating space. You gotta bring those
cycles of breath in and out, in and out. Nice, then inhale,
carve a line with your nose. Look forward up and back,
big stretch. And then exhale,
bend the elbows, interlace the fingertips behind. Opposite thumb on top again. Here we go. Knuckles down and away as you
squeeze the inner thighs to the midline and slowly carve a
line with your nose to look up. Lift your chest, draw
the shoulder blades together. Take a deep breath in,
lengthen through the crown. And then exhale,
release everything. Awesome work.
We’re gonna lift the back knee. Left hand to the earth. Big open twist with your breath
as you pull the right hip crease back, big inhale
to reach for the sky. And then big exhale to
bring it all the way back down. Soft bend in that back leg,
you got this. You’re gonna step it up
either in one big step or as many steps as you like.
Forward Fold. Let the crown of the
head release to the earth. Bend your knees
generously to get a big, beautiful stretch
in the lower back. Awesome work. Inhale, halfway lift. Your version and
then exhale to fold. Root to rise here.
Spread the fingertips, inhale, reach the fingertips
forward, up and back. Press into all four
corners of the feet. Big Volcano Pose here as you take a big beach ball
up and overhead. So just spread your hands wide. Imagine you’re
holding a big beach ball here. Then you’re gonna take
your big beach ball up and bring it over to the left. Ground down through your heels and then all the way
back up to center. Keep that grounding through the
heels going as you take it all the way over to your right. Yes, then inhale
all the way back up. Palms come together and we bring
’em back down to the heart. Namaste. Awesome. So from here, stay standing. We’re gonna slide
just the right toes back, all the way back. You’re gonna turn
your right toes in so they’re not going out. You’re gonna turn them in
towards the front right corner of your mat and then
bend that front knee. Make sure you’re not
on a tight rope here. No, give yourself lots of space. Think two parallel lines. Then don’t worry about forcing
the hips to square to the front. For me this is a
little bit of a dated kind of dogmatic way of coming at Warrior I. So give yourself a lot
of space and let’s work from the ground
up with sensation. So press into the
knife edge of your back foot. Take one hand to your belly
and one hand to your low back. Draw energy up from the
arches and then once again, just like we did in
that Crescent Lunge, feel that opening through the
left hip crease but then counter that by pulling, excuse me, opening through the right
hip crease and then counter that by pulling the
left hip crease back. Now keep traveling up through
the spine, nice and long. Finding that upward current of
energy through the front body, grounding through the back. And then when you’re ready, send the fingertips
forward, up and back. Big Warrior I here.
Creating space. Pressing into the
knife edge of the back foot. Strong legs focusing
again on the process, on the feeling. Within the container, within the
structure take one more breath. If you like, maybe you carve a
line with the nose to look up. Press into the knife
edge of your back foot. Breathe deep, inhale. Exhale, hands come together
and back down to the heart. (whooshes) Awesome, now, check it out. From here you’re gonna
straighten the front leg. We’re gonna turn the left toes
in and we’re gonna come to a nice, wide stance
in the side of the mat. You’re gonna
parallel the feet now. Toes pointing forward,
maybe slightly turned in. Soft bend in the
knees and then here we go, take up space. You’re gonna inhale, send
the fingertips out, Star Pose. Big stretch, big breath. And just take a moment here to relax your shoulders
and really feel this out. Whatever that means to you. Take up space. Maybe you’ve been kind of
shriveled up into a ball lately. That’s why you
selected this video. Let’s take up space.
You’re worthy. You are worthy. In fact, maybe
quietly whisper to yourself, “I am worthy.” And then soft
bend in the knees here. Inhale, stretch,
take up more space. Exhale, navel draws in so stay
connected to your center as you take something in your right
hand and you’re gonna bring it all the way down
to your left toes. Left fingertips can go all
the way up towards the sky. Feel that big stretch here. Inhale in. Exhale all the way
back through center. On your next inhale, Star Pose. Big stretch, take up space. Quietly whisper, “I am worthy.” And then capture something
in your left hand this time. So lots of space here. And take it all the way down. Cross it over. Bring it down
towards your right toes. Right fingertips can
reach up towards the sky. Feel that opening
through the hip sockets. Beautiful, inhale. Exhale, come all the
way back through center. Inhale, Star Pose. Big stretch, big breath. And exhale, right
fingertips to left toes. And now a little faster. Inhale, all the way up. Stay connected to your
center for that stability. And exhale all the way down,
cross it over. Inhale all the way up. Spread your fingertips. Keep the foundation, the
integrity in your legs and your feet and then
all the way down. And then all the
way back up, Star Pose. Own it and then
all the way down, last one. Great, all the way up,
Star Pose. Then palms come together as
you breathe in and then exhale, shimmy it all the
way back to center. Turn the left toes
back towards the front, right toes back in. You’re gonna do just like we
did in that Crescent Lunge. You’re just
gonna bend your knees, find a little buoyancy,
a little fun and then bring it
all the way back up. You can take one big
step or multiple steps. Here we go, inhale in, exhale out. Nice and easy, shifting your
weight to your right foot. You’re gonna step
the left toes back. Same thing. Make sure those left
back toes are turned in. This is gonna translate to the
top of the pose so if your toes are turned out and you’re
trying to square your hips, it’s gonna make it
utterly impossible. So turn your left
toes in so your shin, your knee, your thigh bone, your
femur that all connects to that hip socket can
move in a direction in a way that serves you. Front knee over front ankle. Take one hand to the belly,
one hand to the back. Just feel this out. You should be able to feel a
lot of power in that back leg. Virabhadrasana I. The lost warrior
as I like to call it. Feel like nobody’s
doing Warrior I any more. But it’s good stuff.
