Yoga For Dancers  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Dancers | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up, everyone, and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene. Today we
have Yoga for Dancers. This is a big request,
but it’s not just for professional
dancers or dancers in training. This is for everybody. This is a really nice
blend of fire and grace. Building strength, but
also increasing flexibility with that loving
yoga connection, right? Conscious breath, joy, kindness. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get to it. (upbeat music) All right, my friends. Let’s begin standing
at the top of the mat, feet together, really together. Lift up through the front body. Ground down
through the back body. Draw your hands
together at your heart and just begin to feel
your feet on the earth, deepen your breath,
relax your shoulders, and lengthen up
through the crown. Let’s make the most of
our time here together. Moving with nice
conscious breath. Take a second here to
just set an intention, something positive
that will serve you in the present
moment here as you ground. And we’ll gently bow the head
to the heart, chin to chest. Feel that deep stretch in the
back of the neck right away. And then slowly release
the fingertips to the ground. And inhale, reach for the sky. Big stretch here as you exhale. Rain it down and forward. What’s up, Benji? Inhale, lift up halfway. Find length through the crown. And then let’s go ahead
and pull the elbows back. Long beautiful neck here. Exhale, soften and fold. Take a couple of breaths here. Bend the knees as
generously as you need. And let any stress or
tension you’ve been carrying just drop, melt
off the shoulders. Release and let go. And then release, and we’ll
bring the hands to the earth. Step the right foot back,
step the left foot back. Strong Plank Pose. Take a couple of breaths here. Rock front, rock back. And then slowly lower
all the way to the belly. Cobra Pose, inhale. And exhale to release. Awesome. Curl the toes under,
press up to Plank Pose. Take a deep breath in, and
exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Take a couple of
breaths here to work it out. Pedal the feet. You’re going to
really open the elbow creases towards the front
of your yoga mat today. Melt the heart back. Hug the lower ribs in. And when you’re ready,
anchor through the left heel and inhale, lift
the right leg up high. Start by turning all toes,
especially that pinky toe, down. And just giving
little baby pulses here. As you do this craw, claw. (laughs) Not craw, claw. Claw through the fingertips, baby pulses with the right heel. Hug the front body up
to meet the back body. Find that external
rotation in the shoulders and lengthen through
the crown of the head. We’re here for five. Breathe deep. Anchor through
the left heel, four. Three, two, and
slowly release on the one. Step forward. Pyramid posture. You’re going to pivot on
the back foot just a bit. Left toes pointing towards the
front left corner of the mat. Pull up through
the right hip crease. Inhale to find length. And exhale to fold. One more time just like that. Inhale to find length. And exhale to fold. So you can bring
the hands to rest. Maybe bring them to rest on
the earth, fingertips on mat. Or maybe bring them
around to clasp the right calf as you draw your nose
in towards your navel. Another option would be
to interlace the fingertips behind your tail or
grab opposite elbow. So find a variation
here that feels awesome. Keep strong, strong legs
here as you breathe deep. (deep breathing) Nice long full deep breaths. And then the
next time you exhale, slowly release the
hands to the earth. Lift the back
heel all the way up. Shift your front knee
over your front ankle. And let’s lift up half splits. So left inner thigh
reaches up towards the sky. Now you can play
around here, of course. Opening up through the hip. Sending the left toes up high. Or we’ll work on
squaring the hips and sending the
left foot out long. So this really depends
on what you’re working on, what you’re trying to
balance out on your body today. And then for the
last cycle of breath we might wrap the arms
around the calf again here. If that’s not
available to you, no worries, keep the fingertips
on the ground. Breathing deep. And then slowly to
come out of the posture we’ll release,
bend that left knee in. And then you’re
going to shoot it all the way out
to a nice low lunge. Open the chest,
open the shoulders, breathe into the front
of that left hip crease. Inhale in. And then exhale,
plant the palms. Step the right toes back. Belly to Cobra, or
chaturanga to Up Dog. Take your time. Inhale to open the chest,
feel the abdominal wall, those muscles
stretch nice and long. And then slowly back
to Downward Facing Dog. Deep breath in. Long breath out. (deep breathing) Anchor the
right heel and inhale, lift the left leg up high. Claw through the fingertips. So again, go ahead
