Yoga for Exam time

Exams are unfortunately part of life so
let’s do what we can to make them bearable,
even a little bit enjoyable! Yoga I know can definitely help. I’m Helen, this is
Class Yoga – the place to be for real yoga for kids, and if you’re new here then
please do subscribe and look out for our videos each week. So this class is about
feeling good around exam time, finding ways to unwind and feel positive and
confident. You don’t need anything for this class so just some standing space
and we’ll get started! Let’s come and stand up tall and then
have a wiggle, start to shake, shake your hands and reach them up high, come all
the way down low, bend your knees, and all the way back up, shake down low and once
more up high come onto your tiptoes, reach up high
and all the way down. Come and stand tall, relax your arms by your sides
and start to sway your arms from side to side. So we’re shaking out to anything
that we might be worried about at the moment, loosening up our bodies so that
we can start to relax Relaxing our bodies but also inside
our heads. Good, alright let’s come and stand tall again. I’d like you to reach
up high towards the sky and then part way down bend your knees, hands to your
legs and long back, all the way up reach for the sky
and hands down the center. Again I’ll just turn to the side let’s reach all
the way up arms down wide hands onto your legs, fold part way forwards – we’re
just folding halfway, lift your chest so a long back. Good – and then all the way up
reach up high, hands down the center. So I’m going to do one more. Breathe in long
reach up, arms down hands to your legs and we’ll fold part way – stretch out your back – good maybe stretching your legs just a little bit as well and
then reach all the way back up again and hands down the center.
Great! So it come and stand extra-tall – find something to focus on, something not
moving to set your eyes on and we’re coming into our tree pose. Okay let’s
take our toes to the floor rest one heel on the opposite ankle keep your eyes nice and still and stand
as tall as you can – either stay there or if you like take that foot a bit higher
onto your leg, keep standing tall, you know you can balance, keep breathing If you like reach your arms up, then arms all the
way down. Come back to Mountain. Excellent so other side, tree is a great balancing
pose isn’t it? It gets us to focus on one thing – reach your arms up, hands down
the middle and then switch sides so make sure you’re resting your other heel on
the opposite ankle, relax your face relax your shoulders, keeps standing tall – that
helps us to balance and the more we do these poses the more we can see
ourselves progressing, improving, getting better. It’s the same with anything isn’t
it? The more we do something, the more we try, the better we get. If you like take
that foot a bit higher and if you like reach your arms into the
air and then come all the way down. Have
another little wiggle and then come and stand tall. Bring one hand to your tummy, one
hand onto your chest so I’d just like you to close your eyes if
that’s all right and just notice yourself breathing – just
feel what moves underneath your hands nothing else to do right now other than
notice yourself breathing, and you might know by now if you’ve done a few classes
with me we’re just thinking about how we breathe is the best and the easiest
way to help ourselves feel a little bit better, a little bit calmer
and a little bit happier Now in your head just say to yourself I am
confident, I am calm, I am happy Sometimes just telling ourselves those
things, those feelings, helps us to actually feel that way even if we
weren’t before, and just once more in your head:
I am confident, I am calm, I am happy – and slowly open your eyes and
relax your arms by your sides. Well done! Thank you – I hope you enjoyed that. Go and
have an amazing day, you’ll be awesome! Keep standing tall keep breathing deep,
and I’ll see you next time.