Here we go. Pressing into the
knife edge of the back foot. We’re slowing this down just so
we can feel the sensation of the legs and then make our
way toward reaching the arms forward, up and back
whenever you’re ready. And as you reach up, see if you can feel
left inner thigh engage. Just do your best. Breathing deep here. Pulling the right hip crease
back so you feel that opening through the left hip crease. Lengthening tailbone down. Make sure you can
see your front big toe. And then if
you’re feeling brave, squeeze inner thighs together. Inhale, carve a
line with the nose, look up but keep pressing into
the knife edge of the back foot. Yes and then
palms come together, reach and back
down to the heart. Namaste. ‘Kay, pivot on the
back foot, back foot. Got into it.
Soft bend in the knees. We’re just gonna step the
back foot up to meet the front. Nice work, here we go. Fingertips are
gonna go down to come up. Last big breath, big
stretch here in Volcano. Take your big beach
ball up and overhead, maybe a slight back bend here
as you look up towards the sky. And then exhale,
take it all the way down. Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Bend your knees.
Plant your palms. Step one foot back
and then the other. Our one and only
Plank Pose so don’t shy away. Again, take up space,
press away from your yoga mat. Tendency here is for the shoulder blades
to collapse here. I can’t even do it anymore but
we want to lift our heart space up between our shoulder blades. Let them go left to right,
create lots of space. It feels like a little doming
effect in the upper back body. We’re here for three, two,
take your hips up and back, Downward Dog on the one. Right away, inhale,
lift your right leg up high. This time exhale,
bend your knee. You’re gonna draw big
circles with your right knee. Opening up
through the hip of course. Pressing evenly
between both palms. Building strength
in the upper body, the arms. Building stability
in the shoulders. Building strength in
the abdominal wall as you reverse your circle. You got this.
Keep breathing. Awesome work. Then lower the right foot down,
switch to the left. Inhale, slide it up,
claw through the fingertips. You got this. Exhale, bend your
left knee, same thing. Big circles with the left knee. Opening through the hip. Keeping the
shoulders in alignment so they’re in line in space. One’s not coming
up over the other. But try to keep them
in the same line pressing into both
palms evenly helps. Reverse your circle here
as you connect to your core, you got this.
Breathing deep. Awesome and then
slowly releasing it down. We’ll lower to the knees. Inhale, exhale,
paint your yoga mat. You’re gonna drag your
hands all the way back. Lift the corners of the mouth
just slightly as you flick away anything that’s no
longer serving you. Just cleansing it out. Creating space for the new joy,
new opportunity, new wave of self love and care. And then when
you’re ready Balasana. Child’s Pose.
Melting your heart down. If this shape is
not a relaxation, not a good pose for you to end
in then you’re just gonna come to a nice, comfortable seat
which is where we’ll meet in just a moment. But if you feel
comfortable here, close your eyes,
relax your shoulders. And whatever
shape you choose here, start to allow your breath to
just return to a natural rhythm, natural ebb and flow. And as you allow your breath
to just return to it’s natural rhythm and flow, see if you
can identify any spots where you might be holding or gripping. Either quite
literally physically or just even energetically,
whatever that means to you. What are you holding on to that
you might be able to release, free up some more space for? Nice work today.
Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, open your eyes. You can use your hands to
slowly help press back up. Then we’re gonna come
to nice, easy seated posture to close out the practice. Hopefully meeting everybody
in a nice, comfortable seat. Take the hands
together at the heart. Sit up nice and tall. Inhale lots of love in. Then relax the shoulders as
you breath lots of love out. Then remember that if you don’t
have time to get on the mat everyday or your don’t always
get your you time in and instead of creating more stress around,
“I didn’t get what I need,” just remember that you can always
use the big inhale and the long exhale
to relax the shoulders down. Any time of day, anywhere. Nice and easy, just a big inhale
and a conscious exhale to relax the shoulders down
and maybe lift the heart. Take one more quiet breath. Just feeling it out. Noticing how you feel,
paying attention. And then when you’re ready,
we’ll bring the thumbs right up to the third eye. Take one more
final deep breath in. All together, people
all around the world. Awesome and use
your exhale to bow. Thanks everyone. Tell us how you’re feeling in
the comments section down below. If you haven’t already,
subscribe to the YouTube channel so that we can keep this
free yoga going for everyone. I love you so much. I hope you have an amazing day. Namaste. (gentle music)