and stay nice and square with me here, my friends. So turn the left
toes down, down, down. Anchor through your right heel. So left pinky toe is really
turning towards the earth. Then here we go, baby pulses with the left heel,
baby pulses up and down. So firing up
through the lower belly, firing up through the glutes. Deep stretch in the back
of the right leg of course. And we’re opening
through the shoulders here, elbow creases towards the front. Length through the crown. Connect to your
fire in that belly. Connect into that warmth. So don’t resist it,
just lean in. So plug into what’s
coming up basically. Don’t resist, plug in. We’re here for
five, four, three, two. Slowly release on the one,
step the left foot up high. Pyramid posture. So turn the right toes out. And just take a second to
get situated in your body. Pull that left
hip crease up and in. Reconnect with your breath. Then on your next
inhale find length. So actively
lengthen through the crown, and then exhale, fold. One more just like that. Big inhale to lengthen. And exhale to fold. Now whatever variation
you took on the other side, give it a try on this side. So if it was
interlacing the fingertips, maybe clasping opposite elbow. Reverse namaste is
always an option here. Breathing deep. Or maybe
fingertips stay on the earth. Or maybe the palms
come to cradle the left calf here as you draw the nose in. Squeezing our
thighs towards the midline. You got this. So we’re creating
stability around the joints, building strength, and
working on flexibility. The most important thing and
the true, true value of yoga in my opinion is marrying
the breath to the experience, letting it come out of that
relationship with your breath, which is what we need
to perform as a dancer, to be present, joyful,
connect the emotional body and the physical body,
unite them as one. Nice work. Slowly release
the fingertips to the earth. You’re going to
shift your left knee in line with your left ankle. Lift the right heel up. Here we go. Inhale in. Exhale, lift from the
right inner thigh first. So take your core
strength with you. Really move from
your center here. Turn the right toes down. And then from here we can
start to open up as feels good. Or maybe you keep working
on this nice square opening. Or maybe let’s
say dance of the two. Make sure you’re breathing
nice long smooth deep breaths. And maybe for the
last cycle you work to bring the hands
behind the leg here, the calf. (deep breathing) And then slowly from your
center bring that right knee in. Squeeze it in,
squeeze it in, squeeze it in. And then shoot it out,
nice low lunge. Step it lightly. And then open the chest. Inhale, open the shoulders. Feel that big stretch in the
front of the right hip crease. And then exhale, plant the
palms, step the left toes back. And vinyasa, belly to Cobra,
or chaturanga to Up Dog. Feel the front body
lengthen as you open the chest. And then exhale, contract
and send it up and back, Downward Facing Dog. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Beautiful. Ragdoll, so step the right
foot out behind the right hand. Left foot up
behind the left hand. Feet nice and wide. Then big inhale
lifts you up halfway. Exhale to fold. Interlace the fingertips behind. And you’re going to bend
the elbows left to right. Lift the toes up
for just a breath. Inhale to find length. And then exhale to draw
your nose towards your navel. So you can bend the knees
as generously as need here. Otherwise we’ll work
to straighten the legs. Again, elbows left to right. Really pressing into all
four corners of the feet. Listen to the
sound of your breath. One more cycle. And then release. Tuck the chin, bend the knees, so much so that your belly
comes to the tops of the thighs. Then slowly roll
it up, take your time. Imagine tearing your
yoga mat in half here. So you’re really
pressing into the feet, engaging the legs, or pressing, almost just imagining the
yoga mat tearing in the middle as we lift,
lift, lift, lift, lift. Strong legs, strong legs. Lift the chest, open the heart, open the palms, Mountain Pose. Without looking
down, slowly bring the feet together,
really together. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Slowly shift your
weight to your left foot. And inhale, lift
the right knee up high. Exhale, send the right toes out, Warrior Three, airplane arms. Right toes out,
fingertips reach out. Crown of the head forward. Here we go, big breath in here. Lift front body
up to meet back body. Open the chest,
spread the fingers. Exhale, contract navel to spine. Right knee lifts up. And then you can take
a little open palm here. You can also bring the hands
together when you lift up here. Alright, here we go. Inhale, send the
fingertips out, right toes out. Crown of the head forward. And exhale, right knee comes in. Let’s bring the hands together. Inhale, find that expansion. And exhale, right knee
comes in, squeeze and lift. Crown reaches up,
palms together. One more time.
