Yoga for Headaches |  Bharti Yoga

Yoga for Headaches | Bharti Yoga

hi everyone welcome to Bharti Yoga. I’m
Bharti. I’m sorry you have a headache today hopefully by end of this practice
you will feel much better before we start see if you would like to
dim the lights of your room and maybe reduce the glare of your computer
screens or phones I personally do not like too much light when I have a
headache so feel free to pause the video here and set up your room let’s start
when you’re ready let’s start with taking your hair to side to side you can
close your eyes keep your shoulders down and just keep alternating left to right
keep taking deep breaths then start rotating your neck back
making half circles so go from right to back to left and then left to back to
right just do a few of these at your own pace while breathing normally a lot of
times we get headache because we hold a lot of tension in our neck and shoulder
muscles which constricts the flow of blood to the head so let’s try to relax
these muscles next take your middle finger and thumb and place them between
your eyes gently start rotating them to massage this area then using your index finger and thumb
press the area around the eyebrows a few times finally just massage the temples gently
few times in clockwise direction and then a few times in anti-clockwise
direction then come into Vajrasana interlace your
fingers behind your back then drop your neck back and start curving your spine
just breathe into the back bend here slowly start folding forward keeping the
hands behind try to get your hands as high as possible and feel the nice
opening of the chest and shoulders slowly bring the hands down release them
and come into Child’s Pose take a few deep breaths here from here come into a tabletop position slowly come into a downward dog we will
stay here for some time let your head drop down freely then or a
few times with your heads then shake your head left to right a few
times try to push your chest towards your thighs but do not strain yourself
while doing this then slowly come back to tabletop drop your elbows down
interlace your fingers bring the crown of your head to the floor and support
your head with your hands let’s stay here for a few breaths this is a good
variation of the headstand to increase blood flow to your head come back to all fours
then extend your legs in front grab your toes and start folding forward
if you can’t reach the toes just keep your hands on your curves and breathe
try to keep your spine extended slowly come back taking the help of your
elbows extend back drop the head back and rest the crown of the head on the
floor breathe deeply into the balls slowly restive hit back on the floor and
then come to an easy cross-legged sitting position we will now practice
alternate nostril breathing pranayama called unknown below folds the index and
the middle finger of your right hand use the right thumb to close the right
nostril then slowly inhale with the left nostril hold the breath in close the
left nostril with the ring finger open the right nostril and slowly exhale from
the right side then again inhale through the right nostril hold close the right
nostril with the thumb open the left nostril and exhale slowly again inhale
left switch fingers exhale right inhale right switch exhale left keep repeating
at your own pace make sure the breaths are as low as
possible there should be no effort in the
breathing try to create as little sound as
possible during the inhalation and exhalation z’ meet your exhalations as
long as your inhalations slowly completes by exhaling from the
left nostril keep your eyes closed bring your hands together in front and start
rubbing them together to create heat between the palms once your palms are
warm use them to power your eyes feel the heat of your palms through the
eyelids then slowly bring the hands down and lie down in shavasana just keep
lying here for a few breaths and feel all the strain drain out of your body relax your head neck shoulders arms back
hips knees all the way down to the feets feel your body sinking into the floor I will leave you here feel free to get
up once you are ready thank you