Yoga For Happy Feet

[Music] for happy feet laughter you like what you see today please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga now feet are the one of the most precious things we have on our body they get us through life walking across the world there are most precious shock absorbers and they have 19 muscles and 33 joints in them we really have to look after them but they go through a huge amount of stress when we walk we are putting more than one and a half times our body weight on our feet and when we run it’s five times more of our body weight on our feet as we learn and that’s why we tend to experience so many injuries runners really suffer I myself have suffered for probably one of the most common injuries and that’s learning of the angle now there’s also plenty of other ranges of injuries that you can experience while running plantar fasciitis tendinitis or stress fracture all of which can be prevented by looking after your feet and that’s what today’s session is all about okay so bringing the focus down looking down at my lovely feet because they’ve got fabulous toe socks on I’m gonna start this session by just taking how I begin every class is what I call a little Mexican wave so I’ve dropped the little toe down fast and spread each toe down one at a time making space in between each toe and you see from here I can really use the muscles of my feet I’m going to lift them up again and I’m gonna do it again one little Mexican wave after another coming back up probably much harder the other way can’t actually do it the other way so start with the middle toe and then correct the others as you come down grip the toes so you see I’m gripping the toes lifting the knuckles of the toes and relaxing down and again I’m drawing the feet the knuckles of the toes up and relaxing down now you’re going to really arch the foot now so pouring right up using the muscles of the arch of my foot here and I’m going to do the same on the other side right and taking both feet drawing them up I’m anechoic sideways on so you can see when you’re doing this at home you go straight coming out flowing up and down are facing forward oh my dog has no manners woody no not for the film that’s it and then with my feet facing forward again I’m gonna creep that foot forward and you see I’m walking there foot all the way forward using the muscles in my feet and building up strength because building up strength he’s gonna stop me falling and then I’m going to again creepin on the floor and then bring myself back now coming up onto tiptoes just rolling around so rolling my ankle getting it mobile nice and then taking the other way my toes are in play my ankles in play the whole of the muscles and all the joints of my foot round again take it both ways and all this mobility work in your feet and ankles can really benefit your running yo it will help your striking pattern as you’re running through the streets and practicing yoga regularly will also help you posture and your balance which is key one more time from here then we’re just going to come up onto my turntables now this is strengthening my ankles and all this does is improves my balance so when I’m running off road fell running I’m less likely to fall I’m straightening so improving your balance means that if you do wobble or fall down a rabbit hole you can bring yourself back up really quickly and tiptoe and home see if you can might make you one more that’s fine woman just makes you stronger come down into the tiptoes what drop your heel right higher h15 a tiptoe squat I drop down and straighten up I’m going to do two more events so tipped home I’m also here on this one strength stretching my calves my case healed four three two one both down squat nice and deeply I’m working ankles I’m stretching my cards and using all the muscles of my feet so hold it hold it again four three two one standing up nice and tall but what I’m gonna do here is roll in rolling keep going out a stroke and lovely or yourself nice and tall and we were come into a balance so this is a tree pose in yoga you can hold your toe here here or hide depending on how you feel and all we’re doing is strengthening so every time you do this look at what’s happening to my foot I mean it’s planting itself down it’s spreading and rooting down and it’s making your feet and your ankles really strong it’s going to stop you falling it’s also going to help your recovery as well keeping stretching and moving all these joints will aid speedy recovery and that’s what you want so you can if you’re a runner or a dancer you can get back to your love and your passion really quickly let’s do the other side dude down spread out muscles spread out those bones and find your comfortable position and relax again it doesn’t matter if you wobble good thing about this is often people tend to overpronate so rolling in this you can’t do that imbalances you have to really root down all of your foot if you think about your big toe your little toe your heel all rooting down to the floor it really helps you focus and also what’s a very common practice for you dancers runners or whatever your discipline is focus on your breath especially period [Music] and then you’re going to drop your foot to final really important things one foot massage after you can’t run or you’ve danced you’ve been on blue shoes to your feet they are so precious massage your feet even better get someone asked to massage your feet but if you haven’t got anyone else bit of oil just rub into those into those joints those 33 joints neat TLC and look after them so that’s the first thing that’s my first tip do both my second is put your feet up literally lie on your back and put your feet up reverse the blood that if you slow down it really helps for varicose veins if your feet and your ankles are swollen have your feet up and dress look after them they are what tables you to walk around the world and enjoy life make sure you miss our trip give some TLC place that foot down there you go like a happy feet I hope you enjoyed your time to yoga [Music]