Yoga for Mom and Child

Hi everyone and welcome to Class Yoga!
This video is a class for a mom and a child, so go grab your mum or go and
invite your child. If you have mats great place them end to end and we’ll get
started Just before we do if you’re new here
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to save or print right below this video! So let’s start sitting back to back. So
my mum’s not here right now I’m going to be imagining that she is, hopefully you
have each other there to do this class with. Get in as close as you can back to
back and then sit tall. You might like to close your eyes
and take a big breath in, and out. Now as you sit as tall as you can here with
your eyes closed notice if you can feel the other person breathing, see if you
can feel when one another breathes and I think it’ll feel nice to sit here
supporting one another to sit tall And another big breath in.
Think how thankful you are to have your mum or your child with you just now. Hmm
And then we’re going to start to twist so I’d like you both to turn the same
way which means you won’t see their face but you know that they’re right there.
Keep sitting up tall. Maybe one of your hands is on their knee. Back to the
middle and around to the other side Just a nice easy little twist, it
doesn’t need to be too far and back to the middle. Okay come on to
your hands and your knees facing each other. Hands and knees to the floor, happy
cat, lift your chest, lift your tail and angry cat, back up, look underneath you.
Happy cat again, look at each other smile angry cat, breath out look under, one more
chance to smile at each other, and angry cat, from our cat let’s go to our dog, so
tuck your toes and lift your tails up high, stretch your back out, nice! You’re still head to head but you can just dangle your head look at your toes. Then
let’s step one foot to the top, you could give it a hand, other knee to the floor
facing each other, hands to your hips and a really big smile at one another. Our
hands to the floor, step back to your dog and switch legs, your other foot to
the top, knee down, coming up, find your balance Hands down. This time let’s step up to
the top so we’re or you’re back to back there, sway your arms a little bit side
to side. Now from the middle let’s slowly roll all the way up, as slow as you can
to come and stand, and stand tall facing one another.
Place your hands together and then start to step back, we’re making an archway
hands there together, support and trust each other. It’s going to be much easier
for you both there than it is for me on my own. And take a few breaths in your
archway, see how it feels and then both of you walk back in. Relax
your arms. Okay kids spin around, mums you’re facing their
back. Mums hold your child’s hands or their wrists.
Kids, you can start to lift your chest, your hands are back and start to
lean forwards, mums your behind and you can step one foot back as you hold their
hands or wrists. Kids out in front, trust your mum keep your feet on the ground,
but relax forwards. Hopefully that feels nice for
you, see what you can feel, but also feel grateful, thankful for your mum there
behind you, always supporting you Good, alright and let go, mums you can
step back in, let go of their wrists turn around and why not have a nice big
hug mm-hmm and then come and sit back down. This time cross legs facing each
other. Take a nice long reach all the way up into the air.
And hands all the way down the center close your eyes just for a moment to
think about how lucky you really are to have each other, how thankful you are for
their support, trust and their love, and then say thank you to each other. And
thank you, thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoyed that class. What was
your favorite part? Let me know just in the comments below. Don’t forget to grab
your free download of this lesson plan and I look forward to seeing you again