Big inhale, nice and slow. Draw the navel up
to meet the spine. Tuck the chin into the chest. Breathe and exhale,
rounding through. Cross right ankle over
the top of the left thigh. Inhale, lift the
sternum to the thumb. And exhale, Forward Fold. Keep the right
toes nice and bright. Fingertips to the earth. A couple of
cycles of breath here. Breathing deep. So depending where
you are in your body and in your energy
level and your mood, or we have of course
people from all over the world practicing this with us,
you can stay here. If there’s an arm
balance here in your practice, maybe you work towards that. Too far up at the
front of my mat here. Maybe it’s a toe stand. Breathing deep. So the most important
thing is that you stay really present in
your body with your breath. If you’re in a variation,
take one more big inhale and then use
your exhale to meet us all the way back,
all the way up here. Standing, lifting right
knee up towards the chest. Lift, lift, lift, lift. And then exhale to
release, Mountain Pose. Don’t look down, keep
your awareness and your focus, your gaze out nice and front. Then again, don’t look down. So just put your awareness, your eyeballs on
the soles of your feet. And bring the feet
together, really together. And here we go again. Shifting the
weight to the right foot. Deep breath in. Then slowly release
the fingertips down. Open your palms, Mountain Pose. Keep breathing. Enjoy this time with
your body, with your breath. As you’re ready, shift
the weight to the right foot and slowly begin to
peel the left leg up high. Fire up your core. Big breath in, lift
up from the armpit chest. Nice long beautiful neck. And here we go. Slowly sending it out,
Warrior Three. Just checking in on this side. Working it out,
balancing the right and the left side of the body. Lift the front body
up to meet the back body. Draw the navel in and up. After you’ve taken
a couple of breaths to go through your
checklist, find a flow. So you inhale in here,
lift the left inner thigh up. Exhale, slowly lift the left
knee up towards your chest. Inhale to expand and fly. And exhale to reel it all in. Inhale, open, fly,
soar, look forward. Exhale, bring it in. Let’s do one more. Try to create a full
body experience here. Lift the corners
of the mouth slightly. Go way beyond the physical body. Connect to your energetic
body and then reel it in. We’ll cross the left
ankle over the right. Inhale in, lift the chest. And exhale all the
way down and forward. Awesome, you’re doing great. Breathe deep, stick with it. If this is challenging for you,
meet your appropriate edge. Keep the toes bright,
the shoulders relaxed. Breath nice and full. So for the
variations on this side, you can just stay
in the Forward Fold. If you want to
try to arm balance, you plant the palms. You create space in the
shoulders, lots of stability. And you create a
little shelf here with your forearms
as you look forward. And just rock front and
back, maybe lift the toes. Maybe the toe stand is
the variation you choose. Or maybe you just stay put here. (deep breathing) Then take one
more cycle of breath. And then slowly
bring the hands together and take your time as
you rise all the way back up. We’ll bring the left knee
all the way up to the chest. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. Press down
through your right foot. And then slowly release
everything, Mountain Pose. Open the hands out. Lift the chest up. Inhaling deeply. Then exhale to relax your
shoulders and draw the belly in. Without looking down,
nice and slow, you’re going to
open the legs wide. Turn the toes as wide
as your yoga mat here. Let them spill off the edge. Then inhale,
imagine this upward current of energy
through the front body. Grounding through the back body. So lengthen tailbone down. Then inhale,
hands come together. And exhale nice and slow, as if you were
sliding down a wall. So you’re going to
move nice and slow here. Coming all the
way down into Malasana or your version of a yogi squat. So take your time,
slide down, down, down. When you get there, if
the heels come up, no problem. If you have to adjust
your feet, no problem. We’ll bring the
outer edges of the arms to the inner thighs, inner knee. And we’ll create a
little resistance here as we squeeze the
legs in towards the arms and press the arms
out towards the legs. Use this energy here to find
more length through the torso. Nice long beautiful
neck, lots of length. Lifting up through the crown. Take a deep breath in. Then try to keep the
outer edges of the feet firmly planted as you
release the fingertips forward. Then inhale, just
press up just a bit. We’re here for five, four, so you’re not
dropping down here. Three, two, and with
control, with grace on the one, fingertips come behind you. We lift the toes first. And then slowly come to a seat. Now, bring the feet in front. We’re going to windshield
wiper the legs, so 90, 90. So just take the
knees over to one side two 90 degree angles here and find a little
lift through the chest. And then to the
other side, 90, 90. Lift the chest, breathe. And then lift it back up, soles
of the feet come together. We open the knees wide. Open the feet like a book here. Let the thighs grow heavy. Inhale to lift the heart. Find soft easy
movement in the neck. And stay here lifted. Or on an exhale,
contract navel to spine and slowly send
your heart forward. Pull the elbows
left to right a bit here and look forward
as if you were looking like off into a pond. So give yourself
a little image here. Inhale in. Exhale, tops of the thighs
grow heavier, and ground down. And then slowly release. Awesome work. We’ll come to
lie flat on our back. Take your time. And when you get there, hug
the knees up to the chest. Take a deep breath in. Inhale, lots of love in. And exhale, lots of love out. Peel the nose up
towards the knees. Inhale. And exhale, maybe you grab
the outer edges of the feet. Create more space
with every breath in. And soften with
every breath out. Happy Baby Pose. Nice and slow,
you’ll lower the head, the neck, the shoulders. You’ll take the
soles of the feet up high. Then bring your elbows in
and open the knees out wide. Take any soft easy
movement here that feels good. Maybe straightening
one leg and then the other. And then we’ll
release everything. Extending the legs out long, wiggling the fingers,
wiggling the toes, bringing the arms to
rest gently at your sides. When you’re ready,
find stillness, take a deep breath in, smile. Exhale, close your
eyes and relax everything for just a moment here. Take a second
to just take stock, give thanks for your body. If you have something
that’s in the healing process, trust the divine
timing in that, of that. And then slowly without
looking, bring your index finger and thumb together to touch, a little mudra
in the hands here. Take a deep breath in. And exhale. Thank you so much
for sharing your time and your energy with me. Please share
this video with anyone who you think it
might be useful for. Take good care of your
body, but also your mind and your heart space as
well, for it’s all connected. I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)