Yoga for Kids : Yoga for Kids: Owl Pose

Next is Owl pose and this is a nice pose to
help stretch out both sides of our backs. So let’s sit up really tall, and let’s take
our right hand and we’re going to put our right hand on our left knee. Now let’s take
our left hand, and we’re going to put it behind our bodies and we’re going to twist and look
over our shoulder. Good job. And this is our Owl pose. What does an owl say, Gavin? Do
you know? Whoo, whoo, whoo. So let’s slowly bring ourselves back to the middle and let’s
do that on the other side. So let’s take our left hand, putting it on our right knee. And
our right hand comes behind the body, on the floor, and we can turn to look over this shoulder.
Okay, a nice twist on this side. Whats an owl say again? Whoo. Whoo, whoo. Whoo. Whoo.
Whoo. Nice job.